To all who placed an order during the End of the World Sale

Wow, this was a real doomsday… The promo is over now and the world still exists. Our heartily congratulations, everyone!

Now, going back to business, there’s a long queue of orders that you have placed during the promo. Our payment processor is currently working on handling them, and expects to process the entire queue by end of business day Central European Time today. In other words, you should all receive confirmation e-mails for your orders within the next 6 to 7 hours.

After your order has been confirmed by the payment processor, JetBrains takes over and ensures license delivery to your mail boxes. Although this usually takes no more than an hour, in circumstances like this having your license delivered may take up to 48 hours after confirming your order.

Please understand that all parties including JetBrains and our payment processor are working as fast as they possibly can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update, Dec. 24, 12.10 PM CET: Most licenses have been delivered during the weekend. There are still around 500 orders worldwide that are in the queue to be processed. We expect to be able to deliver licenses associated with these orders within 24 hours. To everyone who are still waiting for their licenses to arrive, apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.

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327 Responses to To all who placed an order during the End of the World Sale

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  2. Jeroen says:

    Regarding my comment on the previous post. I’ve ordered twice, being under the impression it failed. (Tip: Send a confirm email stating that the order is being processed pending confirmation of payment.)

    If I send a msg to your sales team, can this double order be fixed? 50% discount is still a golden deal, but I much rather have the 75% one. 😉

    • Dinis says:

      Even if they are unable to cancel your order, I’m almost sure you can transfer your license (given that a personal license still applies, no companies).

    • damnhandy says:

      +1 on the email confirmation. No one would be complaining had they received an email saying that their order was received and that their license would be sent out once the order had been fully processed.

      Anyway, thanks for making this great deal as I’m looking forward to using IntelliJ now.

      • gorohoroh says:

        These confirmation e-mails are exactly the thing that is falling behind due to high load on the payment processing provider.

        • Vincent says:

          I dunno…

          I placed an order yesterday afternoon and never got an email. Later that evening, my credit card hadn’t even been charged.

          So I placed a second order late last night. My credit card was charged right away and I got a separate confirmation email for each of the products I ordered.

          I really think the first order bit the dust. If it didn’t, I have confidence that JetBrains will get it all sorted out, with a little help from me if they need it.

 know…I could always just charge back one of the orders! 😀

          • gorohoroh says:

            Of course we will sort it out (apparently as a refund for the second transaction in your case) but we’ll need time as there’s a load of things to sort out right now, so please have a little patience.
            Apparently there’s a set of orders from last night that got stuck in Element5 queue and they’re being handled just now with a considerable delay but all subsequent orders went through fast enough.
            I’ve placed an order myself last night to check how bad the situation was and it was only half an hour ago that my confirmation went through.

    • Michael Sims says:

      Hi Jeroen,

      I missed out on the deal, so I’d be happy to buy the extra license from you, assuming we’re talking about IDEA. If interested, contact me at michael.h.sims at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    • David says:

      +1 this…. What a frustrating online purchasing experience. Probably my worst online shopping experience in a decade — and I’m a big time online shopper (and have been since the late 90s).

      • Ofer says:

        I second that.

      • To ALL who posted negative comments Guys and Girls, maybe give JetBrains a break here?

        They offered a 75% discount for some really great software which is both HUGE and unheard of for quality flagship products and so their order processes got overwhelmed. Given the negative response I expect they’ll never make such a great offer again for fear of all the negative comments; would you?

        I have no complaints and am super happy to get the 75% even though I might have to wait a bit or might have had a hassle to deal with. So come on, given em a break on this one…

        • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

          Get out of here with your rationality and patience.

        • Jim Baker says:

          I don’t think there’s an excuse for this. This was a huge sale, and JetBrains would be dumb to not expect a huge turnout. No confirmation email with a 76 hour wait on receiving the actual product. 1999 called; they want their purchasing experience back.

          • GeeForce says:

            Give it a break guys. Sure, it’s unfortunate what happens. You all work in IT here…. So let me guess… It never happens that you made a mistake or a system didn’t behave like you expected? So, unless you are a 100% Bug Free guy, chill!

        • Marius says:

          “I expect they’ll never make such a great offer again for fear of all the negative comments”

          You mean, their feelings could be hurt by customers who supplied them credit card information (some of them multiple times) and are still waiting for any answer a day later? At the same time, they’re told that they must get their order in until deadline or the generous discount is gone?

          Hint: JetBrains doesn’t give away their products out of charity, but for profit. Even at a 75% discount, they will expect to make money.

          I’m ready to give JetBrains a break – and I’m glad that after half a day of total silence, they managed to at least put a blog post out – but it’s downright silly not to point out how totally, utterly screwed up the handling of this promo was.

    • Mike says:

      I am in the same boat as Jeroen. What a horrible purchasing experience for a software company to dump on its potential customers. I went through the process twice on one of your products, only to have it appear to utterly fail after entering my security code and pressing the Next button. I was going to purchase more than one product but gave up after twice appearing to crash after entering all my credit card information. I still don’t have any confirmation this morning as to if I was charged once, twice, or not at all and no reply from the emails I sent immediately afterwards to sales and to the webmaster.

      • gorohoroh says:

        Mike, we apologize for the mess. If your orders came through, we’ll sort it out and either issue a license to you or make a refund.
        Please understand that handling a situation like this takes time.

  3. gorohoroh says:

    Yes, I’m sure sales will provide you moneyback on the duplicate purchase. Please be patient while waiting for them to respond though: they’re really overloaded right now.

  4. Thanks for all the hard work guys! I really appreciate being able to upgrade my ReSharper for such a price and I took the opportunity to buy dotCover too.

  5. Alan James says:

    I tried to order Appcode during the special but received an error during the order process each time and was ultimately unsuccessful.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Apologies Alan. This must have been yesterday when we first had our own estore not handling the load and then Element5 having a hard time as well.
      If you contact sales today, I’m sure they’ll provide a custom discount for you but please be prepared for a delay in reply while they’re overloaded with inquiries.
      Thank you

  6. Luís Duarte says:

    First of all thank you for this promotion. Your products ROCK!

    Second, i was trying to checkout my cart and i got the error message: Error processing online purchase order. Your order
    was not submitted. Please contact JetBrains for details.

    Tried to checkout for 2 or 3 times. Now the prices are back to normal and my cart is empty :(.

    What now man? :(

  7. daniel says:

    I wasn’t able to place my upgrade order
    I also contacted the sell & support via mail and also wrote dozen annoying tweets but had no luck:(

    So yea, it’s the end of the world for me:P

  8. Pranav Amin says:

    I put in an order yesterday at around 4:oo PM EST. Upon placing the order it said that I should get an email confirmation no latter then 12 hours. I have not got any confirmations yet. I have not checked my credit card to see if it has debited.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Hello Pranav, sorry for the issue you are experiencing. As mentioned in the blogpost there is a backlog of orders to process which they expect to get through today where you should receive an order confirmation. In the next step you will receive an additional email with your license key. If you got to the point of the purchasing process where you were information of a pending email you should be all set.

  9. Kirill says:

    Hey, i have requested yesterday licenses for idea and appcode about 12hours ago, have order’s ref but have no any confirmation email

  10. Stavros says:

    I believe that the key part is to arrive at the screen where you get a ref id.
    After that all we can do is wait.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Stavros, Thank you for your comment. You are correct. If you got to the point where the order has been confirmed and received a ref id your order was placed. We are working through the purchases as quickly as possible. Thank you for your support.

  11. Prashanth says:

    I have added IDEA and PyCharm to my cart [basically a single cart with 2 products] and completed the purchase as well.
    But I got an email only for PyCharm which says, “Review of your order required PyCharm v2” and I dint get any email on IDEA even till now. So, I am not sure if I completed the purchase of both the products or I have purchased only one product.
    Of course my CC has not been charged yet for this transaction either.
    JetBrains staff: any pointers please.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Prashanth, It is difficult to judge from here the status of your purchase. Please wait until the end of the day to see if they both arrive. If one of the products you wished to purchase did not go through, please contact sales before the end of the day allow as much time as possible for the email confirmations to arrive. Everything will work out but please have patience in awaiting a response.

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  13. Denis Hennessy says:

    Seriously guys, any kind of an online purchase which can take up to 3 days, even during a sale, is completely broken. It sounds like a process breakdown. The first thing I’d look at is finding a payment processor who can:

    (a) handle the load
    (b) integrate key generation and fulfilment

    I’ve used Fastspring for this in the past. And as a bonus, it’s a way better customer experience than digital river/element5

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Denis, Thank you for your comment. You can be assured that we will evaluate what went right and what could have gone better. We look forward to the opportunity to make any improvements for friends.

  14. Pawel says:

    Why the special offer is over ? Now is the 21th and the day doesn’t ended :). This offer should be still to end of today.

  15. I also ordered Resharper twice. First, I waited for 10 hours, then checked @Resharper twitter account and saw a message saying to someone else that as long as they got a confirmation email, they should be fine. I didn’t get a confirmation email or any email at all, and my account wasn’t charged, at least so far. As 10 hours was longer than the expected, I really didn’t want to miss this and purchased again.

    I emailed sales about this as soon as I got the new order ((which went very instant, both getting relevant emails and charging my card). I hope my original order won’t show up after this!

    BTW, thanks a lot really for this. It allowed me to also buy dotTrace performance (after a few colleagues recommended it too), and to also get to use WebStorm (after seeing it looking nice in some Angular.js videos).

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Mohamed, We appreciate you taking advantage of the sale and being able to complete your order(s). If too many orders were completed and you need a refund please contact sales. They will be able to refund the amount necessary but please do allow time for this happen. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Your original order should actually show up since it’s going to be eventually processed.
      As soon as it does, please contact sales to request a refund.

      • Yeah, got the older order processed 3 hours after this comment, and got charged twice. Yay!

        Someone replied to my email saying I should be able to refund, so, I emailed them back CCing Sales, mentioning the invoice and order numbers, and attaching the confirmation emails. Waiting for a reply.

        Also used the sales form now and included the details.

        Will see how long this may take, especially with the holidays starting already…

  16. Philip Gloyne says:

    @Robert Demmer

    I called your European sales office today at 10am GMT. Your staff member encouraged me to re-order and assured me that I would not get double charged. Could you comment on that? (I informed a bunch of other developers to do the same).

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Hello Philip. There is not really much for me to comment on :-) Every situation has many variables and if sales advised you to re-order they were in a better position to make that recommendation to you. As far as sharing that information with other developers it will all work on in the end. Our entire team is working hard to ensure we do our best to make it happen. Thank you for your comment.

  17. Philip Gloyne says:

    @Robert Demmer

    Sorry if that post was rude. I love your product and easily think is worth it 50% off. I just don’t want to look like a muppet for telling others to re-order.

  18. Bil Simser says:

    It took me about 30 minutes to get through the ordering process as it had to restart a few times but eventually I made it in and got my key for PhpStorm in a few hours. Despite all the issues with the servers you had thank you for such an awesome deal. Your products are top notch and well worth the price, discount or no. Thanks!

  19. Michal B. says:

    I was trying to renew the subscription of PhpStorm, but without positive result. Maybe next time :]

  20. jjhop says:

    This is good for all of us :) We are still alive and we have jetbrains soft for 1/4 regular price :) Mayas bless you Jetbrains! :)

  21. Laurent DUTHEIL says:

    this succes shows that the price should be $ 50.
    Paradoxically, I think you had more money if you sell the personal license $ 50.

    • aseale says:

      I agree. If you had such an overwhelming response to your price drop then hopefully you’ll reconsider your normal pricing. I use Resharper on a personal level all of the time, but I’m having a hard time getting my company to fork over the corporate price for it so I can use it at work as well. 2 cents

  22. Nils Luxton says:

    Absolutely gutted I missed this!

  23. zmh88 says:

    Ok, I placed an order over 12 hours ago and all I have is a REF #. No email confirmations or anything else.

    If I were running this operation, this kind of customer service would be unacceptable. I’d switch payment processors, re-engineer my system, or whatever it took to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. It’s not very difficult to handle even a large number of online sales quickly and reliably.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      @zmh88, thank you for sharing your views. Our team is working hard at processing all of the orders is the quickest possible amount of time. There are positives and learning experiences to take away from the overwhelming response of this sale. You can be certain we are taking stock of all of them. Thank you again for your comment and continued patience.

      • zmh88 says:

        Thanks! Make no mistake, I think you have great products and a very dedicated team! Thank you again for your response, it really shows that JetBrains cares, which will keep me coming back in the future!

  24. dev4s says:

    Placed order, no REF#, no e-mail… This is horrible :/ I placed Order about 2 AM (local time), and still waiting… Maybe this what Mayans predicted? The long queue of orders 😀

    (Sorry for my bad english =])

    • gorohoroh says:

      Yes, the queue is really huge. The good news is that in recent hours many customers report successful receipt of confirmation emails, and chances are that it’s not too long left for you to wait.

  25. Ben Von Handorf says:

    This was a great deal to offer… I’m not shocked that the entire development community managed to crush your servers. I’m patiently awaiting my key… you won’t get a hard time here!

    But you know what would be awesome? A public post-mortem. Help us learn from your scaling problems! What fell down? Did queues overrun? Payment processors fail? What buckled?

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Hey Ben, thank you for dropping us a line and for your patience. There will be a post-mortem, so let’s see what will come out of it. We will make sure others know that there is interest in hearing more publicly about what took place. Have a great day.

  26. zedget says:

    Can I buy your products using WebMoney?

  27. Igor Podnebesny says:

    I tried to order 1 licence for IDEA several times. And now i got 3 confirmations email and money was checked out from my VISA 3 times. What i need to do to refound my money?

    • gorohoroh says:

      Please accept our apologies for this confusion, Igor. Please contact sales requesting a refund for the 2 redundant purchases. Be prepared for a delay in reply though as they’re overloaded right now.

  28. Greg Finzer says:

    Jetbrains, I love you.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  29. Ben says:

    Just wanted to leave a heartfelt “Thank You!” for this special, and all the effort the Christmas Elves at Jetbrains put into it in its aftermath. :)

    — Ben

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Thank you Ben, the Christmas Elves have been busy and we are happy that all the effort is appreciated. Have a great day.

  30. Kirk D. says:

    Just a heads up. I got an email from Element 5 with the subject “Delivery information for “IntelliJ IDEA – Personal – New” (element 5 order no. XXXXXXXXX)” right after I ordered. When I woke up today, I thought maybe I should check my Spam folder to see if anything else was sent and got stuck in Spam.

    I found another email from Element 5 in there with the subject “Payment information (element 5 order no. XXXXXXXX)”

    I used a Gmail address so some others might find an email or 2 in Spam.

    None of these contain the Code obviously but they do confirm an order was placed.

    Thanks for this great deal!! Been wanting to buy IntelliJ for quite some time!

  31. Craig B says:

    Thank you for running this sale! You guys are awesome. I picked up IntelliJ and ReSharper and got both downloaded and licensed yesterday. Love both pieces of software.

  32. Yaroslav Shukharev says:

    Thanks for this great offer!
    And I have a question. First, I ordered IDEA(got the reference code) but have no response(mail, charge) from Element5. I waited for 6 hours and send a letter to sales. Then I tried to order PyCharm upgrade and… it worked well( i received confirmation mail from Element5). After that I decided to re-order IDEA to be on the safe side. And it also worked well (like with PyCharm upgrade) with money charge.
    And now I receive SMS with rejected payment for an old IDEA order because I use fixed amount of money on the card for IDEA and PyCharm upgrade. It solved the problem with duplicate purchase but it is an orphan order now.
    Should I notify sales about that?

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Yaroslav, It seems to me that you are all set. If you got the software you wanted and were not billed more than you should have been I think that is all we can ask for. If something is out of order then I would say contact sales. Happy coding.

  33. Jon W says:

    Thanks for the awesome sale, I renewed my PHPStorm and also bought RubyMine :). Keep up the excellent work, I love your products!

  34. Stavros says:

    I am sitting here after 15 hours or so and I haven’t got any single email yet.
    I have already emailed the sales team 13 hours ago stating my ref id.
    Why there is such a delay guys?

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Stavros, the problem is volume. Lots and lots of orders and teams working like mad to get everybody the purchases as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and if you go the ref id, you will get your license.

  35. dex says:

    Just received an email after about 22h of waiting, so it seems like there is nothing to worry about for everyone :)

    • Robert Demmer says:

      dex, we have been saying not to worry all along :-) we have got your back. To others who are waiting, please hang tight.

  36. Stavros says:

    I can’t see my order at this url :
    (although I have kept the ref id)

  37. Ben says:

    Thanks for the awesome sale! Sale day issues stink, especially when they are out of your control :(

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Ben, your welcome. Issues do stink. However if everybody gets their licenses at 75% off we can rest a little easier and take what we have learned to make future improvements.

  38. dex says:

    My order also was not visible on mentioned site before receiving confirmation mail.

  39. Drupal says:

    Ohh, I missed this campaign. I was wanted PHPStorm :(

  40. Tero Pikala says:

    Thanks for the sale!

    I just got my confirmation email from Element 5 about 15 hours after placing the order. Backlog must have been huge!

    I’ve wanted IntelliJ IDEA because it’s best Grails IDE but my company was unlikely to get me a license because Eclipse is “good enough” and free. Now I have it and even better I can take it to the next company with me!

  41. RichB says:

    Getting an order receipt took a very long time.
    Anyone know where element5 can get a performance profiler?

  42. rick says:

    I missed out on the deal, so if any of you have 2 licenses and would like to sell me one, i would jump on it in a second.


  43. Richard says:

    Very disappointed to lose out on the deal. No PayPal on the site! And I didn’t have a credit card available, so I’ve missed it for only one reason.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Richard, sorry to hear it turned out so unfortunate for you. Please contact sales. A delay in their reply is possible in these circumstances but as soon as the dust has settled, I’m sure they’ll find a solution for you.

  44. Igor Podnebesny says:

    Made several attempts to order the IDEA. Now I have three confirmation and element5 trying to checkout another 3 license. = (

    • Robert Demmer says:

      @Igor, we will make things right. When the dust settle let our sales team know and any refunds required will be made. Please be patient though as the pace of their work will not be slowing anytime soon.

  45. Alexandre Verri says:

    It’s very nice. The world did not end and now I have a personal license of IntelliJ 12.

  46. Yauri says:

    I ordered using my friend’s credit card, I hope the license still belong to my name.

  47. Andrey says:

    I’ve bought just one license for AppCode. Today my credit card was charged to $199. As I understood, now I have 8 licenses for AppCode…
    Is it possible to do refund for these 7 licenses I had no wish to pay for?

  48. Dusan Lilic says:

    Whoa, I see that a lot of people had same issue as I did, it’s kind of relief. :)
    I ordered last night, and process didn’t show any errors. But my card was not charged nor I got any confirmation mail.
    I retried this morning and I was charged right away, with receipt in my mail.

    I sure hope that first try was a fluke, and I don’t get charged twice. :)

  49. Pete Skokan says:

    I could not even process the order. I could not get through payment page simply. Always recieved error. However at least JetBrains came back to me by mail so hopefully they will be able to deliver me my license with some special discount perhaps or whatever – as I could not simply get through the checkout process (payment). Seems guys your systems were not expecting so high load :-).

  50. Terence Martin says:

    Thanks for the great Christmas gift, guys! Totally picked up a copy of AppCode, so now I can ditch the awfulness that is XCode. You’ve made my Christmas AND my new year!

    Sorry to hear that you had problems, but I love that the response to your awesome products was so overwhelming that it knocked things over.

    Happy Holidays!

  51. Zpektrum says:


    Same problem as Pete Skokan, the url says me to “check if the data entered is correct”. No charge on my credit card.

    Worst part is, I didn’t do what I *always* do with all my online purchases: take a printscreen with the last step of transactions (that where a confirmation ID is given to customer).

    Is there anything I can do? I’m very upset …


    • Robert Demmer says:

      Zpektrum, if you go to the point where you received a ref number you will get your purchase. If you are not certain then please contact sales today but be patient in waiting for a response.

      • Zpektrum says:

        Thanks Robert!

        emails with card debt and invoice details received!

        I was a bit pissed because the above url said to me (or I was understanding) that they had no knowledge of the transaction.

        Well thanks again, and Merry Christmas to all the JB team!

  52. Darren Lewis says:

    I had a delay in receiving any payment confirmation emails. Sent JetBrains an email and received confirmation within the hour. No licence details yet but I can always download the trials for now. As a long time Resharper customer, I’m confident JetBrains will sort any issues people have and I *really* don’t say that about many companies.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Darren, thank you for your vote of confidence. We will sort out any issues people may have. Thanks for your post.

  53. William says:

    Gangham Style is over 1 billion views and we’re still here… :O
    I’m gonna kick myself for missing the deadline… I’d love to have given Resharper and maybe PhpStorm a try – and couldn’t beat the price…

  54. Richard says:

    The order process was a complete and total pain, but I got my order in and got my keys.

    I agree with everyone else above that have been commenting on your pricing; I’ve been wanting to buy multiple pieces of software from you guys for a year now, but have been putting it off because of your prices; I knew I could only afford one and couldn’t decide which one I’d rather get from you and which one to continue using a free solution for. With the sale, I got them all. If your prices had been lower all along, you’d have had sales from me months ago.

  55. Alfredo says:

    Guys this sucks! I tried placing an other twice, entered all my credit card information and it didn’t accept my order, it kept telling me the shopping cart was empty and it wasn’t. Can I please place an order today but with the end of the world discount

  56. Josh says:

    I tried to purchase for 2 hours straight and was never allowed it because I was continually told that the server was under too heavy load.

    It’s unfortunate as I really wanted to purchase ReSharper but I guess I’ll just have to go without :(

    Next time, try using AWS for something like this.

  57. Robert says:

    I got a “failed” message the whole time. Even tried it at 5AM this morning. *sigh*

  58. Stavros says:

    I’ve received my confirmation email after 22 hours!
    THANK YOU JetBrains!
    I love you!

  59. Jorge Uveira says:

    I HATE JailBrains!!! The world end is still in progress but the sale is over!??? HOW come I was not notified, being JetBrains customer for 11 years!! Curse on you, JailBrains, from my Mayan ancestry, ¡que sean malditos pinchependejos!

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Jorge, we apologize that they word of the sale did not reach you in time. Please contact me offline at (robert)[dot](demmer)[at](jetbrains)[dot](com).

  60. Alexei Vostrikov says:

    24 hours passed. Still no license. Am I alone?

  61. shane54 says:

    Guys, this was great offer, thanks a lot for it! But!! As many others, I was UNABLE purchase licenses due to OVERLOAD of servers. I don’t know – that was processing’s fault or your – but fact is fact. And that is very sad. From my point of view, and I believe, community will support me, gentle from your side would be to extend your fantastic offer for the few more day. Or, at least, if end of the light is today, then you can extend your offer until end of 21/Dec in the whole world!!! In Europe, for example, now is 19:50 (GMT+1). Please, think about that!!! Thanks in advance!

    • Robert Demmer says:

      shane54, if you tried to place an order and were unable to please contact sales TODAY. We understand that there were frustrations in trying to order but the offer was for 24 hours and there were no problems in the remaining hours.

  62. Oleg says:

    I have tried to buy but the cost have been $18.5 instead $12. Why it was like that ?

  63. SomeoneElse says:

    You know, I understand this was overwhelming for you all — though I’m frankly more than a little surprised at any e-commerce site being that consistently unavailable in this day of easily spun-up temporary web hosting services — and I’m trying very hard to remain patient and keep a positive attitude here, but after finally receiving confirmation emails for my order from element5 (which gmail naturally thought were spam — suspicious me wonders if there’s significance to that) a good 20 hours after I finally got an order to go through, and despite having a charge on my card, I’m getting emails that “Payment for your order failed” and that my order cannot be processed.

    This is all extremely disappointing.

    • SomeoneElse says:

      Actually I just noticed the order number for the “payment failed” email doesn’t match the only order number I ever successfully completed. Phantom orders too, eh?

      Very disappointing.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      SomeoneElse, sorry for your negative experience. If you have received confirmation emails your license(s) will follow. Thank you for your understanding.

  64. Thomas says:

    It was a great offer and I took advantage of it. Thank you! I’m a bit surprised however that the key generation takes so long. I’m waiting for 8 hours now and probably purchased products as one of the last customers during the deal. Are you generating the keys manually one by one, order after order? Are you sure you can hold the 48 hour promise then? Maybe you want to be more realistic and announce possibly 3 or 4 days until the keys arrive?

    Then one thing about the price: You added VAT to the prices which surely does not surprise American customers. But it surprised me as in Germany (I needed to select my country before I could purchase, so you were aware of it) all price tags have to include VAT if you address private persons. Which you did. Not sure if this is totally legal seeing that you seem to reside in Prague, member of the EU.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Thomas, I am no expert here but I will be sure your concerns reach the right people. Your order will be on the way.

  65. HappyNewCustomer says:

    Boy, that escalated quickly

  66. I placed an order for AppCode yesterday, but I received an error message from your servers stating you were overloaded and to come back in a couple of hours to try again. Unfortunately I forgot to come back, so I guess I’m out of luck :( Although after reading some of the comments here, I’m not really sure my order got lost. Perhaps, perhaps not. Will I just have to wait a couple days to find out?


  67. Tom Dunstan says:

    FWIW, it’s now 11:56pm CET and I haven’t had a confirmation email. Should I be emailing sales at this point?

    • gorohoroh says:

      Please e-mail sales if the confirmation e-mail doesn’t come today. (I’m assuming you’ve checked your spam folder?) In any case sales will be able to sort it out with you. Apologies (

  68. Brandan says:

    Ordered yesterday, apparently confirmed, but no codes yet.

    I can at least appreciate the extreme irony in a company with such a highly recommended IDE lineup having such a miserable ordering process. Maybe you should tap some of your customers to help you with that.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Brandan, please hold on, most licenses should be delivered during the weekend.
      We do have certain scalability issues with our ordering process and we’re working to improve on this, especially now following this priceless experience that we’ve had with the promo.

  69. Prodigy says:

    I ordered IntelliJ and AppCode yesterday but still no license code for either one. What gives? I e-mailed sales but they couldn’t tell me when they will arrive.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Please accept our apologies. I believe you should have received a confirmation e-mail from element5 by now. Please hold on, most licenses should be delivered by end of the weekend.

  70. Pranav Amin says:

    It has been more than 24 hours since I placed my order still no email confirmation. I am afraid my transaction may have fallen through the cracks.

  71. Dan says:

    I wanted to express my thanks to the JetBrains guys for doing this sale, especially so soon after IntelliJ 12 was released. Yeah, the problems with the order process are a shame. But in a week or so, everything will be straightened out and we’ll all forget about the hassle. I hope it was a nice end-of-year bump for you.

    (And yes, I got my confirmation from Element 5 but no, I haven’t gotten my keys yet. Good thing that everything has a trial.)

  72. Indika Rathnasekara says:

    I had no issues while placing the order and got the confirmation email from the payment processor immediately.

  73. Chase says:

    Thanks for the great deal. I got my confirmation code about 18 hours later, and still have not receives my licenses. All that however is a fine problem to have considering your generosity.

    I can run the trials (reshaper and appcode) for two weeks while I wait for my licenses. The way I see it, I’m not being hampered in any way, and I’ve got some great products.

    Thanks again jetbrains for making such awesome tools.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Thank you Chase! Please enjoy your trials, and meanwhile we expect to be able to deliver your licenses by end of the weekend.

  74. Chris Rothwell says:

    First time ordering with you guys. How does the key thing work?

    I did get an email from “Delivery information for “IntelliJ IDEA – Personal – New” email as well as an invoice – but where is the actual key? Is there a third email, or does the login start working? (Tried resetting the password on the ‘order data’, but no response back yet)

    • Chase says:

      The key will come within the next day or so. Their payment processor is different from their licensing. Just run the trial for now (it’s fully functioning awesomeness). You can drop the key in when you get it and it will unlock the 14 day restriction.

      Enjoy your great new software.

  75. Mihkel says:

    It’s been over 24h since I placed my order and all I have is a reference number … Should I try to make the order again?

    • gorohoroh says:

      As of now, is it still the case? If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail today, please contact sales and they’ll apply the special pricing for you individually. Please expect a delay in reply though as they need time to process the entire plethora of incoming inquiries. Apologies (

      • Mihkel says:

        Looks like your sales system needs some serious tune-up before you launch another sales campaign. It’s now been about 72h and still nothing. Sent my second email to sales and hope it gets some attention this time. Come on guys, I’ve been a good boy this year!

        • Eugene Toporov says:

          Did you receive any order confirmation e-mails? If you have then the key(s) will follow. All should be sent before the end of the weeken.
          Thanks a lot for you patience.

          • Mihkel says:

            I found out that my credit card was somehow rejected and emails notifying the rejection went straight to spam. Made the payment with another cc and now I have a “Delivery information …” email. So looks like everything is OK.

  76. Equan says:

    Already received invoice but still waiting the license file.
    Btw thanks for the deal and make such a great tools.

    • gorohoroh says:

      Thank you! The license should be arriving in your mailbox within 48 hours. May you have a great coding experience with our tools!

  77. Arno.Nyhm says:

    i ordered the upgrades… i logged in my JetBrains Account first and transfer all existing licenses to the JetBrains Account … and from this point there was a new Shopping Cart and Payment Processor.

    it was very fast. i got all emails just in time or with a 5 min delay.

    Much more better then all purchases i did before with JetBrains (with element5 payment processor: where all Licenses comes with a 2-5days delay)

    JetBrains should switch the complete Shopping Cart to the new payment provider….

  78. Tomas Andersson says:

    I too made a double order. I think JetBrains have been good so far and provided information about the situation. I trust that my orders will be sorted out when they get to it.

    If I can get this kind of discount, I can take this kind of trouble without problem. Too bad not everybody can.

    Merry Christmas all!

  79. Albert Weinert says:

    Thanks vor The great offer. Now everything arrived.

  80. Cédric says:

    Thank you very much for this special offer.

    I have not yet received my license, but the order went smoothly and I can totally understand it takes a little time to be processed. I can wait considering the offer :-)

    Thanks and keep up the good work !

  81. Dan Skaggs says:

    I just received my licenses via email. Thanks to you folks for a super promotion. Sad that you had to work the weekend before Christmas to get everything squared away but I’ve been very impressed by your communications throughout the issues that you had with your systems.

  82. Dainius Narsutis says:

    JetBrains, you are amazing!

    What an amazing deal. 75% off for such an amazing piece of software. Got my license key and even though I assume you are swamped with the amount of customer emails and requests you have kept communication up to a high standard.

    Thanks again!

  83. Jay says:

    I tried to order a couple times and never could get through. Lots of timeouts and server errors. Bah, humbug!

  84. Colin says:

    Gutted. I tried a few times and couldn’t order.

    Shame. Have to wait for the next end of the world before i buy these tools now :(

    • gorohoroh says:

      Apologies ( Please try contacting sales. A delay in response is possible but they should be able to offer you a special price.

      • Alexei Vostrikov says:

        I’ve tried to contact them couple of times. No answer. No license keys. No hope.

        Common, this is 21st century. Even 1 million orders per day shouldn’t be a problem. 48 hours passed. What should I do?

  85. PB says:

    A couple of suggestions:

    You collect “order details” — contact information — on your site before transferring to the payment processor. You do so using pages delivered via HTTP. You really should use HTTP for this; I don’t like my contact information passing in the open, and for some people this could be a security risk.

    My first purchase attempt hit a 101 error at the payment processor, when I clicked to submit my credit card information. Their error page/message is very uninformative — unacceptably so, given that I’ve just submitted payment information and am now uncertain whether or not a payment transaction has been executed.

    I did receive order and payment processing confirmation emails from the payment processor, in fairly short order. (Perhaps because I purchased near the end of the sale, after some of the furor had died down.) However, it’s approaching 48 hours, and I’ve not received any communication from Jetbrains. I would suggest firing off an email *prior* to order confirmation and license delivery. Something to the effect of, ‘We’ve received your order and will be fulfilling it shortly, as soon as payment and order processing have completed. Thank you for your patience.’

    When you have a sale like this, or anything likely to produce an abnormal load on the payment processor, you should coordinate with them in advance. (On the other hand, I don’t want too much process to inhibit a spur of the moment decision to give me 75% off! 😉

    Finally, thanks very much. I’ve heard good things about you, and perhaps as intended, this sale price was just too good to pass up and so now I’m giving you a try. If the product is as good as various comments and reporting lead me to believe, expect years of license renewal fees to come. :-)

    • PB says:

      Arg! I meant to say, you really should use HTTPS for the order details collection and confirmation. S. Ess. Secure!

      There. I think that fixed my typo. 😉

    • PB says:

      By the way, and now that I think about it, that 101 response leaves me uncertain and worried that some aspect of my payment information might have been transferred in the clear.

      You should really get on — hammer on — your payment processor about this. They should check their logs for 101’s and, finding them, run an audit to determine exactly what whas/is going on.

    • PB says:

      I meant also to say, given that it’s the holidays and all, I’d be willing to wait a week. As long as I had an automated email or something saying, “Hey, we got your order. It’s coming…”

      Hope you have a good holiday and that the current crush doesn’t ruin it for anyone.

    • PB says:

      By the way (again), after that 101 error, I debated with myself and they submitted the payment information a second time. (Upon backing up, element5 displayed the payment details page again with the required fields red and prompting for required information.)

      I figured a double payment would still be 50% off, and I could try to get it sorted after the fact.

      It was this second submission of the payment details that apparently resulted in a successful order with confirmation via email from element5.

      So, I’m not sure what that first submission, with the 101 error result, did, if anything. I really would like some confirmation that payment information did not end up “in the clear”, either in transit or in some log file or another.

  86. Alexei Vostrikov says:


    48 fucking hours passed away and I got no fucking license keys. Where the fuck is that???

    Кидалы блять. 21ый век на дворе, а эти мудаки не могут обратотать такое количество заказов.

  87. Alexei Vostrikov says:

  88. Alexei Vostrikov says:

    I got a license key after my “friendly” message.

    It’s the only way to get a license key. Whine here again:


  89. Tim says:

    I just hope I get my license key soon as my trial period has been expired.. +1 for the information you provided.

  90. Sebastian Maliszczak says:

    I have just received second license for upgrade because of duplicated order. C’mon guys, how it was even possible to upgrade twice the same license ? I have sent information to both sales and payment processor as soon as I realized that my both orders are being process, but only info I received was from automatic message system. I really hope you will sort this out quickly. I don’t need two license, and I want my money from one of the order back. I still believe that Jetbrasins are professional company


    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Sebastian, we will definitely sort out the duplicates and will do a refund for the 2nd order. The sales team will get back to you since you emailed them.
      Very sorry for the inconvenience.

  91. Samuel says:

    Thanks Jetbrains!

    The fear is gone when tonight I finally received my Webstorm’s key in gmail’s inbox! 😀

    Agree with collegues: thanks for the offer!

    best regards

  92. Brian says:

    Hi Jet brains,

    I purchased a license for ReSharper, IDEA, and RubyMine 47 hours ago. According to the email confirmations I received from Element 5, you guys have an hour to deliver my licenses if you want to honor the 48 hour delivery statement.

    That said, thanks for a spectacular sale, and an unparalleled array of products. Happy holidays.


  93. Sergei Bershadsky says:

    So, finally I have a key in my mailbox!
    Thank you JetBrains!!!
    Have a nice New Year and Christmas Holidays!

  94. Yes, I must admit, like many others, I had very bad shopping experience. The steps were not smooth. Moreover, on the jetbrains site, it said I can choose many payments method including PayPal but on the payment site, I see no such option to select! It really needs to work out. I will expect they will extend the discount due to such issues.

  95. Dusan Lilic says:

    As you can see in my previous post I ordered second time because it seemed like first time was a fluke. Around 24 hours later I was billed for first order. And one day later I received both licences.

    Can I get a refund for one of those two? Because what can I do with 2 licences entitled to my name?

    I contacted sales just after I was billed second time, but more than 30 hours without response.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Dusan,

      We’re sorry for the lack of timely response, the sales team is buried under hundreds of e-mails and working hard to help everyone. If you contacted then then they’ll get back to you and your 2nd order will be refunded.

      Thanks for your understanding.

  96. Vladimir says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your products, they really helped me get better in C# and Java. I never purchased your licenses on my own before (always encouraged employers to buy them for the team :), but this time I did it. It is really funny experience and I don’t blame you for getting your stuff down, but what’s wrong with your payment processor? They must be prepared for stuff like that always.

    Anyway. I would love to see your pics of your admins after things get sorted out (to make sure they are doing well :), and the video with Marketing VS Operations fight, seriously, looks like you guys underestimated your potential market really bad.

  97. Hi Guys,

    Just received my IDEA license key. Definitely worth the wait. Thanks to all involved for putting this amazing offer together, and also providing excellent customer service to keep us all informed of the status with processing the orders.


  98. Thanks for this awesome offer. I made good use of this opportunity to get personal licenses for three products I couldn’t have justified otherwise! Many thanks!

  99. Vinh Bạch says:

    Finally, I got my license. Thank you Jetbrains for giving me great IDEs with the price I can afford.
    Hope your payment processor would be improved in near future.
    Happy Holidays.

  100. Aldo says:

    Wow, 4 days since I place my order and still waiting for email. C’mon guys, I thought you were serious.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      If you still received no e-mails from us then this many mean your order was never completed. Did you get to the end of the process?

      • Aldo says:

        Yes! I entered my credit card and the process was accepted as far as I know. I didn’t receive any confirmation email neither.

  101. Alexei Vostrikov says:

    I’ve got my license keys, finally!


    But 3 days is over limit?!

  102. Piotr says:

    Still nothing :/ maybe tomorrow?

  103. James says:

    I was unable to complete the purchase after several attempts which I assume was due to the server unable to cope with the load, I did subit a support ticket on Friday, as it’s been the weekend and Christmas tomorrow. Not sure when I should expect a response on whether I will be given the opportunity to buy at the price that was on offer whilst I was trying to purchase?



    • Maria Sokolova says:

      James, did you try to contact sales and describe the situation? They’ll get back to you and offer you a special price. We apologise for the inconvevience.

      • James says:

        I did, on Friday. Should I submit another ticket if I haven’t had a response yet?

        • Maria Sokolova says:

          Yes, contact the sales, please.

          • James says:

            Ok, I submitted another ticket, look forward to receiving a reply.


          • James says:

            As suggested I contacted sales again. I then received a reply yesterday asking if I had been successful in making a purchase when I had made it clear the reason I was contacting in the first place was because I had not been able to make a successful purchase during the promotion.

            I replied immediately yesterday to clarify this and have received no further response since so it’s back to the waiting game. Would really like to move this forward now if possible?

  104. Frank says:

    I got my keys this night at 0:55 CET – perfect timing for Santa…

    Many thanks to the Jetbrain sales team, it seems those folks are working all sunday (hopefully US time) to ship licenses when the rest of the western world is preparing for chrismas!

  105. Roman says:

    Made a payment at Friday, got the payment reference, but still no license key.

  106. Renzo says:

    Still waiting, hopefully I can get the license soon since I need it bad. My trial is set to expire today :( and it’s the IDE we use at work so not substitutes can be accepted.

  107. Eli says:

    I am disappointed. I placed an order. Got a confirmation email. Waited and then decided to follow up since I did not receive any further correspondence on a license.

    After getting in touch with Element 5, I find out that my card was supposedly declined. I called my bank and they have no declined transactions on my card. Something fishy is going on and I want to know what!

    JetBrains and Element 5 could do a better job with their transaction processing system. Giving timely feedback on transaction processing is pretty standard and these guys should be no exception.

    • Maria Sokolova says:

      Eli, we still have a scope of unprocessed orders. If you have a payment reference, it means you got to the end of the process and the key will arrive.
      Thanks for your understanding.

  108. Andrey says:

    I have duplicated order for the same licence. I now got two licences and both transactions are processed. I want money back for the second transaction, I duplicated the order because of the problems on the website. I do not need two personal licences. I contacted sales, but there is no answer for 5 days already. I wrote another letter and I hope JetBrains will return money for the second transaction.
    I reacted early, when transactions were not processed and I did not yet got any licences. I asked sales to cancel one of the orders but it had no effect. Now it is more complicated to return money than just not processing transaction and cancelling second order.
    I hope it will not take long time.

    • Evgeny says:

      Hаve the same problem. but i want to assign my second license to another person.
      (with new license number and email) is it possible?

    • Maria Sokolova says:

      Andrey, apologies. As such requests require manual processing, it takes some time from our side. We will definitely sort out the duplicates and will do a refund for the 2nd order.

      • Da Li says:

        I had a similar case, but do not know what time to be processed?

        • Maria Sokolova says:

          Da Li, due to an enormously large amount of incoming inquiries and also due to Christmas holidays from Dec 22 to 26, there is a delay in our response to you. Sales will get back to you as soon as possible since you emailed them.
          We apologize for the inconvenience.

    • Mark says:

      I’m in the same boat – I notified Jetbrains of the error on 21st Dec, but haven’t received anything other than an automated response and notification the other day that my card was charged for both licenses.

      Getting a license with 75% off was a fantastic deal so I’m not going to complain too much, and as mentioned elsewhere the time of year won’t have helped, but unfortunately the lack of communication or estimates on when things may be sorted does take the shine off things somewhat.

      As Ben Von Handorf suggested back on the 21st Dec, a public post-mortem of what happened and what lessons could be learnt from this would be great, and might make up for what has so far been relative silence on the issue.

  109. Alex says:

    У меня возникла проблема. Сайт глючил и получилось так, что я оплатил два раза. Один раз картой и второй раз пейпалом. Я писал несколько раз сейлсам, просил отменить один заказ, но без ответа.
    В пейпале написал диспьют, если от вас и далее не будет ответа, то повышу до клейма.
    Пожалуйста, отмените заказ и верните деньги.
    Спасибо за внимание.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Alex, приносим наши извинения за молчание. Ваш запрос обязательно будет обработан, заказ отменен и деньги возвращены. К сожалению очередь подобного рода запросов довольно длинная и нам нужно время чтобы её обработать. К тому же возврат денег требует ручной обработки. Но ни один запрос не останется без ответа.

      Спасибо за понимание! Хороших праздников!

      • Evgeny says:

        Евгений. Я тоже оплатил 2 раза по ошибке. возможно вместо возварта денег перекинуть одну оплаченную лицензию на другого пользователя?

        • Maria Sokolova says:

          Да, это сделать можно. Для этого Вам необходимо оставить запрос здесь . Ваш запрос будет обработан вручную.

  110. Sergey says:

    Вечером 21-написал в sales подробно о проблеме с двойным заказом.
    Утром 27-ого из sales отправили письмо в element5 (меня в копию добавили) с просьбой отменить заказ и вернуть деньги.

    Спасибо большое команде JetBrains за хорошие продукты и акции! Всех с наступающими праздниками!

  111. Pawel Machowski says:


    I still have not received either confirmation/rejection mail from element5 or intellij licence.
    I understand that it’s Christmas time but I’m already waiting one week. Also I’ve tried contacting sales twice, no response except auto generated message.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Pawel, we apologize for the delay with getting back to you but all the requests will be answered, we just have a very long queue of them.

      Can you use IntelliJ IDEA trial meanwhile?

      Thanks for your understanding and Happy Holidays!

      • Pawel Machowski says:

        Thank’s for confirmation. I’ve got Intellij 10 licence, I don’t mind waiting a bit longer.

        It would be great if you post updates, it would calm people down.
        I’ll try to contact you in 2013.

        Happy new year!

      • Pawel Machowski says:

        Hi, still no progress, who should I contact? I’ve got reference number of order if it can help.

        • Eugene Toporov says:

          Hi Pawel, please drop me an e-mail at topka (at) with the reference number. I do not see any trails of your recent order in our system.

  112. James says:

    I love your products but this is getting silly, surely it shouldn’t take 8 further days and multiple support tickets just to issue a discount code? Can someone please bump my email address/tickets to sales and get a response to me so I can proceed with an order, please?

  113. Brian M. says:

    I’ve been getting autoresponse emails to tickets all week. Still nothing. I guess what bothers me most is that I’m still not even sure that the order was received on your end. I got a confirmation at the store page, but I am unsure if I will ever see the key.

    • Hadi Hariri says:


      If you placed the order and have a confirmation number or something from us, then you’ll receive your keys.

  114. Chet Vora says:

    I am in the same boat … tried to order but couldn’t … not sure if I’ll ever see a license for 12 … oh well … I upgraded last year so might as well wait for 13 …

  115. Edmund Smith says:


    Like others here, I haven’t received an email from you, only the element-5 confirmation and reminder. Any ETA on the remaining license emails?


  116. Andrew says:

    My order hasn’t appeared still, and nobody has responded to my emails. Is it supposed to be fixed?

    • Andrew says:

      Jeesh. I’ve spent another hour going through PayPal, my credit card and my bank accounts trying to remember which account I saw the amount debited from. And I can’t find it. So it looks as if I’ve got no debit, no email and no confirmation number (I never bother writing them down as you don’t expect things to break).

      So it looks like I’ve got zilch, apart from a couple of wasted hours of my life.

      Thanks, JetBrains!

      I suppose it serves as a lesson to us all as to how to not run a promotion and how to alienate your customers.

      1. Run it for one day only
      2. Run it over the a period where you have the fewest number of sales / support staff around
      3. Underestimate your sales volumes
      4. Ignore customer’s emails asking where the license was.

      Well, Resharper was growing on me. I’ve had it on a couple of work’s computers and I was starting to get to like it. So when the promo was on, I thought I’d buy a copy. But now this whole experience is turning me into a hater I’m afraid.

      • Tommy says:

        I feel sorry for you. But there’s a trick you can use till the next sale(easter?). Run the Resharper EAP builds. Sure, it can be a bit buggy and you’ll probably report exceptions, but you get to run it for free and legally as well.

        I often do this despite having a license via my company. I like new features. :)

      • Brian M. says:

        I’m in the same boat. No debit. I closed the browser window showing the confirmation number for the order and now it appears that I’ve lost it. I guess I assumed I’d get an email confirmation, and I sent an email to the sales staff when the promotion was still going on asking if the order was received, because I hadn’t received the keys or an email after a few hours. I just got autoresponses to all of my emails for a week. This has been such a frustrating experience.

  117. Joe says:

    I’m bummed but only because I didn’t see the sale. I’d love to be in one of the complainer’s shoes. JetBrains, please do this again sometime. I’d hate it if you never did it again becaue that meant I missed my only chance.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Joe, sorry you missed it.
      I’m sure there will be other promotions. Can’t say when exactly but stay tuned and you’ll know about it. We do them from time to time.


  118. Tor says:

    So i see you charged my Visa on Dec.21 but i have yet to recieve my license for IntelliJ.
    Please reply to my emails and please send me my license.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Tor, I think we have sent you the license for IntelliJ IDEA on Dec 23, but the e-mail address was different from one you entered here. Please also check your spam folders and drop me an e-mail at eugene dot toporov at I can resend you the key then.

      Best regards,

  119. Víctor says:

    I have withdrawn the license fee in my bank account the day 21/12/2012 and still have not received my email verification or a single license. I’ve looked at the spam bin and there is nothing about it.

    Besides, I can not follow the order in any way despite having the reference number …

    I sent an email to explain the situation and I have not received a response

    I would like to know what is happening or if my email is wrong (is the same that I have asked in this form).

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Víctor!

      Yes, your e-mail address was incorrect in our system.
      I have corrected it and re-sent your license key once again.

      Hope you receive it now.


  120. Will Byrne says:

    This was aparently a big scam. Not only have i recived no licence (possibly an autocrrect issue on my email address but i cannot verify) but my details were emailed out to random other people and now jetbrains is refsing to get in contact with me.

    • Mark says:

      I think saying it is a scam is far too harsh. JetBrains is a reputable company that has been in business for over a decade. If you read through the above comments, you can see genuine concern and empathy from the JetBrains staffers about the difficulties people are facing. And they are not “refusing to get back to you.” They have repeatedly stated that it will take time for sales to respond. What if you waked into your office one day and had 2,000 e-mails to respond to? As you could not humanly respond individually to all 2,000 in a couple of hours, are you “refusing to get back to them”? Or are you simply overwhelmed as you feverishly respond to one e-mail after the next, all the while as more come in from the people you have not yet replied to?

      They had a problem or made a mistake somewhere in the handling of a great promotion. Everyone makes mistakes. I know this is frustrating. In that frustration you can say they dropped the ball. You can say that gave a poor customer experience. But to say it is a scam implies that they are intentionally trying to steal from people. And that is just simply not a valid thing to say.

      I can relate to what JetBrains is going through. I worked on a support help desk that supported 10,000 users. A software changed caused all sorts a complete failure for all 10,000 users. To resolve the issue, we had to walk each user through a 45 minute to 90 minute process, one, by one. A help desk that normally took 500 calls had 10,000 people calling in. So we had 10,000 voice mails in our queue. And when many got no response in an hour… 1/2 day… one day, from their message, they called again. So we then had may be 18, 000. Some call a third time. 26,000. Etc.

      Every time you (and everyone else) sends yet another e-mail, it slows down the process. A staff member has to look at each and every e-mail. So tech #1 handles your first e-mail in the queue (yes, unfortunately after a very long delay) and solves your issue. Later tech #2 has to handle your second e-mail, verify that is has been handled, and move on. This delays them from getting to someone else who has not had their issue resolved yet. And the problem expands exponentially.

      It’s obvious JetBrains had a major problem with this promotion. The order processing system couldn’t handle the demand. Was it a system issue? Or did marketing totally miss the mark on the expected response rate? Was doing this just before the holiday season when staffing levels are low due to vacation a contributing factor? (It probably was a problem for them to be able to respond to the system issue.) In time JetBrains will figure that out and address the problem for the next time. But now, they are trying to help you. Just give them time.

      • Will Byrne says:

        Correct calling it a scam is harsh but im pretty angry that my details are being leaked and they just dont care.

        I said refused because after being told that they were leaking my details all over the place they sent me only one email which said that they tried to get hold of me but couldn’t which means that they didn’t use the contact details provided because i received no call, missed call or voicemail.

        Also given that they have broken the law in giving my private details out to at least one other person (and i have no reason to believe that there are not more) you would think that they would at least try to sort it out.

        Given that they are a tech company maybe having an automated order system would be an idea. That way they wouldn’t be in this mess. They could even get the IntelliJ coders to write it.

        • Robert Demmer says:

          Hello Will. I apologize for any problems you have encountered during the sale promotion and purchasing process. It is not clear to me what exactly has happened but I will try and help you in any way possible. Please contact me offline with all the details that you can provide on what took place. Write to Robert (dot) Demmer (at) jetbrains (dot) com.

        • Will Byrne says:

          So once you get in direct contact the support is excellent. (although im still waiting to hear about the information leak)

  121. kamil says:


    I placed an order during the End of the World Sale for a PHPStorm licence, but unfortunately until today I haven’t received it. My credit card has been charged and I’ve received three mails with element 5 notifications (“Delivery information..”, “Payment information..” and “Credit Card Billing Reminder..”), but no one from JetBrains (spam checked).

    I sent two mails to explain the situation and I have not received a response. What could I do now?

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Kamil, I just sent you an email to help solve the issues you are experience. If you did not receive my message, please contact me at robert (dot) demmer (at) jetbrains (dot) com. I believe we can solve this quickly and apologize for the problems you have encountered.

    • daniel says:

      I tried to contact you guys too because as with kamil’s order mine was not processed by jetbrains yet. While trying to send an email I got a timeout message from your mailservers. Could you please inform your IT that you might have an issue with the mail servers?

      connect to[]:25:
      Connection timed out

      The above is also true for mail1 and mail.

      • Eugene Toporov says:

        Daniel, I see a license sent to your e-mail on Dec 23, but I guess you did not receive it. Did you check you spam folder?

        I just resent it. Hope you receive it now.
        Thanks for letting know about the mailserver issues you had. I have forwarded them to our IT guys.


  122. Daniel Mendes says:

    I applied for the doomsday promo to upgrade my resharper, but have not received the e-mail with the license yet. I have received an e-mail with “Thank you for your order!”, but my credit card was not billed too.
    How can I have the license and the bill?
    Thank you

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Daniel,
      That’s weird because I do not see any traces of your recent order in our system.
      Could you please forward the e-mail you received to topka at jetbrains dot com?


    • JetBrains Sales Support - Jana Charf says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Sorry for the inconveniences. We have forwarded your case to our sales colleagues in the US. They will get back to you with help asap.
      Thanks for your patience.

  123. Sergey Lukin says:

    What about my order 431945487?
    Is any chance to receive licenses?

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Sergey,

      I do not see your recent order in our system. Could you please forward any e-mails you received to topka at jetbrains dot com?


    • JetBrains Sales Support - Jana Charf says:

      Hi Sergey,
      We checked the status of your payment and my colleague Elena will contact you regarding your case separately via email. Thanks for your patience.

  124. Ric Deez says:

    Heck it is the 10th of January and I still haven’t got my confirmation email!!!

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Hello Ric, Sorry about the issues that you are experiencing. Have you tried looking in your spam folder to make sure it didn’t get caught up in the filters or tried contacting sales (at) jetbrains (dot) com?

    • JetBrains Sales Support - Jana Charf says:

      Hi Ric,
      My colleague contacted you yesterday and today with the license details. I can see that we have tried to send the cert to you a couple of times. Pls check your spam filter settings. Thx.

      • Ric Deez says:

        My profuse apologies, it seems your earlier emails had been incorrectly classified as “spam”. I did receive the latest email and have since been able to register my copy. Thanks so much for your outstanding customer service regarding this matter and please accept my most sincere apologies for this misunderstanding.

  125. Mikhail says:


    Thank you for really awesome product!

    I have a question: may i install and use PHPStorm with personal license on my home PC and another PC (laptop, for example) simultaneously?

    Best regards,

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Mikhail, thanks for good words. Glad you enjoy using PhpStorm.

      Yes, you are allowed to install the IDE with same license on several computers. But you are not allowed to run them at the same time.

      I hope this answers your question.


  126. Thomas Ingram says:

    My order for RubyMine and WebStorm during the Dec 20 sale was lost, just like aldo’s. I waited because JetBrains had a huge spike and was assuring everything would work out. Now they are telling me they have no record of my order, and I’m out of luck. I’d love to try these products…. What can I do?

  127. Sergey Evstifeev says:

    Guys, I’ve written to sales more than a month ago and only got an automated reply (“we’re busy, many orders, blah blah…”). Is this how sales at Jetbrains normally work?

    This is the original message:
    “During the recent “doomsday” sale I wanted to purchase a personal Pycharm license from Jetbrains. Due to problems with the website I could not succeed with the purchase process for several hours. When I finally completed the purchase on the “sector5” payment provider website, I did not get any email from them nor from Jetbrains within 12 hours. However, at the end of the purchase process “sector 5” states that the purchase should be processed in no less then 12 hours. As 12 hours expired I called Jetbrains sales on the phone to check the status of the purchase. I was asked whether I got any email from sector5 and answered that no, I haven’t. After that I was adviced to make a purchase again due to “load problems and many complaints about not working purchases”. I was also assured that in case I accidentally am double-charged I will get a refund. So I did, making another purchase. This time I actually received a confirmation email from sector5. After one more day I finally got emails from both sector5 and jetbrains confirming order delivery. However, both purchases occasionally worked and I was double charged.

    According to the comment from a sales team representative mentioned above, I would like to get a refund on ONE of the purchases. I have not yet used any of the license keys that I got from Jetbrains.
    sector5 order numbers are as follows: 431966317 and 432031675
    I am not including the license keys in the email but if they are required please say so and I will follow up with this information.”

    • Sergey Evstifeev says:

      I guess the mail fell between the chairs. I wrote another one and finally got a reply today, so the problem is resolved.

  128. zedget says:

    Do you planning some actions soon? special time offer?

  129. RonaldGync says:

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