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JetBrains Day @ FooCafé Recap, Announcements and Videos

JetBrains Day @ FooCafé in Malmö, Sweden took place Saturday, September 7th, 2013 and we are pleased to say that the event was a success!

JetBrains Day

Event participants on location and those watching the broadcast live learned that the company is experiencing continued annual growth of 40% with more than 1,000,000 developers worldwide regularly using JetBrains tools including some 64,000 business customers, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

They were also the first to learn about the …

New projects announced at JetBrains Day:

  • A technology called Nitra (@nitra) which is a language workbench using Nemerle;
  • OSS version control we have been working on. Think Continuous Version Control;
  • Upsource platform we are working on which includes browsing of source with navigation, code analysis, etc;
  • And more details on the upcoming JetBrains C++ IDE.

We plan to post more information on some of these projects in the coming weeks. For now though, you can experience JetBrains Day for yourself by watching our keynote address and the other sessions from our two tracks. Also, at the bottom we share some photographs.

JetBrains Day Mixup (Keynote)

Unfortunately, during the keynote presentation the live feed was temporarily lost (about 1 minute) resulting in a problem with the recording too. Please be patient as the video and audio do return. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Track 1: Main Track

What's Going on in ReSharperWhat’s Going on in ReSharper
Take a dive into the latest with ReSharper, including some of the new features, see what we have in store in upcoming versions, and discover how ReSharper can also help with C++ development.

Extending ReSharperExtending ReSharper
Learn about the full capabilities of ReSharper’s platform API. Not only can you create plugins for ReSharper, but you can also extend the ways it does static analysis and create refactorings of your own.

YouTrack: More Than an Issue TrackerYouTrack: Not Just an Issue Tracker
You only really understand the true power of YouTrack once you realize the potential of YouTrack Workflows. This talk doesn’t show you what YouTrack is. It shows you how to bend and twist it for every purpose imaginable.

TeamCity from the TrenchesTeamCity from the Trenches
We dogfood all our products. In fact, many, if not all, have originated from need. And when it comes to TeamCity we really beat it up. Learn how we’re running over 180 agents in-house and how we manage deployments.

From Renamer Plugin to Polyglot IDEFrom Renamer Plugin to Polyglot IDE
We spent the last decade developing and enhancing the IntelliJ Platform, which originated from a simple plugin to rename variables. Learn how we use our own tools to maintain code over time.

Track 2: Mobile Development

Using Kotlin to Simplify Android DevelopmentUsing Kotlin to Simplify Android Development
Kotlin can help reduce the amount of code you need to write for Android applications, make it readable and more maintainable. See how certain constructs and DSLs can be used to make Android more enjoyable.

Love Ruby? Want to develop applications in Ruby for iPhone? Then learn how RubyMotion and RubyMine can help you do that, from the hands of Dennis Ushakov, RubyMine lead and RubyMotion developer.

Objective-C Coding. 85 lvlObjective-C Coding. 85 lvl
What is AppCode? Is it the silver bullet for developing outstanding iOS and Mac apps? Does it make myself better developer? Why do you even bother learning one more IDE when there is Xcode? Let’s find out.


Enjoy the photographs below. If you are still looking for more, please visit JetBrains Google+ and Facebook pages.

JetBrains Day

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you at the next JetBrains Day!

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