The State of Developer Ecosystem 2020

Check out the fourth annual JetBrains report on the state of the developer ecosystem! 

This year it includes more topics than ever before, as well as insights into the lives of developers.

Along with the 15 languages and dozens of technologies we’ve covered before, this year we’ve added some new sections: R language, Microservices, Testing, Big Data, and even developer lifestyles!

This time we adopted a new methodology that let us include far more responses than in previous years. This report is based on the opinion and experiences of almost 20,000 developers.


Here are just a few of the fascinating facts we’ve uncovered:

  • Python has overtaken Java in the list of languages used in the last 12 months, but Java is still the most widespread primary language.
  • Go, Kotlin, and Python are the top 3 languages developers are planning to adopt or migrate to.
  • Websites are the most common type of application that developers work on. Almost 70% of developers who work on websites are involved in backend development.
  • The main hobby developers pursue in their free time is… drum roll, please… programming! 

We will share the complete results along with the anonymized raw data later, so stay tuned!


We would like to thank every one of the 34,076 developers who took part in the survey. You’ve helped us create an up-to-date picture of the developer world, share exciting facts with the community, and even opened our eyes to new horizons and ideas to improve our products. Thank you!

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