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JetBrains Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season

We are grateful to be able to share with you our best wishes for a happy holiday season and the upcoming new year. May our hopeful wishes give you the drive to develop and help to keep you warm, inside and out.

What a year it has been! The end of 2019 is just full of events for us and hopefully for you too. 1,700 attendees joined our annual KotlinConf 2019 this December in Copenhagen, Denmark, with thousands more watching the live stream. You may have heard already but in case you haven’t, JetBrains launched a brand-new product at the conference, Space – the integrated team environment. We are very excited about it and you can request an invite to join the early access program.

If you are looking to fill up some downtime over the holidays, this is a great opportunity to explore JetBrains Academy and take one of our updated IDEs or .NET Tools for a spin. All products inside JetBrains Toolbox have been updated to 2019.3 with IntelliJ-based IDEs getting faster startup times allowing you to do more faster next year.

Again, the whole team at JetBrains would like to wish every member of our community all the very best for the holidays. Whatever your passion is. Whatever you find meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

JetBrains is turning 20 years old in 2020, we have our yearly State of Developer Ecosystem survey coming soon, and there are lots of other things in the works. Stay tuned, next year is going to be epic!

Have a magical holiday season!

The Drive to Develop

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