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JetBrains Supports the Apache Software Foundation

JetBrains Supports The Apache Software Foundation

We cannot overemphasize the importance of open source software development in our industry. According to our research on the state of developer ecosystem, 60% of all developers are involved in some way in OSS, ranging from full-time work on open source code to occasional contributions to open source projects.

For a long time, JetBrains has been committed to supporting open source development. We work on multiple open source projects ourselves, and we provide free licenses to thousands of large and small non-commercial OS projects developed and maintained by the community. One of our earliest initiatives that started back in 2005 was our support for The Apache Software Foundation.

Today, we’re proud to present a re-launch of our free license support for Apache Committers. JetBrains is now officially a Platinum Targeted Sponsor of The Apache Software Foundation! Every Apache Committer is eligible for a complimentary subscription that grants them access to all the JetBrains IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and other desktop tools.

“We are delighted that JetBrains is confirming their commitment to Open Source Software by granting Apache Committers this benefit,” said Daniel Ruggeri, Vice President of Fundraising at The Apache Software Foundation. “As software continues to grow in complexity, modern development tooling is becoming increasingly important to maintain developer satisfaction and minimize barriers to entry.”

All individual Committers who have received a free JetBrains license before will have their subscriptions co-termed under the official Apache Software Foundation account and extended for a year. Plus, all further renewals will be automated, so new Apache Committers will only need to request a free All Products Pack once.

By all means, if you are an Apache Committer and still haven’t received a free JetBrains subscription, please use your email address to get a free All Products Pack now!

We at JetBrains appreciate all the hard work that Apache Committers do for the growth and development of the open source ecosystem. We believe that using the best tools will make your work more enjoyable and productive.

Thank you for your commitment to OSS development!

All the best,

JetBrains Community Support Team

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