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Webinar Recording: QA for PHP Projects Using PhpStorm with Michelangelo van Dam

The recording of our April 25th webinar with Mikhail Vink and Michelangelo van Dam, Quality Assurance for PHP Projects Using PhpStorm, is now available on and YouTube.

In this webinar, Michelangelo tells us about Quality Assurance for PHP in general and show how different QA-related actions can be performed using PhpStorm IDE.

About This Webinar:

Michelangelo van DamEveryone talks about raising the bar on the quality of code, but it’s hard to implement when you have no clue where to start. This talk is geared toward all levels of developers, and will teach you how to improve by using the right tools effectively – a must-attend for any PHP developer who wants to scale up their quality.

This webinar will cover topics including: Revision control, Syntax checking, Code documentation, Unit Testing with PHPUnit, Measuring code health with a variety of tools, Profiling and debugging with Xdebug, Automation with Phing, Team work and more.

Follow Michelangelo (@DragonBe), Mikhail (@mikhail_vink) and PhpStorm (@phpstorm) on Twitter.

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