PhpStorm 8: Evolving with You

The newest version of PhpStorm, a professional PHP IDE by JetBrains, champions developers working with proven and emerging web technologies for both backend and frontend development

September 16, 2014

Prague, Czech Republic, September 16, 2014 — JetBrains, a world leader in professional software development tools, today announced the general availability of PhpStorm 8, the new major release of its smart PHP IDE.

As a PHP developer’s core tool, PhpStorm constantly evolves and sharpens its toolset to empower its users to follow—and even shape—the latest web development trends. The latest release makes it even easier to use many emerging web technologies encompassing backend and frontend development in its entire lifecycle, from prototyping to deployment and maintenance.

PhpStorm 8 facilitates a developer’s workflow with even deeper code understanding, including completely revised mixed language editing (e.g. SQL in PHP), improved signature static code analysis, and full support for PHP 5.6. Developers can also stay more ‘in the flow’ thanks to multiple carets/multiple selection editing, refined code completion, and improved performance in PhpStorm 8.

On a higher level, PhpStorm users can now take advantage of Laravel’s Blade templates editing, and fully utilize behavior-driven development for PHP thanks to Behat integration. PhpStorm also makes it easier to work with WordPress, providing deep understanding of the WordPress code base and JetBrains’ trademark developer productivity features. The frontend arsenal has been extended with top-notch web technologies including spy-js, Grunt, gulp.js, Bower, and more. For effective DevOps, PhpStorm 8 provides remote PHP interpreter capability, ensuring fluid IDE interaction with both classic and modern virtualized environments (such as Vagrant or Docker).

“Web development is growing at breakneck pace, with new technologies and frameworks emerging at an ever-increasing rate. Being an integral part of the PHP ecosystem, PhpStorm stays on top of all the latest changes so that developers can evolve and adapt right along,” said Alexey Gopachenko, PhpStorm project lead. “We constantly rethink and refine all aspects of the IDE and integrate the best tools, to always be there for you as you develop—in both senses of the word. This release is a big step forward in building synergy with developers, supporting growth, and helping make the webdev ‘magic’ happen.”

The key enhancements and additions in PhpStorm 8 include:

  • PHP Language Support: full support for PHP 5.6; Completely re-worked mixed language editing (i.e. SQL in PHP); New intentions and inspections; Enhanced formatting, type inference, and other coding assistance features.
  • Frameworks: Support for Blade template engine, WordPress, and Drupal 8.
  • Behat support.
  • Remote PHP interpreters support.
  • Debugging & testing improvements, with support for Zend Server Z-Ray.
  • Some of the most trending web technologies: AngularJS, spy-js (a JavaScript and Node.js tracing tool), Grunt (a JavaScript task runner), PhoneGap/Cordova, Bower, gulp.js, CucumberJS, postfix templates for JavaScript, and many others.

This release also inherits many new features and improvements from the underlying IntelliJ Platform, including multiple carets and selections, working with a single file without creating a project, a bundled Scratch plugin, EditorConfig support, and more.

To learn more about JetBrains PhpStorm and download a free 30-day evaluation version, please visit the official PhpStorm website at

Separate personal and commercial licenses are available for PhpStorm, both affordably priced and both including free major and minor IDE updates within one year of purchase. To learn more, please see

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