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[Webinar Recording] YouTrack – Not Just an Issue Tracker!

The recording of our January 21st webinar, YouTrack – Not Just an Issue Tracker, is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel. Dmitri’s presentation is on SlideShare.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to use YouTrack as an accounting/event management tool. YouTrack can be customized and repurposed from tracking bugs to tracking anything. We also cover external automation using the REST API and YouTrackSharp.

We received many questions during the webinar and answered most of them during the live session. We would like to provide the most relevant questions here.

Q: Can I use YouTrack to store snippets of information such as web links, general notes, project requirements and details?

A: Yes. It isn’t a traditional way of using an issue tracker but it is possible using custom fields and custom workflows.

Q: I have “broken workflows” in a couple of projects and I don’t know what to do about it. Please advise.

A: It happens when you change the custom field scheme. YouTrack normally leads you through the process of fixing broken workflows. If you mouse over or click on the highlighted workflow, YouTrack will guide you to the broken rule. When you get to the broken rule,  YouTrack will suggest Quick Fixes, such as adding a missing field value to your project. Apply the fixes and YouTrack will complete the whole process for you.

You can always contact our support team if you need help creating/editing your workflow.

Q: How does the WF editor get information about the customized database?

A: The WF editor downloads the custom fields scheme and workflows when you connect it to your YouTrack instance.

Q: Is it possible to create a workflow which will execute an external API call?

A: Unfortunately, this is not possible. Please file an issue with an example of your use case.

Q: What is the underlying engine for WF editor in YouTrack? I heard it’s MPS. Is this correct?

A: That is correct. YouTrack Workflow editor is based on MPS with DSL developed specifically for creating custom workflows. It gives our customers the full freedom of customization, being flexible enough to support even the most complicated business processes.

Q: How do you create an application using MPS?

A: You first create a bunch of DSLs using MPS language design functionality and then write your application code using these DSLs.

To create YouTrack we designed several DSLs to cover a common stack of web development: persistence, services layer (including REST services) and templating. We also created a typed JavaScript.

Q: How good is the issue fields text editor for large string fields? Is it Google Doc-like (WYSIWYG HTML), wiki-like, or just plain text?

A: Wiki markup syntax is supported. Please refer to the full Wiki Reference. The most popular HTML tags are supported inside wiki as well. Here are some useful tips: highlight the code using {code} tag, add the link to an issue attachment [file:attachment.png] or insert the attachment preview [!attachment.png!]

Q: How well is YouTrack supported by Eclipse Mylin?

A: Mylyn connector plug-in is under development at JetBrains and currently being testing. The plug-in will be reviewed by the Mylyn connector team when ready and will be supported by YouTrack team. Please check the GitHub repository for the current status.

Q: The REST API deals with plain passwords for authentication? Any idea to handle this with encrypted passwords?

A: Consider leveraging TLS/SSL (HTTPS) to secure your channel and thus protect your data. Modern authentication protocols tend to avoid any ad hoc encryption and rely on TLS/SSL. For example, in OAuth they had ‘proprietary’ encryption which was abandoned in OAuth2.

Q: We would really like to be able to use decimal fields for time tracking, not just integer types.

A: This feature request can be found here. Add your vote and we’ll do our best to include it in the next version of YouTrack.

The team would like to hear your ideas for future YouTrack webinars. Please let us know what you want to know and keep up with the latest news on our blog and Twitter @YouTrack.

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