JetBrains Design Conf ‘22

Due to the recent events, we have to postpone the conference.
We hope you can all understand.

You might think that JetBrains is all about software development, project planning and coding. We invite you to join us for a look at different aspects of the software business – design, branding, and UX. Introducing the first public JetBrains Design Conf!

Last year, we stepped out of the ‘designers box’ and held a company-wide design event. Energized by the interest we received, this year we’ve mustered the courage to open our Design Conf to the world.

A look at the topics

UX and research

Good design comes from research and understanding. How do we approach UX research and design at JetBrains? What are the specifics of the “developer experience”? Our UX-ers will tell you all about it.

Generative graphics and branding

JetBrains is a product-oriented company with a growing family of 40+ software products. That variety presents constant challenges for the design team. How can we give each product a distinct visual character and, at the same time, keep them all in a clear brand line? We’ll tell you about how we create and use generative graphics, which can be a powerful brand instrument.

Beyond software

Our design work goes beyond software and into art exhibitions, new typefaces, and visual storytelling. We’ll take a closer look at the wide range of projects our designers contribute to.

Come and meet designers from a variety of teams and projects, and ask us your questions about all things JetBrains Design during the Q&A sessions.


Conference details


Coming soon


20+ designers, researchers, and UXers from JetBrains, offering recorded talks and live Q&A sessions


There will be a single YouTube live stream each day. We’ll send you the link one day before the conference starts. All you need to do is register your email.

Before this conference starts, we invite you to look through recordings from the previous event and connect with us on Instagram to get an early glimpse into the world of JetBrains design!

See you soon!

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