JetBrains Rolls Out Free .NET Decompiler

A brand new free-of-charge .NET decompiler from JetBrains brings intelligent navigation and code insight features to the entire .NET developer community

May 10, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic, May 10, 2012 — JetBrains®, the creators of popular productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, today released the first major version of dotPeek, their .NET decompiler and assembly browser.

The main idea behind dotPeek is to make high-quality decompiling available to everyone in the .NET community, by providing it free of charge. This offering comes with powerful navigation and search features akin to those found in JetBrains ReSharper, a renowned productivity extension for Microsoft Visual Studio.

While this is the inaugural release of dotPeek as a standalone tool, the underlying decompiler technology has been publicly available for quite a while. Within the last year, decompiling functionality was included in the latest version of JetBrains ReSharper, as well as JetBrains dotTrace Performance — a powerful profiler for detecting performance bottlenecks in .NET applications.

“It is easy to get used to good tools. We are typically spoiled by the intelligence we add to every product, and dotPeek was no exception,” said Leonid Shalupov, dotPeek Lead Developer. “Being able to easily navigate, search, review decompiled artifacts was as essential for us as having these features in a source code editor. So, here it is: an intelligent .NET decompiler, which is also free for all.”

Key features of dotPeek include:

  • Decompiling .NET 1.0-4.5 assemblies to C#.
  • Support for regular assemblies and executables, Windows 8 .winmd files, code archives, NuGet and VSIX packages.
  • Instant jump to a specific type, assembly, symbol, or type member.
  • Effortless navigation to symbol declarations, implementations, derived and base symbols, among other navigation options.
  • Accurate search for symbol usages with advanced presentation of search results.
  • Quick overview of code structure and hierarchy.
  • Connecting to symbol and source servers to fetch original source code, if available.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most actions.

To learn more about dotPeek and download it for free, please visit

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