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JetBrains at the ICPC North America Championship 2020

The first ICPC North America Championship (ICPC NAC 2020) took place February 19–23, 2020. The top teams from the ICPC North America Regional Contests advanced to the ICPC NAC in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by the College of Computing at the … Continue reading

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Tips for Students: How to Start Your Programming Career

Sebastian Aigner, a passionate education-focused developer advocate at JetBrains, talks about working with students as well as his path from university to JetBrains, and he offers inspiration for those who are ready for frustration. To help you study and improve … Continue reading

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Online Learning: How One Developer Went from Beginner to Pro

People get into programming in different ways. Some begin learning it in school, some go to university to study Computer Science, while others get started with online courses – like Zina Smirnova, now a member of the Educational Products development … Continue reading

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An Interview with Jakub Chrzanowski, .ignore Plugin Author

In this interview, we speak with Jakub Chrzanowski (@hsz @hszanowski), the author of the .ignore plugin for the IntelliJ-based IDEs. This plugin lets you mark matched .ignore files in project view, assists with editing them, and helps you generate ignore … Continue reading

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A Chat with Jonathan Worthington, Creator of Comma, a Perl 6 IDE Built on Top of the IntelliJ Platform

In this interview we speak with Jonathan Worthington (@jnthnwrthngtn), Edument team member and creator of Comma IDE. Comma is an Integrated Development Environment for the Perl 6 language, built on the IntelliJ Platform. Welcome Jonathan. Could you please tell us … Continue reading

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Introducing Gary Hockin, PhpStorm Developer Advocate

Hello Gary and welcome to the JetBrains team! For those who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? Hi, thanks for the warm welcome. My name (as you can see) is Gary Hockin, … Continue reading

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Chatting with Nathan Adams and Erik Broes of Minecraft

It is our privilege to present to you this informal conversation between Nathan Adams and Erik Broes of Minecraft and John Lindquist of JetBrains. The interview covers a wide range of topics ranging from the informative to the entertaining. Enjoy. Follow Nathan (@Dinnerbone), Erik (@_grum) … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Dmitri Nesteruk: Quant Finance and Developer Tools

In this interview we speak with Dmitri Nesteruk (@dnesteruk), JetBrains Developer Evangelist. We will talk a bit about his background, learn about his interest in Quantitative Finance, and hear his opinion on the impact of our upcoming JetBrains C++ Tools. … Continue reading

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Interview with Robert Bateman, founder of Away3d, an open-source 3D engine for the Flash Platform

At JetBrains we believe that supporting the open source initiative is a key to knowledge exchange and progress. We’re proud to support OS projects with free licenses since 2007, with over 5000 licenses given out to date. Recently we’ve touched … Continue reading

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Inside Darcula L&F: An Interview with Konstantin Bulenkov

In this interview we speak with Konstantin Bulenkov about Darcula, the new stylish dark look and feel that first appeared in the 2012 release of IntelliJ IDEA 12. Since that time, the popular look and feel has been rolled out … Continue reading

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