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Webinar Recording: BDDing Your Objective-C Apps

The recording of our September 2nd webinar, BDDing your Objective-C Apps, is now available on JetBrainsTV YouTube Channel.

In this webinar Paweł Dudek and Łukasz Warchoł shows how you can leverage AppCode to really empower your BDD workflow.

Below are some questions from our webinar answered by Paweł, Łukasz and Anastasia.

Q: How do I get the Live Templates from the webinar? Do I need to configure the Live Templates?
A: You can grab them on GitHub. Just go File | Import settings… and that’s it, no extra configuration needed!

Q: How do I create my own Live Template?
A: Go to Preferences | Live Templates, click ‘+’ sign or just press Cmd+N to generate a new live template. Set template’s text, description, abbreviation, applicable scope and edit template’s variables. That’s it!

Q: What is Mock?
A: There’s a great article on mocks that will get you into the subject in no time!

Q: How are the used libraries related to Kiwi? How does Specta compare to Kiwi?
A: Kiwi  is a separate framework that comes with its own set of matching macros and Specta is combined with Expecta and other testing frameworks like OCMockito. Actually Specta and Wiki are nearly similar, however there’s one small difference that is a huge plus on Specta’s side – focusing on tests. You can tell Specta to run just one give test (or a group of tests – you can focus it/context/describe blocks). It works with running specs from command line (if you’d want to run single test from command line you would have to prepare a special Scheme, which again  time). You can read more on this in latest issue of

Thanks to all the attendees for the nice features suggestions! If you still have some, please, contact Paweł, Łukasz or our team.

About the Presenters:

Paweł DudekPaweł Dudek is Senior Software Engineer at Taptera, where he builds beautiful iOS apps for enterprise. TDD believer and practitioner. Beer and coffee lover. And bass guitars during free time.


Łukasz WarchołŁukasz Warchoł is iOS Software Engineer at Berlin based startup, Up-next. He believes that clean and well tested code are essential while working in a team. While not coding he is probably snowboarding or kitesurfing.

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