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[Webinar Recording] What’s New in PhpStorm 7: Beyond the Language

PhpStorm logoThe recording of our November 14th webinar featuring Maarten Balliauw and Mikhail Vink, What’s New in PhpStorm 7: Beyond the Language, is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel and

In this webinar, Maarten gives an overview of the new features and major improvements in PhpStorm 7 including: PHP language support, built-in tools debugging & testing, frameworks & plugins, and the brand new web toolkit.

PhpStorm 7 keeps pace with the latest PHP and web languages trends, integrates a variety of modern tools and provides increased extensibility with support for major PHP frameworks.

In this webinar recording, Maarten gives an overview of the new features and major improvements in PhpStorm 7, such as:

  • PHP language support: PHP 5.5, improved PHP syntax coloring, type inference and PHPDoc improvements, new refactorings.
  • Built-in tools: Vagrant, built-in SSH console & remote tools, local terminal, support for more command line tools, Google App Engine for PHP, etc.
  • Debugging and testing: Debugger configuration validation, debugging with Smart Step Into, PHPUnit on Server improvements.
  • Frameworks and plugins: Built-in support for Drupal; 3rd-party plugins for Symfony and other frameworks.
  • Brand new web toolkit: JavaScript templates, re-worked JavaScript debugging and Live edit, etc.

This webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency.

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