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JetBrains Research Labs Quarterly Report

Hi everyone!

Can you believe 2013 is ¼ done already? We’ve been busy though, and not merely to update our existing products. Let me bring you up to speed on some of our latest research.

Augmented Reality in Coders’ Daily Lives

Do you wonder why augmented reality is still so embryo? We do too… But we also feel that our colleagues at Google are on the right track with Glass. Shouldn’t we, as developers, be some of the first to bring augmented reality to life? Coding is no doubt a big part of our lives, so let’s see how it can be of real value to us, shall we?
See the future that is not so far away.

Green Coding

Did you know every bit and byte you use increases humanity’s carbon footprint, leads to more rainforests being cut down and faster ozone depletion? Well, we won’t stand for that. With your help, JetBrains will do its part in mitigating this global problem.
Send us your unused source code, audio, video, images, documents and any other files you no longer need so we we’ll recycle them into our new product releases. Help us save the environment!

C++ Deserves a Great IDE

ReSharper team has always fought with CLR performance. Finally they decided it’s time to re-write ReSharper totally in С++. Then we realized that, to do this efficiently and effectively, first we’ll need an IntelliJ-based C++ IDE.
In the meantime we also checked out the programming languages Top 10. Apparently, quite a few C/C++ developers out there still aren’t feeling the pleasure of using IDEs from JetBrains.
As a result, we plan to kill two birds with one stone, by taking AppCode’s existing support of C/C++ and building a new product. Check out what we have in mind.

News Readers Could Do Better

We understand how you feel about Google Reader being shut down.
We feel the same. But hey, maybe it’s all for the better? Seems times are finally changing! And we know what news reader we’d like to use. See if you’re with us.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned, we often have exciting news to share.

Develop with pleasure!

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