Toolbox App 1.16 Is Out. Open Files from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket in Your IDE with One Click

TLDR; the JetBrains Toolbox extension now can open a line of code you have selected in your IDE in GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. There are new progress bars in the Toolbox App UI, and several bug fixes too.

Open GitHub, GutLab, Bitbucket files in your JetBrains IDEs

At JetBrains, we believe that programming should not be just a job, but a pleasure, a hobby, and a creative outlet. That’s why with this release our team has rebuilt the JetBrains Toolbox extension from the ground up. Now you can easily open your Git repositories in your favorite IDE and navigate from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket files, or selected lines of code to the JetBrains IDE that fits best. This nice new integration will save you valuable time.

GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket Integration

Download the Chrome and Firefox extensions, and you’ll see just how simple and useful they are. Previously, these extensions were only able to clone and open your Git repositories in your favorite tool. Now they allow you to also open the selected file in your IDE. And what’s more – available from 2019.3 EAP versions of all IDEs – you can navigate to the line of code you have selected from the Git repository service to your IDE with just one click!

We’ll demonstrate briefly how the JetBrains extension functions work in the screenshots below:

  • Clone and open your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket repositories in the IDE right from your browser. In the Git project, just click on the icon of the IDE which is the best fit for the project, and open the project there with ease.

Clone project at GitHub

  • Open previously checked out project files in your IDE of choice by clicking the tool icon on the action panel

Open GitHub file in your IDE

  • Navigate to a line of highlighted code of a previously cloned project in your IDE, by clicking on the JetBrains tool icon located on the file action panel.In GitHub, you can also navigate to the selected line of code right from the line context menu:

Navigate to a line of code

We hope you enjoy the simplicity and usefulness of the JetBrains Toolbox extension. Download the extension for Chrome and Firefox, free.

Updated Toolbox App UI

We have updated the UI for Toolbox App 1.16. Each tool now has its own update progress bar under each tool.
We have also summarized the progress for all tool updates in the general progress bar, which can be found under the small arrow in the Toolbox App header. Click on it to see the progress of all the tool updates.

Toolbox App 1.16

Bug fixes

We have fixed the following issues:

  • Issue with the license subscription end date incorrectly showing a day too early. TBX-3902
  • Issue preventing changing the tool install locations. TBX-3994
  • Project search now shows more relevant results on top. TBX-3742

See the full release notes for all list of bug fixes.

Download Toolbox App 1.16

Thanks for reading. Follow @JBToolbox to stay updated.

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