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Big Data Tools 2022.2 EAP: What’s New?

Big Data Tools 2022.2 EAP is now available. You can try the newly added features right away by installing the latest plugin version to the 2022.2 EAP of your IDE.

Please note this is an Early Access Program build, meaning it’s not fully tested.

Hive Metastore support

Ability to create a Hive metastore connection from the EMR cluster window and browse Hive catalogs, tables, and columns.

Apache Flink Monitoring

You can now monitor Flink applications right in your IDE. Just like in the Flink Dashboard, you can launch and stop jobs, all without leaving your IDE.

The dedicated Flink tool window allows you to preview:

  • A list of jobs with their details: exceptions, checkpoints, configurations.
  • Task Managers with the ability to view logs, stdout, log list, and thread dump.
  • Job manager with the information on configuration, logs, stdout, and log list.

From each of these tabs, you can go directly to the Flink web interface by clicking the ‘Open in Browser’ icon.

Try Big Data Tools 2022.2 EAP and let us know what you think! We’re looking forward to your feedback in the corresponding tasks of the issue tracker:

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The Big Data Tools team

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