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JetBrains to Participate in Sold-Out Devoxx Show, Nov. 11-15

Devoxx Year after year, Devoxx attracts top international speakers and a diverse audience from around the world. The four-day conference in Antwerp, Belgium is expected to draw more than 3,400 visitors and feature 200 presentations from 195 speakers.

With its history deeply rooted in Java, at Devoxx you’ll learn what’s new in Java SE/EE, JSRs, JDK8, modularity and more. Also on tap: Android development, JS web frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, and node.js.

Come by our booth and learn more about the hottest new features in the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 13 release and Kotlin. Watch a quick demo using the latest development builds, and see what you can expect in the upcoming final release. After a chat, be sure to enter our raffle to win a free personal license and pick up a great gift just waiting for you.

It’s going to be a great event and we will do our part to make it a great experience for you.

On Tuesday, November 12th, JetBrains own Aleksei Sedunov will be participating in the Hackergarten hands-on coding event. Aleksei will get you started with Kotlin language and will help you write a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA in Kotlin itself.

Be sure to attend our JetBrains sessions.

Developer Tools for Java EE 7 &  HTML 5 in IntelliJ IDEA 13, Andrey Cheptsov
Monday, November 11th, 17:25 – 17:55, Room 5

As usual IntelliJ IDEA keeps up with cutting-edge technologies to provide latest productivity-enhancing tools for Web and enterprise development right out of the box. The release of IntelliJ IDEA 13, planned in December, embraces the latest additions to Java EE stack, including JSF 2.2, JAX-RS 2.0, CDI 1.1, Glassfish 4, HTML 5, and many more. This presentation will showcase the new and improved features that always have a trick up their sleeve to help developers out of even most complicated cases and to be even more productive.

Efficient Coding in IntelliJ IDEA, Nikolay Chashnikov
Wednesday, November 13th, 14:00 -15:00, Room 4

IDEs, like any other tools, need to be mastered to achieve maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, many users of IntelliJ IDEA are familiar with only a small portion of its features. In this presentation I will show some of the best ways to write actual code in IntelliJ IDEA. I will demonstrate how to quickly spot and fix problems in code using the IDE, and how to safely refactor your code. I will also reveal some hidden features of IntelliJ IDEA and tell you how to find useful features which you haven’t discovered yet.

Unpuzzling Kotlin: Bringing Clarity to Your Code, Svetlana Isakova and Aleksei Sedunov
Thursday, November 14th, 10:50 -11:50, Room 6

In this talk we’re going to tell the story of Java puzzlers from the Kotlin perspective which would demonstrate how Kotlin design helps to eliminate some problematic issues found in Java. In particular, we’d consider such aspects as expressions and control structures, exception handling, object and classes, nullable types and extensions.

To get a taste of the upcoming action, watch this short video of the awesome people and atmosphere at the JetBrains booth from Devoxx 2012.

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