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JetBrains Welcomes New Partners

In addition to working on great software for you, we stay busy networking and trying to reach out to more people worldwide. Just in the last couple of months we signed five new training and consulting partnerships: with RealDolmen, a Belgium-based information and communications technology company; bbV Software Services, a Swiss solution provider; Full City Tech Co. from Chicago area; DevelopIntelligence, a project-centric US company; and Igloo Coder based in Canada.

As JetBrains partners, these new companies will offer their clients training and consulting services for JetBrains products, strengthening JetBrains’ award-winning experience in providing intelligent development tools and talent solutions. Partnership areas include training courses for JetBrains tools as well as consulting services such as installation and configuration, customization, extensibility and integration for various JetBrains products.

The new partner companies are recognized solution and training providers in ICT area with vast expertise and sophisticated knowledge in software development technologies and programming languages.

RealDolmen comprise all software development, analysis, testing and integration activities as well as infrastructure activities combined with the related project management for both. They also offer courseware, development methodologies, project management and software building blocks.

“RealDolmen is a single source ICT service provider in Belgium with a dedicated team of ALM experts, representing years of experience in software development processes and tools. With this JetBrains partnership we enrich our end-to-end ALM offering with a complimentary toolset,” said Xavier Decoster, technical consultant at RealDolmen. “We are convinced that—together with JetBrains—we will improve the value we provide to our customers.

bbV Software Services provides methodology and technology consulting for software development processes and architecture for industrial, telecommunication, financial and insurance companies. Their solutions include assistance in process selection, introduction and training, tool selection, process optimization and review, development methods such as Scrum, Kanban and others.

After years of using their tools, the partnership with JetBrains is a proof of our extensive knowledge,” said Bruno Wassmer, COO, bbV Software Services. “We are excited about the opportunities created by this collaboration for our customers and ourselves!

Full City Tech Co. headed by Wes McClure, established speaker and author, specializes in custom software development consulting and coaching. The company offers training on Productivity, refactoring and testing with JetBrains ReSharper.

JetBrains tools are invaluable. I’m amped to partner with JetBrains to help companies take the next step with a truly fantastic set of products,” said Wes McClure.

DevelopIntelligence offers Development Tools training courses on JetBrains IDE’s such as IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm and RubyMine. DevelopIntelligence also offers TeamCity training and on-boarding for companies interested in implementing Continuous Integration Servers and new processes.

For the past 15 years, we’ve been helping software developers be more productive on their jobs. Along the way, we have seen fair share of good, bad, and not to be mentioned IDEs, build tools, and other developer productivity tools. In my mind, there is one company that consistently continues to stand out above the rest, JetBrains,” said Kelby Zorgdrager, CEO & Founder, DevelopIntelligence. “We have seen first-hand how their robust suite of products deliver on the goal of making people more productive through smart software and are very pleased to be their partner.

Igloo Coder is Donald Belcham, a senior software developer, independent contractor and agile development expert who actively shares his expertise in .NET technologies with other technical professionals at user groups, code camps and conferences held throughout the world with help of JetBrains products.

We at JetBrains also believe these partnerships will deliver mutual benefits for us and our partners alike, and look forward to accomplishing great new things together.

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