JetBrains is a Proud Sponsor of the ICPC

JetBrains supports the best talents around the globe, and in particular, pays special attention to educational programs. You might have heard about JetBrains Academy already, and in line with these efforts, JetBrains is proud to be the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) global programming tools sponsor.

Programming languages are an essential part of the experience, which is why JetBrains empowers developers by developing Kotlin – a concise, JavaScript-compilable, multiplatform programming language targeting the JVM, Android, iOS, IoT, and LLVM-enabled platforms. 135 teams competed at the ICPC World Finals 2019 with many of them using JetBrains tools such as CLion and IntelliJ IDEA.

This year, the Finals were held on April 4 in Porto, Portugal where JetBrains was honored to receive the foundation’s Outstanding Global Serve Award during the opening ceremony. There were 11 tasks at the ICPC World Finals, which had to be solved in under five hours. Only 2 teams managed to solve 9 tasks, and just one team was able to solve 10 tasks.

We congratulate Moscow State University, the winners of the Finals, and thank all of the participants who made the contest so special.

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