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Live Webinar: Production Python 3 Web Development with Pyramid and PyCharm, October 17th

PyCharm LogoJoin us Thursday, October 17th, 14:00 – 15:00 GMT (10:00 – 11:00 EDT) for our free webinar, Production Python 3 Web Development with Pyramid and PyCharm featuring Paul Everitt.

Winner of the prestigious “Webinar Title with The Most P’s Award”, this session will cover Python 3 web development with PyCharm and the Pyramid web framework.

The new PyCharm 3.0 release includes strong support for Pyramid. This webinar will show that, with PyCharm as a productive development environment and Pyramid’s 2-year support for Python 3, you can now treat Python 3 as “ready to go” for web development.

Pyramid support is new in PyCharm 3.0 and is only available in the professional edition. Space is limited; please register now. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar.

Paul EverittPaul Everitt is a partner with Chris McDonough and Tres Seaver at Agendaless Consulting, doing large web applications based on Pyramid. Before that, Paul was a co-founder with Zope Corporation, taking the first open source application server through $14M of funding. Paul has bootstrapped both the PSF and the Python Software Foundation. Before that, Paul was an officer in the US Navy, starting in 1993.
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