JetBrains Announces Free Professional Edition of its Newly Released TeamCity 3.0

With multiple new features and enhancements, the software is now given away for free to small and medium-size development teams, be they Java or .NET based

December 6, 2007

Prague, Czech Republic, December 06, 2007 — JetBrains®, the creator of intelligent, productivity-enhancing applications, today announced the general availability of TeamCity 3.0 — their revolutionary teamwork product for continuous integration and effective build management, which supports both Java and .NET platforms. TeamCity automates and coordinates key collaborative processes to eliminate manual systems and delays. It provides tight integration with the most popular IDEs (IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Microsoft Visual Studio), version control systems, multiple build and test tools, real-time unit test reports, server-side inspections and code coverage analysis.

TeamCity has already received wide recognition with its breakthrough capabilities such as Build Grid with simultaneous multi-platform testing, Remote run, Pre-tested Commit, and other teamwork and productivity tools. Many companies have adopted it as a tool that helps easily introduce agile practices into everyday team work. The new release builds on this success and covers new ground with many new features and improvements in existing functionality.

At the same time, small and medium-size development teams now benefit from the completely redesigned licensing scheme which makes TeamCity’s innovative productivity- and quality-enhancing features available at no cost. Two editions — Professional (free) and Enterprise — are now available to meet the specific needs of smaller and larger teams and projects.

“TeamCity is not just a tool for Continuous Integration or Build Management. It widely extends best practices with dozens of new innovative features invented by the JetBrains team,” said Sergey Dmitriev, JetBrains Chief Executive Officer. “The most significant value of the new release is that TeamCity in its base yet powerful configuration has become absolutely free. This means that TeamCity, like no other tool, allows any small or middle-size Java or .NET team to immediately raise code quality to an unsurpassed level, improve team collaboration and significantly speed up the development process.”

The key new features of this release include:

  • Per-project access rights with project roles — an exclusive feature of the Enterprise edition
  • Build statistics charts, with declarative pluggable charts for user-defined metrics
  • Pre-tested commit from Visual Studio for Subversion
  • StarTeam support
  • .NET Duplicates finder for catching similar code fragments of your C# and Visual Basic .NET code
  • Java Inspections and Duplicates for Maven2 projects
  • Version Control labeling for Subversion, CVS, Perforce, StarTeam, ClearCase
  • “Hanging” builds auto-detection and thread dump capturing, for quick feedback on Java and .NET builds’ problems
  • Display of build start/finish estimations in the build queue
  • Build tags for organizing and quickly filtering builds

To find out more about new features in TeamCity 3.0, please visit

For more details about the new licensing scheme for Professional, Enterprise and Open Source licenses, see

We are also glad to inform you that current TeamCity users qualify for a free upgrade to the most feature-rich Enterprise edition. For details on upgrading please surf to

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