Update on JetBrains’ Statement on Ukraine

As a response to the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, we announced that we would be suspending all R&D activities in Russia, as well as our sales in Russia and Belarus. It has now been approximately nine months since that announcement and we would like to provide an update. 

In addition to terminating all sales, all of our offices in Russia, including Moscow, Novosibirsk, and St. Petersburg were shut down. Work on the new campus in St. Petersburg was also terminated. All R&D activities were gradually stopped and liquidation papers for our Russian legal entity were filed in August 2022.

We managed to move out the majority of our people from Russia. The ones who could not relocate for personal reasons, we had to part ways with. As one can imagine, moving, and more challenging, placing well over 800 people with their families (and pets) was no easy task. Fortunately we were able to distribute folks across the offices we had in Europe, including our largest R&D locations in Amsterdam, Munich, and Berlin. We also opened new locations in Cyprus, Serbia, and Armenia. 

Thanks to the wonderful support of our customers and the overall good financial shape of the company, we are in a great position to continue to develop the best development tools we can. And we’re also hiring!

While it has been a very challenging and difficult time for the company, it cannot even remotely be compared with the horrendous situation that the people of Ukraine are facing on a daily basis, caused by the war. Once again, we condemn this aggression, and have and will continue to stand by the people of Ukraine, including our colleagues and their families. 

Thank you. 

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