Issue Tracker by JetBrains Goes to Cloud

YouTrack InCloud, the latest generation of the innovative bug and issue tracker, embraces cloud customers and offers a whole winter of free use and a new user type — free Reporters

December 8, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic, December 8, 2011 — JetBrains, creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing development tools, today announced the public release of YouTrack InCloud, a cloud-based version of its innovative keyboard-centric bug and issue tracker, offering up to three months of free use.

YouTrack, with its unique approach to issue tracking that takes user experience to another level, has proved its worth to development teams all over the world. Its main concepts include a keyboard-centric approach, intelligent search queries, batch operations on multiple issues from the command window, and full customization to fit any process.

“We at JetBrains have always followed the ‘eat your own dog food’ concept, so we understand the value of easy, productive issue tracking,” said Vadim Gurov, YouTrack Team Lead. “With YouTrack InCloud, we take care of your issue tracker’s hosting, maintenance and upgrades, so your team can focus on the development process. We also introduce the concept of additional Reporter accounts, letting you involve external users at no additional cost. Last but not least, we offer a free plan to help startups adopt YouTrack.”

What’s so good about YouTrack InCloud?

  • You get an all set-up ready-to-go issue tracker in less than 5 minutes
  • No need to take care of hosting, maintenance and updates
  • Your data are safe with daily backups stored on separate server
  • SSL connection and custom domain
  • Reporter accounts for your external users at no additional cost
  • Free Plan for teams of up to 9 users

As an introductory period offer, you get the maximum available plan including 2,000 Users + 20,000 Reporters, free to use until February 29, 2012.

To sign up for YouTrack InCloud go to

YouTrack InCloud pricing includes a free 9-user plan, and commercial plans starting from as low as $10 a month for 10 Users and 50 Reporters. For details on YouTrack InCloud pricing please see

To learn more about YouTrack, please visit

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