JetBrains Booth and Sessions at GeeCON in Prague

Join us October 23-24 for a special edition of GeeCON in Prague!

If you are unfamiliar with the conference, GeeCON is focused on Java and Java Virtual Machine based technologies, with special attention to dynamic languages like Groovy and Ruby. GeeCON is a forum for sharing experiences about modern software development methodologies, enterprise architectures, software craftsmanship, design patterns, distributed computing and more.

GeeCon in Prague

Come by our booth for a friendly conversation, grab some cool giveaways and enter our free license raffle. At our booth you will meet Andrey Cheptsov and Václav Pech, who each have a presentation at GeeCON. The guys will be happy to demo and discuss the latest and upcoming releases of IntelliJ IDEA, Kotlin, MPS, TeamCity and our other developer tools. Kirill Maximov, Lucie Morawiecova, Sylva Tomanova and Robert Demmer from the local Prague office will also on hand.

We encourage you to attend our sessions:

A Reactive and Type-safe Kotlin DSL for NoSQL and SQL
Presented by Andrey Cheptsov – Thursday, October 23rd (Day 1), 11:50 – 12:50

Andrey CheptsovKotlin is a modern statically typed language developed by JetBrains that compiles to JVM bytecode and JavaScript. One of Kotlin’s benefits is the ability to create type-safe DSL’s (Domain Specific Languages) thanks to its design (extension functions, builders, type inference, etc). Kotlin NoSQL is an elegant DSL that lets you write type-safe, idiomatic and Rx-friendly queries for NoSQL and SQL databases in Kotlin.

In this session we’ll see how Kotlin NoSQL works in action on examples of MongoDB, Redis and MySQL databases.

JetBrains MPS – Speaking your language
Presented by Václav Pech – Thursday, October 23rd (Day 1), 17:10 – 18:00

Vaclav PechDesign your own Domain Specific Languages and plug them into Java easily. Think of all the business rules, workflow definitions, structured configurations or handy language extensions that you could simplify your life with. Using purely open-source tools and without defining a parser or grammar.

JetBrains MPS gives you that and more – textual and graphical languages, non-parseable and tabular notations, tight integration with Java and full IDE assistance on top of it – the ability to edit, debug, refactor, test and analyze your DSL code right inside a Java IDE. If you’re thinking of trying something new, this session is for you.

On behalf of our team attending GeeCON, we look forward to meeting you in Prague!

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