JetBrains Tools for .NET Developers: An Evening in Prague

Join Dmitri Nesteruk, Wednesday, December 18th for an informative and exciting evening of JetBrains Tools for .NET Developers in Prague.

The FREE event takes place 16:00 – 20:00 at Konferenční Centrum City in Prague 4, and includes light snacks and beverages. Anybody may join but registration is required and space is limited.

Here’s the Agenda:

What’s New in ReSharper 8.1
In this talk, we’ll take a look at the new features of ReSharper 8.1. We’ll discuss the support for new technologies, new tools, refactorings, inspections and other goodies that 8.1 gives to developers.

How ReSharper Improves Visual Studio 2013
With the release of Visual Studio 2013, some of you might be left wondering: is there anything that ReSharper has that VS2013 does not? Answering with a resounding yes, this session is all about the ways ReSharper enhances almost every aspect of Visual Studio as well as bringing entirely new features to the table.

Beyond ReSharper
It’s not just ReSharper that we’ve got in the .NET space! Whether you’re after code coverage, profiling or super-powered decompilation facilities, this talk will show you the tools we make to help you succeed in all these tasks.

Learn more and reserve your spot at this great event.

About Dmitri Nesteruk

Dmitri NesterukDmitri is a developer, speaker, podcaster and a technical evangelist for JetBrains. His interests lie in software development and integration practices in the areas of computation, quantitative finance and algorithmic trading. He is an instructor of an entry-level course in Quantitative Finance. His technological interests include C#, F# and C++ programming as well high-performance computing using technologies such as CUDA. He has been a C# MVP since 2009.

Keep up with the latest .NET news on JetBrains .NET Tools Blog and Twitter @ReSharper, @dotTrace and @dotCover.

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8 Responses to JetBrains Tools for .NET Developers: An Evening in Prague

  1. Avatar

    pol1 says:

    November 13, 2013

    Do you plan such an event in Warsaw ? It’s soo close to Prague 😉

  2. Robert Demmer

    Robert Demmer says:

    November 14, 2013

    @pol1, Thank you for your comment. While we don’t have anything currently planned, that doesn’t mean we can’t do something in the future. If you have some thoughts on such event, please share them with me at robert(dot)demmer[at]gmail(dot)com.

  3. Avatar

    Denis says:

    November 14, 2013

    Are there any other planned conferences in Prague? I’d be interested in PHP…

  4. Robert Demmer

    Robert Demmer says:

    November 15, 2013

    Denis, we don’t have anything planned at the moment but we can consider this. Would the same 3 talk evening event meet your expectations or do you have something different in mind? What topics interest you?

    • Avatar

      Denis says:

      November 22, 2013

      Well, though, I’ve never used .NET, that may be also interesting for me.

      Speaking of PHP, I would be interested in discussions related to the latest best practices and methodologies with PHP; modern frameworks like Symfony2, Zend Framework 2 and stuff related to them. Some new (and not that) tools that are supported by PHPStorm, which can greatly save time and thus improve productivity.

  5. Avatar

    Alex says:

    November 22, 2013

    Yeah, exactly, PHP one would be so cool. I will be probably coming though since I sometimes use .NET too ;_)

    • Robert Demmer

      Robert Demmer says:

      November 22, 2013

      We are listening Alex 🙂 It would have been nice to have a PHP evening when DrupalCon was here in Prague this year. I am sure there will be another opportunity. Anyways, we hope you can make the .NET evening!

      • Avatar

        Alex says:

        November 25, 2013

        Of Course I will 😉 I already have signed up and you can expect me to be here ;_)

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