JetBrains Toolbox App 1.0: A Control Panel for your Tools and Projects!

Please give a warm welcome to JetBrains Toolbox App as it officially reaches 1.0!

We at JetBrains think of coding as a creative process, one that is best done when you’re in the ‘flow’. All our products are designed with this principle in mind. As such, downloading product updates and installing them on a regular basis is not something you’d rather be doing.

Enter Toolbox App: a small but nifty app that will make using your JetBrains tools more enjoyable than ever. It’s a sort of one-stop control panel designed to help you manage your JetBrains tools, installations, updates, and even projects.

JetBrains Toolbox App

The app went public alpha on May 25, and since then we’ve received lots of useful and positive feedback from you, which has certainly helped us make the app better for the 1.0 release. Thanks for your support and input! And now, let’s take a look at what you can do with Toolbox App:

  • For every IDE you can install, update, remove, or rollback to a previous version
  • Simplified access to Early Access Program (EAP)
  • Integration with JetBrains Account
  • All projects in one place
  • GitHub integration
  • and other small features

If you already have Toolbox App installed, just ‘Check for updates’ from the UI to install 1.0. If you want to try it — download it from the brand new Toolbox App web-page.

We want to know what you think and what features are most useful for you. Let us know in comments here, in our issue tracker, or at @JBToolbox.

The Toolbox App Team

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12 Responses to JetBrains Toolbox App 1.0: A Control Panel for your Tools and Projects!

  1. .w says:

    It would be nice if you could give us information what is exactly the final version build number.

    I have one qualm with Toolbox (on macOS) – it’s impossible to add any of the IDE’s to dock as the path changes after update…

  2. Greg says:

    This is a nice tool! It would be great if we could synchronise app settings between our workstation, perhaps this could be a good feature of the Toolbox App? :)


  3. Didier Villevalois says:

    Nice ! However some rpm and deb repos would be much more useful to Linux users !

  4. Jan says:

    Had some doubt at first – but not anymore. Nice addition!

  5. Ringo De Smet says:

    My main user account on my Mac is not an administrator account. Would it still be possible to let the Toolbox app install the applications in the global /Applications folder?

    Why? The toolbox is only installed for the current user account, but I use other accounts for testing purposes and these have no longer access to the IDEs.

    • James Stracey says:

      Has this been resolved? Most of our users do not have elevated rights on their Mac OS devices so we package and distribute individual packages.

  6. Jason Lotito says:

    I was literally thinking you guys need this less than a minute before scrolling down and finding this post.

    Fastest response time ever!

  7. Cormac Cannon says:

    For anyone else who likes to launch toolbox applications from the command line, I put together a quick-and-dirty gem to find and launch the latest version of a toolbox application in the default installation path.
    $ gem install jetbrains
    $ jetbrains clion
    $ jetbrains idea

    More info here:

    Only tested with clion and idea on arch linux

  8. Jan Schulte says:

    Doesn’t work on my computer (windows7), after starting the program I get the message “jetBrains Toolbox has stopped working”. I have uninstalled ItelliJ version 2016.2 and tried again, but it did not help. Installed version 2016.3 and tried again, nu use. Any suggestion to get it working?
    In the log is written:
    “1.0.2095 6232 2016-11-23T13:30:43.293 DEBUG Selected root item for “LOCAL163.7743.44” local app “IDEA-U” version “163.7743.44” build “163.7743.44” channel “LOCAL163.7743.44”
    1.0.2095 6232 2016-11-23T13:30:43.293 DEBUG Legacy channel detected: [no filter] local channel: app “IDEA-U” channel “LOCAL163.7743.44”
    1.0.2095 6232 2016-11-23T13:30:43.294 ERROR Unable to generate settings model “intellij_platform” for local channel: app “IDEA-U” channel “LOCAL163.7743.44”: “Unable to load channel settings: No settings for detected items!”

  9. Dylan Taylor says:

    It would be really great if this used Linux repositories for RHEL/Ubuntu to keep packages up to date

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