JetBrains Announces TMate Advanced CVS/Subversion Management for IntelliJ IDEA

Smart client finds, organizes, displays key change information directly from developer’s CVS, Subversion repositories

October 6, 2005

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — October 6, 2005 — JetBrains™, Inc., creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing applications, today announced the release of JetBrains TMate, an innovative new tool that dramatically enhances the version control management experience inside JetBrains’ IntelliJ™ IDEA. The combined web application and IntelliJ IDEA add-on enables developers to easily monitor, either directly from the IDE or via a web browser, what’s happening with their CVS/Subversion repositories.

Source code repositories are packed with useful information, much of it hard to access in useful form. TMate enhances the version control support built into JetBrains’ award-winning Java IDE by making additional information available in a simple on-screen form and by keeping development teams aware of changes to their repositories as they happen.

A key to the innovative TMate approach is to organize raw data in a powerful, fully customizable Outlook-like tree browser. This new way of looking at repository data improves productivity for the entire team in several key ways:

  • Track Modifications: TMate indexes repository data as it is added, assembles and displays it in useful views, notifies developers quickly of changes
  • Generate Customized Team Reports: TMate displays key information about a team’s performance and output, organized by subsystem, in bar charts that make it easy to identify critical points in the development process
  • Group for Analysis: TMate groups repository changes according to user-chosen parameters like User, Date, or Tag, and easily tracks who makes changes when, and of what type, during development
  • Act as Smart Client of IntelliJ IDEA: TMate puts all that useful repository information right into the hands of developers in easy-to-find, easy-to-use form
  • Leverage IntelliJ IDEA’s Power: TMate enhances IntelliJ IDEA’s built-in CVS support with smart Commit and Update functions, allowing developers to work more efficiently within their preferred Java development environment

A full description of TMate’s many features and capabilities is available at To download a free, 30-day trial license or immediately purchase TMate 1.6 at a special introductory price of $59 (US), visit

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