Issue Tracking Tools Survey

Update: We conducted a survey with over 1,500 participants to find out the most popular issue tracking tools and gain insight into how they are used by different members of software development teams. Here is the infographics.


Dear Developers and Development Teams,

We want to know what you think!

We are conducting a study to learn more about the Issue Tracking tools that professionals use in their work process, and would very much appreciate your input. As a result, we’re planning to publish a review of popular issue tracking tools that will help newcomers choose the right tool for their team.

If you have experience working with any issue tracking tools, please share with us. Become a part of our study by responding to this survey.

It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes, and you’ll get a chance to win one of ten $50 Amazon certificates or one of ten individual subscriptions to a JetBrains IDE of your choice. Winners will be chosen randomly.

Thanks in advance!

About Valerie Andrianova

Valerie Andrianova is Space Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains. Her professional interests include issue & bug tracking, project and task management, agile methodologies and team collaboration. Apart from work, she cannot imagine her life without live music, quirky books and lattes with those cute little foam hearts.
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8 Responses to Issue Tracking Tools Survey

  1. We had recently a customer case, where our customer’s customer needed a lighter, yet flexible alternative to Jira. We ended up comparing the issue tracking features of Deveo, GitLab, GitHub and BitBucket.

    We wrote a blog post about the comparison, which you’d probably find somewhat interesting:

    Feel free to check out also it, and use it your survey if needed.

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Antti,
      Thanks fro sharing, the post looks very interesting. We’ll definitely use it for our internal analysis.


  2. Karina says:

    Hello! Great survey!

    I am a student and currently doing a research on the topic “Issue tracking tools”. I would be very thankful, if there would be a possibility to contact Valerie Andrianova and, maybe, ask a few questions on this topic for my research.

    I am looking forward to get in touch! Thanks!

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hello Karina,
      Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it. I’ve just contacted you via the email, provided here. Please feel free to ask any question. I’ll be happy to help.


  3. Daniel says:

    Does anyone know when the winners are being drawn?

    • Valerie Andrianova says:

      Hi Daniel,
      We’re planning to contact the winners by the mid. of June. If you don’t get an email by the end of next week, it means that you were not lucky this time. Hope, you’ll be the lucky one!


  4. Oleg says:

    Do you plan to publish your study? It would be quite interesting to see the aggregated data.

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