New Features in Toolbox App 1.14

Toolbox App 1.14 Released

Hi all! This is a new release of the Toolbox App which includes two features and a few bugfixes.

Reorder IDEs

You can reorder installed tools as you wish.

How: simply drag an IDE from its left side up or down to adjust the order. Or use the keyboard and press Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down (⌘⇧↑ or ⌘⇧↓ on macOS) to move the tools around.

Reorder IDEs

Rename IDEs

You can now easily rename your IDEs, like I have done in the GIF below.

How: go to the settings for the IDE in the Toolbox App and enter a new name in the “Display name” field. Go back to the main screen and your new IDE name will already be live.

Rename IDEs

Bugfixes in Toolbox App 1.14

  • An issue preventing Android Studio from being installed without the unzip tool on certain Linux distributions has been fixed.
  • Shell scripts now regenerate after an update.
  • After you move an IDE’s installation directory manually, it will now launch without any problems.
  • We’ve eliminated some memory leaks and improved startup performance. We are working on further performance improvements for the next release cycle, so stay tuned!

For more information please check out the release notes.

That’s it for today. Have fun!

Download Toolbox App 1.14

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