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JetBrains Supports NumFOCUS-sponsored Open Source Projects

Open source software is an essential part of most software projects, and it is vital for healthy progress in modern engineering and research. For years, JetBrains has been committed to supporting those who invest their time and expertise to contribute to open source projects and ultimately advance the entire software ecosystem. We have provided free licenses to thousands of large and small non-commercial OS projects developed and maintained by the community.

JetBrains Supports NumFOCUS-sponsored Open Source Projects

In the world of data science and scientific computing, new tools, new software products, new scientific discoveries, and new research studies all rely heavily on open source data science tools such as pandas, NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib. These and other projects are sponsored by NumFOCUS, a nonprofit that supports open source scientific computing through fiscal sponsorship of projects and community-building educational programs.

We at JetBrains appreciate all the hard work that NumFOCUS project committers do for the growth and development of the open source ecosystem. We believe that using the best tools can help make your work more enjoyable and productive. So if you’re a project lead of a NumFOCUS-sponsored project, consider applying to get complimentary All Products Packs for your whole team!

Thank you once again for your commitment to open practices in research, data, and scientific computing!

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