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IntelliJ IDEA Wins Jolt Productivity Award; ReSharper a Finalist

Dr. Dobb’s have announced their annual Jolt Awards for coding tools, recognizing the past 12 months of advances for the tools used in creating, testing, and debugging code.

We would like to thank Dr. Dobb’s for their continued recognition of JetBrains developer tools. This is not the first time we have been acknowledged in the awards, and we will do our best to make sure it is not the last!

Here are some excerpts from the IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper judges’ reviews:

IntelliJ IDEA Logo

“The paid nature of the the Ultimate Edition has enabled JetBrains to invest heavily in the IDE’s continual refinement. And version 13 goes farther in that direction than many of the recent releases. It sports a fresher interface, faster startup times, a greater range of features, and as always, the little magical bits that have earned the IDE near-fanatical devotion.”

“Among the new features are lovely capabilities like being able to see variables in third-party libraries for which no source code is available; contract annotations that tell the IDE what output values are returned for specific input values so as to enable the IDE to identify redundant tests, unexecutable code paths, and the like; augmented search (see image) in which you can search for a string anywhere in the code path, in comments only, or in string literals only; automatic copying of resource files to output directories upon build; and a presentation mode for using IntelliJ to be used in code demos or lectures.”

Productivity Award: JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 13 Ultimate Edition by Andrew Binstock

ReSharper Logo

“ReSharper 8 supports Visual Studio 2013, which makes it a no-brainer upgrade for many users, and its headline feature is support for TypeScript, Microsoft’s compile-time-typed superset of JavaScript. But ReSharper’s finalist status stems more from its incremental value than any brand-new feature. Its greatest value comes from its powerfully souped-up versions of IntelliSense and code completion, which quickly become integrated into your flow: How much does your productivity increase from the dozens of new inspections, quick fixes, and refactorings in ReSharper 8? It’s impossible to quantify, but over the years, the benefits have been enormous for me. While these features and ReSharper’s greasing of the wheels of unit-testing more than justify its purchase, teams additionally benefit from ReSharper’s coding-style enforcement, structural search, and dependency analysis.”

Finalist: JetBrains ReSharper 8 review by Larry O’Brien.

How do the awards work?

Anyone can freely nominate a product for award consideration. The nominees are then reviewed by judges who select six finalists which are then tested in real-world business environments to identify the best coding tool, 2014 Jolt Award Winner. The two runners-up receive Jolt Productivity Awards and the remaining three are identified as finalist.

Congratulations to the teams!

We would like to offer well-deserved congratulations to members of the IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper teams. And if you missed it, WebStorm was recently recognized as InfoWorld’s 2014 Technology of the Year Award too. Keep up the great work!

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8 Responses to IntelliJ IDEA Wins Jolt Productivity Award; ReSharper a Finalist

  1. Avatar

    Loïc Prieto says:

    February 4, 2014

    Congratulations! I’m a recent user of Intellij (having discovered the IDE 8 months ago, as it was the one used for a project) and while I left the project 3 months ago, I so liked the IDE (after 10+ years of [power] using Eclipse) that I bought a personal license for myself to use at home for my personal projects.

    I would recommend everyone, specially those entrenched in Eclipse, to at least try for a time Intellij and see the difference. For JavaEE/Spring projects it is a godsend. The devil is in the details, and IntelliJ provides a ton of them that improve the overall QoL while programming.

    • Robert Demmer

      Robert Demmer says:

      February 4, 2014

      Loïc, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are glad you made the switch and haven’t looked back. If you have your experience written down in a blog post or otherwise, I am sure the IntelliJ IDEA team would love to have a look.

      • Avatar

        Loïc Prieto says:

        February 5, 2014

        Hi there, Robert.

        If you provide me with an email address, I’ll write a message with my experience developing with IntelliJ: the transition from a happy Eclipse user to a happy IDEA user, the pains, the gains, the feelings, etc.
        I know that while being only the opinion of a single user, all feedback can be quite useful for polishing the product and also to take pride on your work. I’m a fervent believer on positive feedback.


        • Robert Demmer

          Robert Demmer says:

          February 5, 2014

          Thanks Loïc. My email is robert(dot)demmer[at]jetbrains(dot)com

  2. Avatar

    Glenn Conrad says:

    February 5, 2014

    Congrats…Next stop: IntelliJ in the cloud, a la Cloud9 – only better because its JetBrains 🙂

    • Avatar

      Eugene Toporov says:

      February 9, 2014

      Who knows… maybe 🙂 Have you used an IDE in browser? What’s in such kind of tools that you find interesting?

  3. Avatar

    dokoma says:

    February 6, 2014

    Congratulations! I love Idea and Resharper so much! Great Work!

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