PhpStorm 7: Beyond the Language

The newest version of PhpStorm, a professional PHP IDE by JetBrains, includes support for the latest PHP 5.5 & front-end development languages, integrates Vagrant and SSH console, and brings even more extensibility with support for major PHP frameworks.October 22, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic, October 22, 2013 — JetBrains®, a world leader in professional software development tools, today announced the general availability of PhpStorm 7, the new major release of its smart PHP IDE.

This release keeps up with latest PHP & web languages trends, providing top-notch support for the latest PHP 5.5, with improved PHP syntax coloring, new refactorings, code inspections, and more features for effective back-end development.

PhpStorm 7 also brings support for various front-end web technologies such as JavaScript templates (EJS, Handlebars, Mustache), Web Components, Stylus, Compass and more. However, the IDE goes beyond the language to integrate Vagrant, support more command line tools, SSH console & local terminal, provide validation for debugger configuration, and offer other tools to strengthen your development workflow. Enhanced support for various frameworks is provided as well, including Drupal, Symfony2 and more.

“For developers and us IDE makers, it’s essential to keep up with the latest changes in web languages. However, there is a lot we are doing beyond the language, like supporting and integrating modern tools and popular frameworks,” said Alexey Gopachenko, PhpStorm project lead. “Beyond the language also come the people, and we do keep a finger on the pulse of the community. With PhpStorm 7, we hope to remove even more obstacles on the road to productive web development for our customers.”

The key features in PhpStorm 7 include:

  • PHP language support: PHP 5.5, improved PHP syntax coloring for various constructs, type inference and PHPDoc improvements, new refactorings (Move Static Member and Extract Interface), new inspections and quick-fixes.
  • Built-in tools: Vagrant, built-in SSH console & remote tools, local terminal, support for even more command line tools (Zend Framework 2 Tool, tools based on Symfony Console (such as Laravel and Doctrine), and Drush for Drupal), Google App Engine for PHP.
  • Debugging and testing: Debugger configuration validation, debugging with Smart Step Into, PHPUnit on Server improvements.
  • Frameworks and plugins: Built-in support for Drupal; 3rd-party plugins for Symfony and other frameworks have been updated for PhpStorm 7.

PhpStorm 7 also brings a brand new web toolkit:

  • Different JavaScript templates (EJS, Mustache, Handlebars) and Web Components support.
  • Support for the modern stylesheets Stylus and Compass.
  • JavaScript and Node.js: JavaScript Karma test runner and the istanbul code coverage engine, integrated node package manager npm.
  • Major changes to the Live Edit feature and JavaScript debugging.

This release also includes many features and improvements from the underlying IntelliJ Platform developed by JetBrains, including GitHub pull requests from the IDE, database and SQL improvements, presentation and full screen view for all platforms, and more.

To learn more about JetBrains PhpStorm and to download a free 30-day evaluation version, please visit the official PhpStorm website at

Separate personal and commercial licenses are available for PhpStorm, both affordably priced and both including free major and minor IDE updates within one year of the purchase date. To learn more, please see

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