Developer Ecosystem Survey 2018: Raw Data Available

Early this year, we ran our second yearly Developer Ecosystem Survey to reveal the most significant facts about developers and technologies.

Since this June, we’ve been sharing these Infographics showcasing the most interesting results and insights from an even broader range of developer topics than last year.

As the study consisted of over 150 questions, it was impossible to cover them all in the Infographics. So now, same as last year, we are publishing the anonymized raw data from the survey. If you’re interested in discovering development trends, be our guest – go right ahead, dig deeper into the data, draw your own conclusions and glean additional insights like we did!

DevEcosystem18 Raw Data Is In

What kind of interesting facts did we dig up? Well, we found out that JetBrains customers code for 5 hours (21%) a week more on average than those who don’t use JetBrains tools! At the same time, they get 15 more minutes of sleep (that’s 5%) than the average coder. Fascinating stuff! Maybe it’s because JetBrains users love programming and sleeping, but programming more!

Before analyzing these data, please keep in mind the following facts about the sample:

  1. The data-set includes all of the 13,000+ responses collected from January to April of 2018 from both JetBrains “internal” and “external” channels. By “external” channels we mean channels such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Google Adwords. By “internal” channels we mean JetBrains’ own communication channels such as our blog post, JetBrains Twitter accounts, JetBrains Facebook, and the JetBrains’ Internal Survey Panel. When comparing your own results with our Infographics results, please bear in mind that to minimize possible bias, the data of the Infographics include only responses coming from advertising (external channels).
  2. The data are anonymized, with no personal information or geolocation details. Moreover, to prevent the identification of any individual respondents by their verbatim comments, we have purged all open-ended fields. We have also merged any answer options that collected fewer than 10 responses into the “Other” answer option.
  3. The data are not weighted. We used our own population weights for post-stratification of Infographic data, to correct for the fact that countries with similar sample sizes may have different actual numbers of developers. We’re not sharing these population weights so you’ll need to apply your own weights when analyzing the data.
  4. To better understand the logic of the survey, along with the data-set we’re sharing the survey questions, with all the survey logic, in English.

Get Developer Ecosystem Survey Raw Data

Thanks everyone one more time for participating in our study. Your voice matters!

Don’t miss the chance to participate in Developer Ecosystem Survey 2019 – join the JetBrains Survey Panel today.

Happy analyzing!
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