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Developer Ecosystem Survey 2021: Raw Data Available

To express our gratitude to everyone who used their valuable time to participate in our fifth annual survey, we would like to share the results with the community.

We’ve compiled the main results in our infographics, and now we’ve also made the raw data available for download.

Even though the report is massive and detailed, it was not possible to include all the valuable conclusions and interesting data slices. A huge number of undiscovered facts and trends remain hidden in the dataset, waiting to be discovered. For example, you can check how developers in different countries differ from each other.

Additionally, there are some questions that were not included in the report but that are available in the raw data, such as questions about human values based on Schwartz’s Scale from the European Social Survey.

The dataset includes 30,000+ survey responses. For more information about the way the data was collected, take a look at the Methodology section of the official report.

The data has been anonymized and includes no personal information or geolocation details. Moreover, to prevent the identification of any individual respondents, all open-ended fields have been removed.

Please note that in order to eliminate the possibility of deanonymizing survey respondents, we have incorporated the response options that collected fewer than 15 responses into the Other category.


You can follow the link above to find the survey questions, survey logic, license, and a table with a short transcript of names. The report and dataset is public and shared under license. Its contents may be used as long as the source is appropriately credited.

If you find something cool in the data, we’d be happy to learn about it. Please tag @jetbrains in social media and use our hashtag #DevEcosystem2021.

Go ahead, start digging into the data, and don’t forget to join our Survey Panel if you would like to participate in the 2022 Developer Ecosystem Survey or our other studies, like UX research, interviews, and more!

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the raw data, please write to us at

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