IntelliJ IDEA 2.5 Now Shipping – Once Again, Intellij IDEA(TM) Proves Its Leadership Position for Support of Refactoring And Intelligent Coding Assistance Among The Modern Development Environments for The Java(TM) Platform.

December 13, 2001

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, Dec 13, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Once again, IntelliJ IDEA proves its leadership position for support of refactoring and intelligent coding assistance among the modern development environments for the Java platform.

IntelliJ Software today announced the immediate availability of IntelliJ IDEA 2.5, the latest release of their Java development environment delivering leading support for refactoring, intelligent code editing and productivity features to Java developers.

According to Martin Fowler in Refactoring : Improving the Design of Existing Code (Addison-Wesley, 2000), refactoring is “the process of changing a software system in such a way that it does not alter the external behavior of the code, yet improves its internal structure. It’s a disciplined way to clean up code that minimizes the chances of including bugs”.

With its first release one year ago, IntelliJ IDEA appeared to be the first full-featured Java development environment to provide professional support of the program refactoring for Java developers.

“During the last year, we not only kept proving our leadership in the refactoring and intelligent coding assistance area, but moved even further to our goal of delivering high-quality development tools to Java developers by providing a set of 28 code refactorings, Ant and JUnit integrations and a lot of other productivity features,” said Eugene Belyaev, CTO of IntelliJ Software.

“When I started writing about refactoring I looked forward to the days when Java programmers could have the same tools that Smalltalkers used to refactor their programs. IntelliJ IDEA gives Java programmers that power, not just through refactorings, but also through innovative code assistance capabilities. These days every Java programmer should use a refactoring tool every day,” said Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, Thoughtworks, Inc.

Another great feature of IntelliJ IDEA is its high-level usability based on the intellectual source code processing technology.

“At last, an IDE that understands how I program,” said Robert Martin, CEO of Object Mentor, Inc.

IntelliJ IDEA gets largely adopted by the eXtreme Programming community at an increasing speed, due to its extensive support for the coding, testing and refactoring activities. It drastically increases productivity of a programmer by providing a set of intelligent code-aware features that let you keep your hands in the code.

For J2EE developers, IntelliJ IDEA provides the best support for working with Java code embedded in JSPs. Integrations with CVS, Visual SourceSafe, JUnit and Ant make it possible to manage source code, test, build and deploy J2EE applications to various environments.

Version 2.5 delivers 13 new code refactorings (28 in total):

  • Move Static Field, Method or Inner Class
  • Move Inner Class to Upper Level
  • Introduce Field – Inline Method
  • Inline Local Variable
  • Replace Temp With Query
  • Extract Interface
  • Extract Superclass
  • Encapsulate Fields
  • Convert Local Variable to Field
  • Convert Anonymous Class to Inner

Other new key features:

  • Class Hierarchy browser
  • Integration with JUnit
  • Integration with Visual SourceSafe
  • Improved CVS and Ant integrations
  • Back/Forward buttons for navigating between editing points
  • Per-file undo
  • Perforce integration
  • External tools

IntelliJ IDEA has been reviewed by Software Development Magazine in its December 2001 issue.
The onine version of the article is available at

Karl Avedal of Ironflare AB, the creators of the Orion Application Server, expressed his appreciation of the IntelliJ IDEA’s JSP editing capabilities in his article available online at

Pricing and availability

The list price of IntelliJ IDEA 2.5 is $395 per developer. Volume discounts are available. For additional information on price quote on this product, please email our sales department at Developers may also download a free 21-day evaluation copy of IntelliJ IDEA from IntelliJ’s web site at

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