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Back in 2015, when we announced JetBrains’ new brand, we were talking about the drive that identified us as a company and as developers, and united us with our users. We were talking not only about the drive to develop but also about the drive to face new challenges and to make a dent in this world.

Today we’re taking another step to prove our beliefs. Please welcome the free and open source Educational Products by JetBrains.


Everything started in 2014 with PyCharm Educational Edition, the free and open source tool for Python teachers and students. Today we have two more programming languages we support: Kotlin and Java, with more to come.

As a learner, you can practice programming right inside your IDE and get instant feedback:


Read more about learning on our website

As an educator, you can create your learning materials and augment them with programming practice assignments and integrated tests:


Read more about teaching on our website

We have so many ideas for how to make learning and teaching programming more practice-oriented, challenging, and engaging for anyone, no matter what background or goals they have. If you are passionate about learning or sharing your knowledge, if you feel education is a field everyone should be allowed to play on, we are excited to get your feedback and discuss your ideas. Give it a try and leave a comment here or find us on Twitter.


Educational Products Team

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21 Responses to Educational Products by JetBrains

  1. Henry says:

    This looks awesome! Though I’m guessing I’m not going to see a CLion C/C++ one anytime soon.

    • Tatiana Vasilyeva says:

      Thanks, Henry! We’re considering to support more IDEs and programming languages. But you’re right, it is more on a discussion than implementation stage at the moment.

  2. Mehmet Ali SICAK says:


  3. Ilya Rogov says:

    This looks awesome!

    +1 PHP
    +1 JS

  4. Abhishek Vaid says:

    For python and java there are free tools in abundance. You should try and create IDEs available for Ruby, C++ and JavaScript.

    • Tatiana Vasilyeva says:

      Python and Java are here to start with. We hope to have more IDEs and languages supported in the future. I’m just curious, what free tools for python and java are you using? What do you like about them?

  5. Thor says:

    Got to hand it to you guys and gals at JetBrains – you never stop surprising :)

    I’ve known and used your products since I was in school doing my B.Sc. and you have been in all totally awesome (I’m still semi-effective in repressing memories of IntelliJ/IDEA 8 😉 ) resulting in IntelliJ/IDEA being my tool of choice when I did my M.Sc. project.

    Today’s Toolbox is nothing short of awesome, and these educational versions are just the thing to point newcomers to :)

    Cheers! Skál! Prost! 干杯!乾杯!Skål! :)

  6. Diego says:

    It looks great! I am developing a little course with EduTools using test, and I was wondering how is it possible to have questions, like [here](

    It seems to be missing on the [start guide](

    • Tatiana Vasilyeva says:

      Hi Diego! Sorry for not answering for a while. You can create that kind of tasks via Stepik only ( Then your learners will be able to solve quizzes inside IDE as well. We’re working on the new tutorial that will cover integration with Stepik, and I will add a link to start guide as soon as it is ready. Thanks! So far, If you have questions about Stepik integration, please feel free to mail me, and I will try to help.

  7. Bradford Swift says:

    Would be great to learn on this, but I keep putting my email in for a license and it never sends me a link or any kind of reply. Emailed sales as well….. crickets.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Bradford!
      I see a student pack activated for your account. So, I presume this has been resolved, right?
      Please let me know.


      • Bradford Swift says:

        No, I haven’t gotten any of the emails at all for setting up my account. I just tried again and it always says that it sent me something but nothing ever arrives. I’ve tried having someone else email me and the account works just fine and nothing is in the spam folder. Pretty odd. Maybe if you fwd’d me the welcome email? Don’t know why the automated system is bouncing off but I guess its on the side of my school’s email server then.

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  9. Geller Ross says:

    This is awesome for educational products. Do you think Edx is good for students?

    • Tatiana Vasilyeva says:

      Hi! I think any of the options that can extend the learning experience are good for students.

  10. William Hook says:

    Today’s generation is almost depend on online learning system. They wants more new learning tools for programming or another study purposes. I would like to recommend your learning tools to my friends and colleagues because you guys always come with surprising and advanced technology.

  11. Unwana Akpan says:

    Is it only for programmers, what about people that don’t know how to use it, is there any course by the group on how to use the tools you are offering?

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