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Learn how to be effective with AppCode from our self-contained workshop materials

Upd. October, 2018. The repository from this article is no longer maintained and is replaced with the IDE Features Trainer plugin.

Many of you ask us regularly how to start with AppCode and what’s the right way to become more productive by using it. We are handling workshops from time to time, but what if you’d like to do it on your own? We have a good answer for you! Our AppCode workshop materials on GitHub can help. We’ve collected there a number of practical exercises and tips covering main tasks you come across every day being an iOS/OS X developer. Here is a short overview how to use it and what features this workshop covers.

To start with AppCode we suggest you to use Default Keymap reference available online or in the IDE (Help | Default Keymap Reference). You can also go through the short quick start guide on our site.

Download the zip archive from the GitHub page or simply clone the project though the IDE interface. Do checkout from the version control and select GitHub there:

You’ll get the whole project then and will see the exercises for the following topics:

  • Navigation
  • Editing
  • Inspections
  • Live Templates
  • Refactoring
  • Testing
  • Todo
  • Version Control
  • CocoaPods
  • Tools

Instructions are placed in the source directory as a separate file:
Or right in the source files, in comments:

Follow these steps, learn tips, use the suggested shortcuts and see how to be effective in your iOS/OS X development with AppCode!

Develop with pleasure,
The AppCode Team