Hadi and Matt Go to BASTA!

Join JetBrains Technical Evangelists Hadi Hariri and Matt Ellis September 17-21 as they invade the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz for the wildly popular BASTA! event.





Offering more than 120 sessions, workshops and keynotes, BASTA! is the largest independent developer conference for Microsoft technologies in Germany. This year, in addition to the usual goodness, there will be a special focus on the new technologies that are attracting attention due to Windows 8: Modern Style UI, JavaScript, C ++, and mobile development.

We invite you to stop by our booth for an informal chat or impromptu demo of our .NET tools, including ReSharper 7 and the recent recipient of a Jolt Productivity Award, dotTrace Performance. Be sure to mark your calendar for the two talks that will be given by Hadi. We look forward to seeing you there!

Developers: Prima Donnas of the 21st Century
19.09.2012 | 14:00 – 15:15
“We are developers. We are creators. We are misunderstood by customers, by managers and even co-workers; we are undervalued and often overworked. People don’t appreciate the value we put in our craft and our drive for innovation. We are central to business in the 21st century yet people don’t appreciate us!” Of course you are, but you also forgot to mention: You suck at communication. You often put business at risk based on personal ambitions and waste serious amounts of time trying to improve and discuss the wrong things, all in the name of the next great thing that’s going to solve it all. You’ve completely forgotten the plot! Don’t believe me? Why don’t you come along to this talk and get a wakeup call. But don’t expect to be treated nicely.

What’s with all the Node?
20.09.2012 | 10:15 – 11:30
Node.js has been around for a few years, then boom! A sudden increase in popularity, Microsoft catching wind and supporting it on their cloud platform Azure and suddenly everyone is talking node.js. As a Java or .NET developer, is this something you should care about? Is it merely about scalability or is there something else behind it? Is it hype or is it hip? In this session we’ll find out.

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