AppCode 3.1.2 update

Hi everyone,

It’s time to start a new year with a new update! AppCode 3.1.2 with many Swift bug fixes is here. Get the update from the IDE itself or, if you like, download a fresh installer from the AppCode site.

This update includes several valuable fixes for those who are using Swift:

  • New class/file wizard is available for Swift now (Cmd+N):
  • We proceed with the resolve of the Swift code in AppCode and since this build overloaded methods are resolved correctly (OC-10956).
  • Autocompletion now works after self and super keywords (OC-11160).
  • Dictionary initializers are parsed correctly now (OC-11278).
  • Go to class (Cmd+O)/symbol (Alt+Cmd+O) was improved in a couple of useful cases (OC-11329, OC-11301, OC-11235):

The full list of fixes can be found in our tracker.

Sincerely yours,
The AppCode Team