The Drive To Develop

In 2000, three friends set out to make their work easier by creating a tool that would remove mundane and somewhat inefficient tasks. This tool was called Renamer, and it had one job which was to rename things, a process now commonly referred to as rename refactoring.

Sixteen years later, and with nearly 600 more people, that tool still exists, does a whole lot more and is called IntelliJ IDEA. During this time, the company behind it has given birth to nineteen more products, expanding from providing tools for writing and maintaining code, to helping with application deployment and team collaboration.

It’s been a long and very pleasurable road. The journey continues, and it does so with a new look, and more drive.

Please welcome JetBrains’ new brand

JetBrains. The Drive to Develop

Why Rebrand?

We believe in order to align ourselves with the fast-pacing technology of today, we needed to find a new modern look, something that differentiates us from our………actually, no. Let’s drop the nonsense!

Rebranding is expensive, exhaustive and more importantly has emotional impacts. In a company like JetBrains with very low staff turnover, where the majority of the people that started back in 2000 are still here, a change like this is never easy. And this is not to mention you, our customers, that know us and identify us by certain logos and products.

If we are to rebrand, there definitely should be very good reasons to do so. We believe there are, mainly two:

JetBrains is not a single product. IntelliJ is not a company.

JetBrains is quite a flat company and teams mostly run autonomously. We trust that in giving people the freedom to do what they want brings out the best in them. However, this freedom can lead to certain inconsistencies when it comes to logos, design, etc. and consequently having an impact on branding.

People know IntelliJ IDEA. People know ReSharper. People know TeamCity, but they don’t necessarily know that these products are from the same company, nor do they know what other products JetBrains offers.

As more and more developers move towards polyglot programming, we are there offering our users the same experience in our products and services. It’s time to consolidate that in our branding too, and we hope this new consistent look and feel will allow you to better identify us.

It’s not just about Developing with Pleasure

Consistency isn’t the only reason we’re rebranding. We’re the company that has been making tools pleasurable to work with. But developing with pleasure isn’t what drives us. What drives us is the belief in that there are better ways to do things. That every problem that arises should be viewed as a new challenge, an opportunity to improve, a chance to innovate. That’s what gets us out of bed every morning.

And this drive isn’t unique to JetBrains. All of us have our own drive, have our own ambitions, and many of us share the ambition to make our small dent in this world, making it better.  We want our branding to identify us with you, our users, because we believe we have a lot more in common than merely wanting to work more efficiently.

This is our drive to develop. This is your drive to develop!



P.S.: Against any possible conspiracy theories that might arise, no, JetBrains is not getting acquired, it is not looking for investments and not preparing for an IPO. We remain true to our values and our customers, and continue as an independent privately held company.

Oh, and we’re not going all corporate on you, don’t worry!
The JetBrains Team

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206 Responses to The Drive To Develop

  1. Leszek says:

    Guys, the company you have build is a tremendous success.
    Wishing you to achieve even more.

    Thank you!
    Long time Intellij IDEA user.

  2. Vasya Aksyonov says:

    I’m loving your new branding and the website. Seems really awesome!
    Any info on branding agency (just my personal interest)? :)

  3. Martin Vahi says:

    You got the “emotional” part right. However, I’d like to add that LOGOS, regardless of company and brand, ARE USELESS, because anyone can draw them on walls and vehicles without breaking any cryptographic signature schemes, logos can not be entered to search engine search boxes, they can not be used as domain names. In the other words, logos allow false flag operations while still not making it possible for potential clients to find the entity that uses the logo for its branding.

    Interestingly the does not seem to be directing to JetBrains web page and the domain is even UNREGISTERED. A total blunder at the part of Your marketing team.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Martin.
      You are right, images are just images. And we have more, we have a 15 years of company and product development history. This is what matters and this does not change. And this is something people will search and find. Images just support it.

      Thanks for your comments!

    • Alastair Moore says:

      Logos are a face or identification for a company. They’re by no means useless and are a strong and significant part of a company’s branding and personality. By your logic, your face is useless because that also cannot be used as a domain name. Your comment is really quite strange and I fail to see the point you’re making.

    • Ben Overmyer says:

      Logos are useless?

      I… wow.

      Sorry friend, but you seem to have some kind of disconnect with humanity. I’d suggest reading some Psychology 101.

    • PaluMacil says:

      The most emotional part to me was the loss of the silly snake for PyCharm. :( But I do disagree with you on logos being pointless. I’m hoping it drives the value they need to keep expanding. :) I love this company… I just also loved the silly snake.

  4. Jeremy says:

    >tfw jetbrains doesn’t go all corporate on you

  5. X says:

    I can’t be the only one that sees 9GAG in your logo.

  6. Ke says:

    Looks like Adobe’s product logos…

    • Klaus says:

      That was my first thought, too. The ‘PS’ looks confusingly like photoshop…

      Beside that small issue the redesign looks very fresh and cool and fits seamlessly in the modern, fancy web development environment!

  7. don v nielsen says:

    I so wish I had more influence on my company and my peers. I’m a long time Rubymine user, and recently started employing 0xDBE. Simply great products. The intuitiveness and font rendering is so much better than other products that I currently have to employ: MS SMS, Aqua, Toad, etc.

    Best of luck, Jet Brains. Truly good stuff you build. Wish I could be part of the team.

  8. anon says:

    I liked the old design better. It felt unique and charming, now its just a lot of cold, meaningless shapes. Like Adobe in black and white.

    • César says:

      I must agree with you.

        • Vedran Sabol says:


          Rebranding surely makes sense for JetBrains, but the new design does not cut it – emotionless, unrecognisable and not very pretty (to put it mildly).

          The old design might not have been “sophisticated”, but it had that kind of charm that people easily warm up to.

          The good feeling that came up when starting IDEA, just isn’t there any more (is it just me?).

          Please: right mouse button -> VCS -> Revert 😉

        • Vedran Sabol says:

          And one more thing:

          “the drive to develop”


          “develop with pleasure”

          C’mon, are you serious?
          Just listen to yourself when you speak it out loud and you’ll know what I mean…

        • Vedran Sabol says:

          And a question:

          Logos (and mottos) are art! And art provides a deep insight into the inner state (emotional, intellectual and otherwise) of the entity that produces them.

          Considering how a number of people (including me) feel about your newly chosen face: do we have reasons to be warried?

    • Carsten Meyer-Lütgens says:

      Especially that “PC” makes it really ugly – it reminds me and others to ‘personal computer’ and somehow this is negative associated in my mind. I’m sorry, but I would like you to change it again. pls
      All your other work I appreciate so much, don’t let it look bad …

    • Chad says:

      I find that the new icon for PyCharm which includes the letters “PC” to be confusing. What happened to the cool snake icon. PC stands for Personal Computer or Politically Correct. The logo is confusing and doesn’t look cool like the other one. I find it hard to locate on my desktop. Snakes were cool. Abstract angles weird. What is the “_” under the “P” supposed to mean anyway? Is it supposed to be a mouth and the P and C are supposed to be eyes? Weird. I feel like they created a problem by solving a non-existing one.

      • staticsn0w says:

        LOL, the “_” is supposed to be the cursor in a terminal or IDE. How does one not pick up on that?

    • Sven says:

      phew… I am not the only one… I already miss the new PHPStorm 10.0 splash screen and the installation of 10.0.2 isn’t even through…

    • Sven says:

      Okay… the new PHPStorm 10.0.2 splash screen also looks cool… so I am fine 😉

    • Alexander says:

      Totally agree. While old IDEA’s logo was not most nice logo in IntelliJ family, I liked very much AppCode and CLion logos. I was able find them instantly in OS menu and toolbars. AppCode logo was like sliced Apple which at the same time contained C letter. After rebranding C letter might be replaced with swift bird. And now I just see AC letters which don’t resemble me anything and in addition very small compared to size of the logo

    • anon2 says:

      ^^ even worse than adobe… sigh… effective managers be damned

    • John says:

      Did you hire a branding company from the 90s? That logo is not very good looking at all. Previous logo was very cool.

  9. James May says:

    Wow, so this is the reason you needed to push all customers into subscription hell to have enough money for stupid things like that. Looks like your marketing department needed to find a reason for its existence.

  10. Sidney Just says:

    I’m not 100% sure what to think of the app icons, but I think it’s mostly because I’m used to the old ones. All in all, this is very stylish and I think the icons will grow on me in no time.

    • Jakub says:

      Well, I know. They’re bad. Try having few of them on your launcher. Earlier I could distinguish them as I aimed my mouse. Now I have to actually stop to decipher which one is the right one. Good thing I can use the old images for them.

  11. George John Frank says:

    Any chance Jetbrains would be interested in getting into the C++ IDE market? I believe (given the quality of one of your existing products) that you guys would do a better job than CLion.

  12. Mario says:

    Looking great! Congrats on getting this out the door, and thanks for the no-bullshit post about it!

  13. Josh Usry says:

    This looks like an EDM label now.

  14. Mustafa Talaeezadeh Khouzani says:

    Great change and design, and also important in an era that everything goes flat. I wish sooner we’d be able to witness a flat, material like design of the InteliJ based IDEs like PHPStorm, too, to match the new OS’s look and feel.
    By the way… The new set of logos look so much like of the Adobe products, particularly the PHPStorm. I wonder, is it going to be ok? legally. Just wondering.
    Thanks for wonderful products. I used to use ReSharper plugin for VS and recently PHPStorm, but never realized they come from the same company, up until I saw the front page. Always used search engine to reach each product. Kudos!

  15. Zmicier Zaleznicenka says:

    Please Yoda, back put.

  16. César says:

    Well, I don’t like the new design at the moment. Why? So much waste of space, everything looks insanely giant, and guys, where is the link to your blog? 5 minutes looking for the link and at the end I had to type the link myself.

  17. mplichta says:

    not bad change, as far you will keep quality and innovation on the same level don’t care so much for images, logos, pictures…. btw. looks like PyCharm G+ channel is dead 😉

  18. Sylvain says:

    I’m a faithful user since the very beginning (I remember IntelliJ being introduced in the JFC/Swing newsletter – late 2000?), and have probably installed most of the public EAPs, so I’m really happy with your success.

    But I’m quite skeptical with this logo. First because it’s not very cheerful, it looks like a JeSuisCharlie/PrayForParis, or something representing a funeral company. Second because it looks like a prompt, which is confusing when displayed in multiple parts of the IDE (Tool Windows, files).

    But it’s just a logo and it would be a shame to see everyone happy with it!


    • Jens Voss says:

      Funny that the logo reminds you of JeSuisCharlie, because to me, especially the favicon looks a lot like the IS flag (at least when I’m not wearing glasses).

      Other than that, I think the logos are okay, but I agree with many posters that it’s a pity JetBrains is giving up a lot of its “specialness” by introducing logos that could be used by any ordinary company.

  19. Dev says:

    Are there any plans to re-style the apps themselves? In particular, it would be brilliant to have a look-and-feel on the mac that is closer to the native one: unified toolbar, ‘bouncy’ scrolling, OS X scrollbar style, system ‘San Francisco’ font, OS X tab style, OS X file & folder icons etc.

    The new icons look great, although it is taking my brain a little time to adjust when locating the correct icon to open!

    • random person says:

      I use the Windows and Linux versions of some apps, and do not want it to have OS X icons. I think keeping it with common icons on all 3 platforms actually helps the user.

  20. Anton Shaikin says:

    Congrats, guys!

    Been a loyal IntelliJ IDEA user since v. 12 You did an A+ job with this IDE. IntelliJ IDEA simply transforms the way developers write code. Thanks for helping me doing my job more efficiently!


  21. Mister Bo says:

    So when I go to your main homepage now I see a black page with a “loading…” sign and it is… loading… and.. loading… and… loading.. and….?

    This is not an improvement?
    I want information and not fancy HTML/Javascript/browser experiments on your homepage…

  22. Alex says:

    I liked old site more than the new one. It was warm, fuzzy and “developed with pleasure”. The new one has GIGANTIC FONTS – I have to scroll too much just to read header, Adobe-like icons and navigation is worse than it used to be.

  23. René says:

    In general the new CD is great, but please add the single product color back to the application icons.

  24. Ale says:

    Ok for graphic refresh, but the new IDE icons (Pycharm , IDEA, etc) are AWFUL , really horrid ! they seem a bad imitation of Adobe CS’ !!
    Please remember we are software developers, not graphic people, I down vote these icons !

  25. Bryant says:

    The new imagery is crisp and consistent, and the new motto is very businesslike, and… I find myself a little bit sad.

    When promoting JetBrains products, I’ve been fond of pointing to the P-word in the motto and saying “Look, they *get* it!” It’s not about meeting milestones (though that’s a Good Thing), it’s not about Business Sensical Platform Integration (though that Helps Too), it’s not about Driving Big Wins (eugh… I just threw up in my mouth a little with that one), it’s about the joy of engaging in an intellectually intricate creative act that happens to have a whole lot of side-benefits that the neckties are willing to pay money for. Key word: pleasure.

    The logos and icons were nifty, idiosyncratic, and distinct. The splash screen art changing with every release caught me off guard at first, and I came to look forward to the anticipation of what the next one would be. There was a feeling of fun to the branding. Again, key word: pleasure.

    Now, there’s AC. Anonymous Critic. Air Conditioning. Apple Compatible? Neither as tasty nor as identifiable as a slice-of-apple logo. And there’s PC. Personal Computer? Personal-Computer-running-Windows-specifically-John-Hodges? Politically Correct? Not clear it’s Py related, and sadly devoid of charm.

    I admit I’m a little oversensitized to certain elements of corporate buzzwordery. Anything that shares wordspace with “Drive thought leadership wins for big Q4 impact” feels impersonal and obfuscatory to me. I’m sure some of my bad reaction to “The DRIVE to develop” merely comes from the incessant misuse of ‘drive’ in my current work environment.

    So yes, the new design is crisp, consistent, and businesslike… but those are at the cost of being impersonal, uniform, and conformist, which wasn’t how I thought of JetBrains. The main upside I see is that it might make it an easier sell to The Management (Fits right in with the Microsoft and Adobe software letter-icon softwares!).

    Still, I’m sad to see the departure of the pleasure and personality.

    • Pavel says:

      I totally agree!

      New logos are really faceless. They are just letters.

      Making every product unique and pleasant in use have been your strong side. I am really missing those wonderful details like the snake in the PyCharm logo and Joda in your blog. All these small but important things have been making me happy when I have been using your products.

      I am nearly 100% sure that you will not return the old branding back and that makes me sad.
      Of course I will keep using your products as they are the best. But they have lost one of the qualities that have been making them the best.

    • Dimitar Dimitrov says:

      Very well said.

    • Kiview says:

      Good post, you articulated my feelings very well!
      I’m a bit sad as well, but after all, it’s still great software…

    • Byscripts says:

      “but those are at the cost of being impersonal, uniform, and conformist, which wasn’t how I thought of JetBrains.”

      This sentence resume exactly my feeling. I’m really, really sad of the taken direction :(

      This will not change the fact that I’ll continue to use PhpStorm and other JetBrains apps, because I’ll don’t stop using such a great software because of a design orientation, but again, it makes me sad :(

      • Peter Jacobsen says:

        Sorry, but I find the new corporate look and the application icons awful.

        1.) I do not want to be bothered with a video animation when I visit a website looking for information. Spooky.
        2.) On an iPad (Air/Mini) the homepage clips the lower product teasers/icons right in the middle – so I see only the upper half. There would be enough space to move them up a little. Looks careless.
        3.) I frequently check for application updates – no more overview page (or I did not find it) for version info on all products. I have to navigate to each product page and additionally click the download button to check if I am up-to-date. Terrible.
        4.) The new application splash screens are overwhelmingly big and do not relate to the product (e.g. IDEA 8 -> ‘Pocket the 8’ and the IDEA 15 EAP owl). Faceless and dead.
        5.) The new application icons are a disaster. As many previous posters mentioned – they are completely lifeless and none of them creates an association to the product. The designs look like mass production – Jebrains probably wrote an IDEA plugin where you just type in the application initials and a generator produces a random new icon – reminds me of Adobe. In OS-X Finder list view with small icons it is hard to differentiate between the Jetbrains apps – on a non-retina display the letters are almost unreadable. The reference for wonderful design remains the old PyCharm icon. I banned the new ones from the dock because they hurt my eye.

        Maybe this is what always happens to any company when it hits a critical mass and marketing/sales/MBAs take over. Sad to see.

    • Alexander says:

      Very good note on abbreviation. Nobody got used to them: IJ, AC, PC. Maybe later, but it will be hard process to get used to them

    • HamRusTal says:

      This entire thread best describes my feelings.
      1. New icons are soulless and HARD to memorize and to distinguish.
      2. The site is way too Las-Vegas’ish and requires way TOO much scrolling.
      3. The opening video that a user needs to close is a NO-NO.
      In short: I do NOT like a single aspect of the new branding.

    • Toby Champion says:

      Agreed 100%.

    • Adriaan says:

      I have to disagree.

      You have to realise that what you perceive as being “personal” and “pleasure” are not associations that you developed because of the attraction of the previous design. It is because you developed with pleasure, and you associated it with the brand. It could have been any brand. The previous logo was awful (design-wise), but we had embraced it because it was/is such a great product.

      For us, “old users” we will always empathise with the old brand. Because we grew up with it. But the new users will find the new brand just as personal and pleasure as we do. And we might do as well, but it will take some time.

      • Sergei Ivanov says:

        I think you missed the point that Bryant tried to make. “Develop with pleasure” was such a brilliant find for a motto. Backed by a line-up of truly marvellous development tools (they still *are* marvellous!!!), it truly spoke for JetBrains, and it was a phrase that resonated with every developer and user of JetBrains products. I have been a loyal user of IDEA since version 2 or 3, and pleasuse has always been the word that I’d associate with using it.

        Contrarily, “The Drive to Develop” is so bland that one might wonder if it has been producted by Dilbert’s Corporate Bullsh*t Generator. Even the footer of the new JetBrains’ web site features “Developed with drive and IntelliJ IDEA”. It seems that “pleasure” has been displaced by “drive” everywhere in the JetBrains realm, and it massively alienates me, to put it mildly. To explain why, let me say that for the last 13 years I have been working in or contracting for a number of huge organisations (>10K employees), and in that time I have been unwillingly subjected to a lot of corporate culture. Based on my personal “big corporate” experience, the word “drive” produces all sorts of bad connotations. I primarily associate “drive” with people being driven to work long hours on poorly managed and badly designed IT projects. There is no pleasure in such jobs, only a constant managerial drive to meet the deadlines. It is probably for that reason, like many other people commented on this thread, “the drive to develop” smacks of faceless big corporations, while “develop with pleasure” had a warm personal touch to it.

        • Oto Buchta says:

          @Sergei @Bryant
          I strongly agree with you!
          I can easily describe the “Develop with pleasure” motto to my 11-year-old son, a translation to Czech is pretty straightforward. How the hell should I do this for “The DRIVE to develop?” You would be very surprised by the outcome of Google Translator 😉

          I got your point about necessity of new branding. But I really do prefer pleasure than speed. Development is a frustrating work without it.

          I fond of IDEA since version 3 because of the pleasure. Borland Pascal UI + Emacs HotKeys + unbeatable refactoring, for Java. The best set of features and it is better and better each release.

          In addition I’d loved the “fatty” logos, icons, the whole design, it had looked so familiar those days before the “flatty” one came out. The look&feel has started to be unpleasant to me. But I get used to. I must.

          Current change has the same impact to me. The black square with two underscored characters – what? Is it a rebirth of command-line and VI? Instead of pleasant smooth feeling it narrates!

          But I will get used to. I must. IDEA is still the best Java IDE ever.

          @RichardPodsada: I do not think I’m either hater or idiot.

    • Imants Cekusins says:

      agree: ‘drive’, ‘driven’ has negative connotation at least to the same degree as positive one.

  26. David P says:

    It looks awesome! Consistent branding does matter (IMHO). I totally get why you did it…onward and forward. Regardless of the veneer, you have what’s really important totally nailed – the best Java IDE on the market (again, IMHO). Always rooting for you guys!

  27. Amoon says:

    I have forgot what it used to be.
    Does it mean Black Friday?

  28. I’ve been developing with phpStorm for several years now, after moving from NetBeans and previously Dreamweaver. The passion, commitment and innovation is apparent in your product, it speaks for itself. But that being said, BRAVO on the new branding. It’s a beautiful example of clean, modern design with high ideals. As always with these things, hater’s gonna hate, idiots gonna idiot, but what they don’t realize is branding is also an opportunity to inspire everybody who touches the company. It can breathe new life and sense of purpose into your journey. And since you’ve already built an excellent product (something even the best brand can’t fix), you deserve every bit of pride this represents. Congratulations on a successful and well executed rebranding, and I look forward to enjoying your products for years to come.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Glad you are happy with PhpStorm, Stuart. And glad to hear you like the new branding. Thanks! We’ll make sure to continue delivering great products

  29. Stuart MacKenzie says:

    I think you guys are doing an amazing job! I’ve been a proud user of IDEA since version 7. I’ve had the opportunity to use PyCharm and AppCode. I love my IDE! I couldn’t imagine working in anything else. I love the community and technical support i’ve received from the Jetbrain’s crew. IDEA is my tool, when things are “slower” at work, I try to teach myself something new to make my development life easier. Did you ever look under “Help” -> “Productivity Guide”? Hmmm… give it a try. I’ve invested a lot of time in IDEA and I know they have my back and they listen. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You guys are amazing!

  30. Boris Perovic says:

    I like the unified look and logos. Feels quite fresh :)

    Thanks for doing such awesome work, keep on pushing and good luck!

  31. Dmitry Romanov says:

    Very colorful and distractive.

    The site is a disaster. It was very hard to find link to the blog (I was browsing PyCharm pages). Finally, when I’ve found the link it was broken. Doh! I hope you will fix it with time but what was the reason to ship such a raw product.

    PyCharm logo is right the same as PC Magazine. Haw you saw it? Really? Seriously? Old logo with a snake in ‘P’ was genuine and pythonish. Now I have to open my PC Magazine each time.

    Design is… just like-all-other-companies-have. I hope the new branding doesn’t symbolize “Era of JetBrains exceptional products is going away, we’ll be like others, nothing more”

    P.S. I know that old users usually don’t like new designs. At the same time I try to be unbiased.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Thank you Dmitry.
      Blog link should be fixed shortly. It happened because you were visiting the site by https.

      As to two-letter logos, we did see many. However if you search for images “PC logo” or any other two letters, you’ll see lot’s of results, no matter what the letters are. Still we believe our logos are quite distinguishable from the rest.

      As to “like others”, we’ll only be able to answer this this with our products, and that’s what we’re going to do.

      • Sergei Ivanov says:

        I wonder if you could relocate links to blog/forums/plugins/youtrack on the page into the floating header (next to “What’s New” and “Features” lnks, maybe as a drop-down “More” or “Community” submenu). At the moment, I need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to get to those links, and they are not that prominent either.

        Otherwise, I kind of like the look and feel of the new JB web site. It’s fresh, clean and consistent. The only thing that disturbs me is a prominence of pitch-black colour: black square logos, black buttons and extra-bold black typefaces used in headers. I personally think it gives the web site a rather depressive feel. I wonder if it’d be possible to liven it up somehow?

  32. Charlie Hayes says:

    The app logos are now indistinguishable =(

    • Alexander says:

      Happy, that many people don’t like new logos like. Maybe JetBrains will return to old ones, probably slightly rethought

  33. dreampuf says:

    Could you give me the ability of choice older Pychrom ICON thanks

  34. kehet says:

    New branding is nice but these new icons looks way too similiar .. how am I supposed to recognize what program I already have open if they all got black box with two white letters and random pink-ish boxes behind it. it really would be much better to just stick with one color for each language version

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Thank you for the feedback. These icons are a just a first version so they may, and most likely will, change in future. Our internal test-drive of these icons showed that they work quite well for most people.

      • Sergei Ivanov says:


        Like many other users I urge you to rethink the icons. I am not talking out of an aversion to all things new. I can put up with the new web site and the new splash screens (I do actually like them), but the icons are essential in the daily work, and their latest versions are pretty awful from the UX point of view. Not only the icons for different JB products look the same, they also look like command prompt or shell window icons, which confuses the hell out of me.

        I think the old icons, even if they looked slightly old-fashioned, had two important aspects right: they had distinctive colours *and* distinctive shapes, which also scaled down well. That means it was easy to pick them out visually, whether in the context of the start menu, or the desktop, or the taskbar, or the task switcher. The new icons are simply non-descript: they have neither colour nor shape to stand out. That makes it extremely difficult to work with JB applications if you are constantly switching windows.

        Please, please reconsider.

  35. hhstore says:

    the new logo is ugliest!
    why change the logo?

  36. Bart says:

    Looks great! Your products are all awesome. I have used PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEA both with great success and they are my tools of choice for my work.

  37. Alexey says:

    Please return panda into “Why TeamCity is better for” section of the website.

  38. aalger says:

    Like the product, but don’t care for the logo. It looks a little early ’90s for me with the neon colors. Other than that, ever since I started using your products for JS, Java, and Ruby, I haven’t switched to another editor or IDE!

  39. Mike says:

    Great re-brandig, couple of notes/bugs:
    1. The Idea’s icon looks very small and poor optimized for Windows 10 start panel.

    2. On the previous version of the site you could see the currently available version/build number of all JetBrain’s products. Now you have to enter to each product page particullary to get this info.

    3. The head/top menu is a little bit broken in Google Chrome. For instance, enter, you will see:

    but when you click on «All tools» everything repairs it-self:

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Mike!
      Thanks a lot for the screenshots, really helpful.
      Quick question, what’s your Chrome version?

      • Mike says:

        Google Chrome 48.0.2564.22 (Official Build) dev-m (64-bit)
        Revision 6efba69d1f1b7d317cf386129a166b6c1748d308-refs/branch-heads/2564@{#172}

        It’s Chrome’s Dev channel version, thus I opened a ticket in Chromium Bug Tracker:

        • César says:

          I’ve been using Google Chrome 49.0.2588.0 and everything it’s working fine.

          • Mike says:

            OK, thus the problem, probably, is due to one of the flags.
            I’ll try to infer the problem-one.

          • Mike says:

            I rechecked the case on absolutely new installation of Chrome 49.0.2587.3 with a clean profile and no flags or extensions enabled, and I’m still able to reproduce the issue.

            In order to reproduce the bug try to enter to and then try to walk through/click the links: «What’s New, Features, Learn, Buy, Download».

            Detailed version info:
            Google Chrome 49.0.2587.3 (Official Build) dev-m (32-bit) Revision 8a6fe292e8e8af7b5367f7d7c84744d82e86b125-refs/branch-heads/2587@{#4}

      • Mike says:

        The web site’s issues are probably because of Chrome, but Idea’s icon on Windows 10 looks really tiny, especially in contrast to Chrome’s one.

  40. Larry Xue says:

    Now you don’t need design cool icon for any new product. Just put the white letters in a black box. Done.

    Question is, where can download and keep those precious old product icons and the great ‘JB’ logo?

  41. Tammo Schülke says:

    The only thing I hate about this is the fact that the new logo couldn’t feel more out of place in the software, e.g., that’s just… wrong.

  42. Sake says:

    This motto will not attract freelancers. They don’t want to drive to develop.
    They prefer to work at home :p

  43. Boris says:

    The only problem for the new application icon – it’s hard to distinguish ‘win-cmd’ and ‘jetbrains-app’ icons.

    • Sergei Ivanov says:

      Hear hear. I second Boris’s comment.

      I am running Windows 7 and I use small icons in the task bar. Unless I make an effort and focus my eyes on them, the new small IJ icon looks almost indistinguishable from cmd.exe icons. If the small icons for other JB tools have the same design, they must also all look the same in the taskbar.

      @JetBrains: Can you please add a dash of colour to the icons, similar to their larger versions? Or, possibly, remove the command prompt-like black box in the middle altogether? Basically, all I want to be able to is tell the IJ icon apart without focusing my eyes on it, otherwise the new icons completely defeat their purpose.

  44. Stewart says:

    I really enjoy using JetBrains IDEs… PyCharm, IntelliJ, AppCode – far better than the alternatives. I look back thinking about all the issues with Eclipse and workspaces forever corrupting, or Eclipse choking on JavaScript.. or coding in Xcode ( shudder!)

    Like others, I’m not particular keen on the Application Logos – they look too much the same as each other. However, that is cosmetic.. I’d rather use great products to get my work done rather than nice icons…

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  45. Derek says:

    Keep up the goodwork the python community appreciates you guysx :)

  46. Mihai Cazac says:

    Sorry to say, but the IntelliJ logo this is the most inelegant (read ugly) that I have seen in my entire life.

  47. I love it! Nice job JetBrains. I am a front end developer with a graphic design background and find everything to be a huge improvement on your previous identity. It’s impossible to git it right for everyone eh?

  48. Jari says:

    Not directly related to the new design and branding, but there is still one thing I cannot understand: why do you market IntelliJ IDEA as a Java IDE? I think the greates think about IDEA is that with plugins installed it can be used to develop software with a wide range of tools and programming languages. I’m still amazed how well it works with all the tools that I use on my daily work. Truly a “one size fits all” done right.

    I feel that one can easily misunderstand that IDEA is just a Java IDE while it’s much more.

  49. Andrew says:

    Strongly dislike the new logos. Very Adobe-like. I understand the need to unify your products so that consumers know that all of these great IDEs are under the JetBrains umbrella. However, you have stripped all of your products of their own unique personality and replaced them with a common, boring and bland, black and white two-letter abbreviation with some fancy colored shapes in the background. Before, each of your products seemed to have its own charm, and I don’t think you needed to rip away their uniqueness in order to unify them under the JetBrains entity.

  50. Maks says:

    Please, return old icon for Intellij IDEA.
    The new one looks absolutely bad.

  51. Hugo says:

    It would have been so much better if you’d just made the old cool logos a bit more uniform and given them more common identifying elements. They had character.
    I guess the whole rebranding thing had such an emotional impact on yourselves, that you couldn’t take a step back, re-evaluate, and realize these new logos are incredibly awful. They are so ugly that it bothers me having them permanently on my dock.
    They’re just ugly versions of the Creative Suite icons, that will identify you to your users as a company what wants to be like Adobe. You might not be going all corporate, but that’s certainly the vibe you’re giving off here, also by thinking this is a good idea.
    The colored random shapes make it even more an affront to the eye, and make the logos look like they’re made by a first year design student a decade ago.
    The white bar under the first letter looks like a progress bar that’s halfway.
    The app names have always been the most inconsistent and random, and now the icons are pretty much the same, so abbreviations like IJ, PC, PS, and RM make it even less identifiable with the language it’s about.
    Fine if you want to rebrand, but please make it prettier.

  52. Oleg Poleshuk says:


    There is a little issue with the new logo.
    IDEA used to show a progress bar (when a project is loading for example).
    That line in the bottom looks like the progress bar, so I always think IDEA is in a middle of something.

    Can it be fixed? Maybe remove the line?

  53. Cookie says:

    Oh my god, what have you done?! The icons… your hole website… I think, I’m gonna puke!!!

    I’ve never seen so ugly icons! Additional, they have no recognition value at all. They are so similar that one can’t distinguish the different projects.

    I think, your new design is a very bad blunder…

  54. Wolfram Saringer says:

    I happen to like the new logo, though it came a bit as a surprise in a bug fix update just after a major version. Yes, the older icons might be easier to recognize / distinguish, but the new ones are visually more attractive to me.
    Using IDEA since 2.6 and I was always happy to buy each update, even though for a long time only minor parts of the changes were relevant to my usage of the IDE. Still it saved me of countless hours of tedious work and search. Thanks for that!

  55. I really dislike the rebranding, which is a cheap copy of Adobe’s visual codes.
    I’ve lost those quite readable icons which really helped to locate the applications in browser’s tab (for YouTrack) and in OS X’ switcher (Cmd-Tab).
    I like dark backgrounds (and I’m a great fan of Darcula LAF) but there are too many white areas on the website, and they hurt my eyes.
    Please fix all of that. Please.

  56. Johnny J says:

    Hey guys,
    I just wanted to say I really love the new design.
    Actually, before I already had strongly considered changing the app icon for PHPStorm on my Mac myself because it looked so ugly. But now this shiny new icon might be the best-looking in my whole dock. So thank you!

    • Alexander says:

      I agree, that the old PHP Storm and Web Storm icons are ugly. For PHP designers could use blue stylized elephant which is mascot of PHP. For Web storm – stylized spider’s web. Many variations could be imagined for elephant and spider’s web. And to unify icons there could be something like new gradient backgrounds on new icons. But just letters is too simple and not distinct. And cursor under text is bad idea at all

  57. j says:

    Text in the icon is extremely small in Windows 10 taskbar. Hard to tell which one is PyCharm and which one is IntelliJ IDEA if both are open.

  58. random person says:

    I don’t mind the icon change, but can we bring back the colourful splash screens with gradients?

  59. Alex Dommasch says:

    Ack! What have you done? All the JetBrains charm has been vacuumed away. The *HUGE* images, animations, and fonts on the home page are ridiculous and clownish on any device other than a phone. (I get to exercise my scroll wheel a lot.)

    Note – I completely get the urge to rebrand/harmonize/freshen a bit from time to time. And that’s not a bad thing by itself. But I think this particular effort may have missed the mark. Icons that are white on black initials in a dead-boring font (with a bizarre “cursor”? underneath) are completely uninspiring. The weird color splotches in back don’t help much.

    Better would be to build on what’s already proven to be well-received – stylized (custom designed) letters for each icon, with a bit of unique personality (and color variation) to each. That would still work even if you want to go with the light-on-dark theme for everything.

    Note – none of this takes away from your great software, of course. Every one of your tools I’ve worked with is best of breed. But the new look just screams “flash over function” to me.

    Oh, and PLEASE BRING BACK “Develop with Pleasure” – that single phrase captures everything I’ve ever loved about your products and company! Friendly-and-approachable more than cold-and-driven.

  60. Feed Butler says:

    This design is terrible. In light of this and other recent changes, I have serious doubts about the leadership at Jetbrains.

  61. Guys, you are awesome! The products you’ve created are saving my day over and over again! I am very proud, that our nation has produced such geniuses as you.


  62. Frank says:

    I really like the new brand and the new website, but the logos and icons seem to be following bad practices. 1- the designs have no particular shape and have no memorable form 2- Text is the main point of focus.

    It’s pretty easy to spot these issues, just install some applications alongside JetBrains’ stuff and compare the icons. It may have been wiser to keep the old icons & logos but change their theme to match the brand’s, thus gaining consistent styling but not losing the iconic predecessors.

  63. Alex Besogonov says:

    So now the main JetBrains site shows a Flash video every time I visit it?

    Really? Really!?

    My general policy is to stop reading sites that display a splash video before the actual content. Also, Flash is blocked in my browser so all I can see is “loading…”. The “skip video” link is, of course, invisible.

    Then the navigation on the website itself is so fucked up that it’s amazing how any human being could have designed it. Oh, and branding itself is terrible. It’s uninformative and bland.

    The old icons had immediately recognizable JetBrains style. Funny story, I actually found out about RubyMine by seeing its icon on a co-worker’s desktop. My thoughts were: “Hm, looks like a JetBrains product. There’s a ruby there, is it a Ruby IDE?”, – and of course a minute later I googled it.

    • Jordan says:

      Totally agree to this,
      The new icons are plain ugly, very very ugly!!
      The old ones look refined and gave a quick look to click the right one.
      Now one has to really stare at the icons to see what one to be clicked.

      A STEP BACK shame!
      I understand the need to feel fresh but this is to much

  64. John Frigton says:

    Wow. You have removed all soul from your company in a matter of months.

    This is why you pushed for subscription? So you can afford to pay someone to hose your entire image.

    A flash video intro to a webpage ?! HUH? Am I back in the 90s ???

    Your assertion of not preparing for IPO/Sale I cannot believe. You have lost credibility.

    Best of luck with your shameless push to be just like everyone else.

    • Chris says:

      John! People like you will complain about EVERYTHING. Be thankful for the excellent and low-priced IDEs this company offers, there’s obviously a reason why so many people cannot work without them anymore!

  65. Love the rebranding! I’ve been an IntelliJ user since version 4.

    At the risk of sounding like a noob… one thing I’ve always wondered – what’s with the IDEA? Is it some sort of pun on IDE or something? Why not just drop it completely and call the product IntelliJ?

    • Except for “The drive to develop” of course… as others have noted, it’s just meaningless corporate speak, that you even admit yourself “isn’t unique to JetBrains”. Why would your mission statement be something that “isn’t unique to JetBrains”?

      “Develop with pleasure” is literally the reason I buy your products. That is what identifies you and is what you do well. Please go back to that.

  66. Barry Staes says:

    I wonder what purpose the “swapping” of images (next to the text) aught to serve.
    I find it less intuitive when scrolling (vertically navigating inside the page), its just a blob of text now. A good thing i can still see the scroll bar.
    Another thing i found is that the page is utterly useless when printed, just look at the preview!
    And something i cant reproduce is that while the initial load appeared fast, when i first scrolled down the page i encountered some jitter/framedrops for a second, i presume because my CPU was taxed by Chrome.

  67. blindman says:

    Hi guys great tools i belive that you can push it even further, please create plugin (for phpstorm) with all previous splash screens and application icons so i can pick what i liked and restore my workflow.
    I am visually impaired person proper application icon and colors are very important to me

    Kind Regards

  68. Konrad Jamrozik says:

    I liked the old logos much more.

  69. Sergey Zubtsovskiy says:

    Great work JetBrains! I like the rebranding. As it was said above you’ve got the “emotional” part right. Keep doing great things!

  70. Jim Keating says:

    Your message “JetBrains is not a single product. IntelliJ is not a company.” are points well taken and I’m glad you are getting the message out on that score. While I do not care for the look of the new logos and branding, the important part is that it’s what the products do and for that I’m happy to be a user and will continue to be one. Keep up the good work.

  71. Edu says:

    Love the redesign!

    Just a quick comment: As part of the redesign, the feed for the IntelliJ blog ( got broken (redirecting to the company blog through feedburner instead)

  72. Seuck says:

    The new icon is confusing and not at all Mac like.
    All common applications have a big, one block, icon. See Chrome, Firefox, Skype… you name it.
    The new (15.0.2) IntelliJ icon has a small relevant “black” part in the center surrounded by coloured noise.
    The black part will be too similar among other applications and requires to process letters instead of a shape, this requires more processing energy by the user.
    The four (4!) colours around means nothing.
    Slack can have multiple colours in its icon, as it’s just one logo, not a suite, like Jet Brain one.
    Or do you think we should associate four different colours to each on your applications?
    It was a shock to see it once updated to the new version.

    Please follow common and working conventions, it’s important. See for example:

    See how it appears in my dock. There is a continuum of icon convention except for IntelliJ.

  73. Imants Cekusins says:

    the previous logo looked better to me.

    for the square in the new logo, was any other color besides black considered? Black is acceptable desktop environment color but in logo it looks a bit off.

    I may be behind times of course.

  74. anon says:

    JetBrains is dead, long live JetBrains!

  75. Totally jazzed by the new design. Keep up the awesome work guys..

  76. Bjorn Pettersen says:

    The new look is fresh, but the font on the icons looks really tiny on the windows task bar. The old PyCharm logo was really quirky, but easy to spot, now I have a splat with a frowny-face (ask an old person and they’ll explain).. The new logos can’t stand by themselves (maybe the old ones couldn’t either), e.g. look at and scroll down to the list of icons under Integrations — as a customer of many years I know some of them, for others my mind has come up with “useful” substitutions (I Jebus, Water Sports, Post Script, remove, Anonymous Coward, Politically Correct, and Common Lisp..). Perhaps they could at least have been clickable?

  77. Jordan says:

    Finding the new branding EXTREME ugly and non professional!

    At least bring the original icons back, they where good indicators for each product. Now they all look the same ugly and cheap. I don’t care that much for the website but I find the icons that are in my dock everyday to be an important piece of the experience.

    Can we have an option in the UI to show the original icons please?

  78. BJ says:

    I always have a row of JetBrains products along my task bar.
    The new ones are not nearly as distinctive from each other and I am not keen on the white on black initials.

    I liked the old icons / logos, but I guess they were getting a bit dated.

    I guess I have sentimental attachment to them and everything they have enabled me to do over the years.

    Just keep the tools clean and efficient and you can do what you like with your logos.

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  81. Charles says:

    The new website uses JavaScript to generate the links for downloading your products. This breaks the automation utility Autopkg from determining the latest version of your products. Additionally, it appears that is not being maintained any longer as the versions it lists are not up to date. Is there a single feed where I can point Autopkg scripts at to automatically download the latest versions of your products?

  82. Wayne Greenwood says:

    Its a pleasure using Intellij Idea Ultimate..being new to Development in the past it was a real problem learning new code editors & IDE’s for Android Dev, Web Dev and Framework Dev but at last 1 IDE with most of the tools required for all the field’s.

    Keep up the good work Guys….Fantastic Product.

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  84. Ben says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m a long term customer of IntelliJ since the last couple of years PHPStorm and PyCharm.

    I get that maybe from a management/marketing perspective unified branding makes sense. Its nice to have a different splash screen and fresh website from time to time, read: nice-to-have. For us developers what really counts are effective tools. That’s where JetBrains did outperform, always.

    So now with the rebranding I have different and unified application icons. The IDE application on my taskbar is now much harder to recognize via the icon that with its 2 white letter on black background. The worst however is that when I have all my 3 ide’s, IntelliJ, PyCharm and PHPStorm open it is literally impossible to distinguish the IDE’s in my taskbar.

    How can you make such decision, especially since you mentioning polygot programming?

    Thanks for consideration, Ben

  85. Igor Tend says:

    Your PhpStorm splash screen is so ugly. And the new “PS” icon is so confusing now (I’m now mixing it up with Photoshop). I’m not a conservative guy, but all your previous splash screen changes were nice. Now, it’s awful. How to turn the splash screen off, it’s killing my eyes every time I start it.

  86. Alex says:

    What’s all that fuzz about new icons and splash screen being ugly? Surely they can’t be that bad, I should go and che…. OH NO MY EYES!!!!

  87. Parvez says:

    Great branding! Vibrant and refreshing. Good job!

  88. Chris Baughman says:

    Your new logos are horrible. I have kept the binaries from the previous gen around to use as an icon source. Even aside from being hideous, it is extremely difficult to tell the applications apart.

    I like your IDE though. I used Pycharm and Clion (which used to have an AMAZING awesome icon) extensively last year and will be using IntelliJ (with the old icon) next year.

  89. Ben says:

    Hi guys,

    Im not sure what happened with my previous comment, its still awaiting moderation. The issue i have is real and I’m sure others have the same: Since the rebranding your there is no way to distinguish different JetBrain IDE’s from a taskbar – they look virtually the same. The accumulation of little great details that made Jetbrains IDE’s so superior, I’m wondering where that spirit was left during this marketing excercise?

    Thanks, Ben

  90. Ben says:

    So now, that is what the brain has to go through in order to select the IDE from the taskbar:

    1. Look at list of app icons
    2. Remember that the one we are looking for is dim and black and white, so hard to see. Therfore look again closer
    3. After having Identified the icon try to read the tiny letters in the icon graphics.
    4. Remember what the various acronyms “PS”, “PC”, “PI” mean
    5. Decide if its the right IDE

    Vs. before:
    1. Look at list of app icons
    2. Associative memory remembers the clear color scheme of the IDE logo. Logo jumps immediately into the eye and we are done.

    Can we please have to old icons back or at least make them clear and distinguishable?

    Nobody wants acronyms as app icons, and certainly not white on black.

  91. Peter Jacobsen says:

    @Ben +100

    Well said, I do not want to read icon text in the dock or Finder. It is not about the pure ugliness, they are indistinguishable and thus impractical and a pain to decode.

    The icons are probably created with an IntelliJ ‘corporate ID plugin’ – throw a camel humped product name and two base colors at it and it builds a new icon on a random polygon shape :-)

  92. Alex Dommasch says:

    Also, since we’re on the topic of branding, I have to say the “bi-nomial” of “IntelliJ IDEA” makes it harder to talk about the product with others, versus having a single name. Sadly, “IDEA” is too generic a word to be useful in many contexts. But say “IntelliJ” and everyone instantly knows what you’re talking about.

    If the “J” seems too java-centric, then maybe modify it a little to “IntelliJet” or something?

    • Edgar Sanchez says:

      I agree. I’ve always felt that it’s a weird name since nobody calls it JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA. Most people that aren’t familiar with JetBrains think IntelliJ is the company.

  93. Imants Cekusins says:

    for the icons, it would be good if they:
    * were distinct from each other and other popular application icons
    * were distinguishable at-a-glance without scrutiny (also for vision-impaired users)
    * did not confuse, perplex, cause negative reactions

    why not prepare a few alternative sets of icons Idea is comfortable with, and let users choose by vote?

  94. Chris Parker says:

    The new logo is terribly ugly. It looks like something a kid made when first discovering paint.

    Ever since the rebrand, before every screen-sharing session with any colleagues or customers, I have to make sure the JetBrains products are already running and the taskbar is not transmitted – the icon and *especially* the splash look so terrible it is embarassing.

    Please consider giving us the option of selecting a “classic style splash” or disabling it in the options.

  95. Aleksandr Vishnyakov says:

    It’s a total fail. New “icons” of products looks like Adobe products and have no personality. They loose mission “identity of your product“. New site is total bullshit, what will not be read by anyone, excluding your marketers. Old site has a ton of information per square inch, now I even can’t find a link to this blog. It looks like you’re hired a design team, who made new Kinopoisk.

  96. Bobby says:

    I thought I landed on MySpace! Mixed with London Olympics 2012

  97. Edgar Sanchez says:

    Absolutely love the new branding.

    The old website and the logos were starting to look a bit outdated and some of them didn’t even match the look of the other logos, like the PyCharm logo.

    The only negative thing I feel is that nothing was done to address the fact that people think “IntelliJ” is the company that makes “IDEA 15”.

    Keep the changes coming! Please look at the UI design of Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code. I’d love to have the option to have a minimal style like that alongside Darcula.

  98. Matt says:

    In my humble opinion the new logo is really not that great.

    Starting IntelliJ was like “wow, beautiful” and left you to with big expectations (which certainly where fullfilled). Now it feels like (at least to me) i am opening some very clumsy old piece of software with no “love”. The charm is completely gone. Also the old windows-taskbar icon was really beautiful and nice. I just can’t get warm with the new one.

    Now this is just my opinion and i understand the reasoning behind the rebranding. Still for me logo plus loading screen just look terrible and completely outdated in comparison to the old ones.

  99. Greg says:

    The real re-branding conversation took place over here on the update page.

    People like your company, so there a lot of blowing smoke on this page because we know a re-brand is hard. The reality is, I appreciate you needing to find your brand but this is way too close to Adobe’s product brand and most Web heads use both. Anyone can see the glaring similarity which will cause brand confusion/frustration.

    The rebrand feels like a big gaff by someone who should have known the market better or whose test group consisted of buddies instead of the product’s audience.

    Dare I say, If as much public involvement had been put into the re-brand process as has been put into the endless “Re-brand BIG Announcement Victory Lap” you could have had real success.

    How do you fix this?

    1. Get in front and own the gaff. ( Yes it’s a gaff, even if a few said it was great… just count the other comments. )
    2. Save you pennies and publicly roll back out the other concepts that you developed during this process. (I’m assuming there were others)
    3. Involve your customer( Novel, I know). Let your paying contributor blow up your social media channels picking a winning concept that they actually like.
    4. Then use the brand your customers wanted.

    Great companies blow it sometimes. Own it. Fix it. Learn from it.

    All the best,
    Greg Stout | Director of Online Marketing

  100. Mark says:

    I love PyCharm. I feel bad about you guys getting “beaten up” about the icon, but I think it was a mistake. The new icon seems to forget that for your customers, the icon is part of the user interface. Making an icon that is more Jet Brains “consistent marketing message” than “quickly identifiable” is a real faux pas that many branding efforts fall prey to.

  101. Dmitry Romanov says:

    Dear JetBrains team.

    Please, listen to your clients. Even if there are different opinions about web site and the new brand style overall, people, your clients, those you make your products for – speak with one voice about icons.

    Think this thread clearly shows this. So please, listen to us.

    • Oto Buchta says:

      I’m curious if I would break a licence when I do
      cd /tmp;mkdir goodoldicons; cd goodoldicons;
      jar xf $IDEA_HOME_15/lib/icons.jar; jar xf $IDEA_HOME_14/lib/icons.jar
      rm find -name "*_dark.*"
      jar cf $IDEA_HOME_15/lib/icons.jar *
      cd ..; rm -r goodoldicons

  102. Rekotek says:

    On Mac it looks, either in Applications folder or in Dock… sorry, guys, IDEA’s icon looks so ugly that I had to change it to the older, thanx MacOS it’s quite easy…
    Did the marketing guys really strike you? Real “rebranding”, if you wanna more customers, should be with adding new features for developers’ needs, visual enhancements for making ui guys, etc, not for wasting money on such designers.

  103. Pavel says:

    Horrible new icons, it is shame!!! Returned to old version because of it..

  104. John says:

    Rebrand the website all you want, but changing the icons to such ugly ones is just not something you should do. There is no point unifying all the icons. If someone likes one of your IDEs, they will go to your website and download it, and while there they can checkout other IDEs.

  105. I love your IDEA and I love JetBrains. We use several other products you make. I am glad that I read positive things about the company, the culture and your way forward.

    On the other hand, I loved the “develop with pleasure” a lot more. And I would pay to get the old design back. And I tried to let in the new one, I swear!

  106. Alexey says:

    New icons are hardly recognisable, so I have to waste few seconds every time I’m looking for Idea. It confuses me a lot.

  107. Johnny Hujol says:

    kudos on the new brand. I started using IntelliJ IDEA version 3.5 back in … 2000ish and I’m still using IDEA the latest. I use sometimes WebStorm, PyCharm, PhpStorm and AppCode and this company is just doing an awesome job with all the tools.

    I wish you guys all the luck to keep it working and providing many more years of excellent and well thought out tools.

    I personally like the new logo, with a definitely more modern looking and dynamic feeling to it.

  108. Michal says:

    I understand the drive for the redesign, but new icons are too similar to each other. You could have just made them nicer, but why make everything look the same?

    And yeah, the old motto was the best. Why change something that works? “The drive to develop”? I wonder who came up with this idea?

  109. Jonathan Quimbly says:

    A progress indicator for a task that never finishes: that’s what the new logo icon looks like, what with the lopsided white bar on the lower left.

    That’s how I subconsciously react each and every time I task-switch apps with Cmd-Tab in OS X.

    And guess what happened when I tried to change the icon by copy-pasting the old one?

    PyCharm reset it back to the new icon next time I restarted it. :-(

  110. Derek says:

    Love your tools, guys.

    I really miss the old application icons though! The new icons are so hard to tell the difference between (and I run several of your tools at a time). Its like a step backwards in usability! I have to squint at my monitor when I’m launching the programs to make sure I’m picking the right one, and then I have to cycle through a few windows when I’m toggling between. Its going to take me years to remember that green/yellow = pycharm and red/blue = intellij.

    Anyway, still love the tools, but I think some of the logo art could use some more thought.

  111. Elizabeth Wootten says:

    Aww, no smiley worm :( He always cheered me up when I started PyCharm.

    More to the point: humans pattern match. A green-and-orange splodge was distinctive, and meant I could easily pick out the icon from the Windows task bar. Now it looks sufficiently like the Windows command prompt (at a very quick glance, when rendered tiny) that I keep missing it.

    I’m sure I’ll get over smiley worm’s departure, but please make his replacement a little more user-friendly!

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Elizabeth!
      Thank you for the feedback. Yes, we know about the problem when the icon becomes small in the task bar and we will try to solve it in future updates.

  112. Julien T says:

    Is it possible to find the old applications icons somewhere ?

    I like the new website design. but not the new apps icons.

    According to wikipedia the definition of an icon is : “The icon itself is a quickly comprehensible symbol of a software tool, function, or a data file, accessible on the system and is more like a traffic sign than a detailed illustration of the actual entity it represents.”

    The new JetBrains product icons are nothing of that. They are more some kind of abstract art than something quickly comprehensible.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Julien,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      I realize the icons may not work well for everyone and we’ll be thinking about ways to improve them.

      As to old icons, I’m sure they should be available somewhere on the internet. Google image search gives lot’s of options

  113. Victor Sergienko says:

    Came back after almost a year to leave feedback on the icons.
    It happened so that I need to use 4 or 5 IDEs at the same time, some more or less often; it happened so that I don’t have an Idea Ultimate, only use CLion EAP trial, and prefer to keep other IDEs separate.

    The issue of PhpStorm icon being confused with Photoshop was already brought up.
    What wasn’t, is that they are too similar to EACH OTHER.
    I still have hard times distinguishing CLion, PyCharm and WebStorm, both in a dock or in app switcher. This becomes a bigger problem with multiple projects open.

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave the feedback Victor.
      I understand the issue and we’ve received similar feedback. Here’s a related ticket in our tracker:, you are welcome to follow it and add your thoughts there.
      I’m sorry, we do not have a solution right now but this is something we are thinking about for sure.

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