CLion EAP under your Christmas tree

Hi everyone,

Christmas is coming! And the presents are right here – find a new CLion EAP build under your Christmas tree.

The most valuable changes are:

  • Debugger doesn’t hang on ‘cin >>’ operator any more.
  • When performing Invalidate caches, CMake generated folders are reset now as well (by the way, Help | Show Generated CMake File in… opens the folder that contains all generated files to help investigate problems).
  • Several actions and features were renamed to follow C++ naming convention. For example, Override/Imprelement function (Ctrl+O/Ctrl+I) action, a couple of C/C++ code style settings (Editor | Code Style | C/C++), etc.
  • Incorrect error highlighting of initializer lists with constructors inside when GNU STL is used was fixed (CPP-1619).
  • Parser is not confused any more with several constructors (CPP-1061).
  • Rename refactoring for a C++11 using type alias works without throwing exception now.
  • Function and keywords were accidentally colored with the same orange color in the previous build, the inaccuracy is fixed now.

This build also includes editor performance improvements and a Q_OBJECT problem fix for the Qt users (CPP-964).

The full list of changes can be found in our tracker. Latest build is available on our EAP page.

To start with CLion check the Quick Start Guide on our site and our playlist with product related videos on YouTube.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
JetBrains CLion Team

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42 Responses to CLion EAP under your Christmas tree

  1. wl.nicholas says:

    I opened clion and got the update hint just now. What a gorgeous day!

  2. berlin says:

    I just update the clion to latest version,but it comes out a window saying that 32-bit jvm is not supported.I’m using ubuntu 14.04,32bit with java 8.
    Is that changing the java to 64bit the only way to fix this?Thx

  3. Daniel Clausen says:

    Thanks very much for the surprising Christmas present!

  4. Eric says:

    Hi, thanks for another release! My colleagues and I have moved from the Windows world to developing on Mac+Linux, and we find CLion close to Visual Studio in helping us navigate and develop our project.
    I enjoy CLion’s ability to parse the code and visually reflect the result of the parsing, and it is fairly responsive. (My first attempt to use Eclipse took hours to find out how to disable indexing for files that that get stuck in an infinite loop!)
    Our wish for the next release is a checkbox to turn off Auto Import. (It adds random include files that cause build failures and when editing code that does not yet compile, Auto Import starts popping up with suggestions for many identifiers, making it harder to edit.)

  5. beyaz says:

    after update Clion : 32-bit JVM is not supported. Please install 64-bit version.

    i have : Linux Mint 32 bit :

  6. Ken says:

    Hi, thanks for releases. I’ve tried several times to use Clion, but I noticed that the font setting can not be edited to display Chinese characters. Does Clion only support ascii characters currently?

  7. Erlend says:

    Does CLion support debugging of externally built executables?

  8. Daniel Speck says:

    Thanks for the updates, works great so far (:

    ..but one question is left: I know the answer should be “it’s done when it’s done” to deliver a really good, bug-free product but can you (approximately) say how long it takes until final launch? Some Months? Several Months? Years?

  9. Sergey Panov says:

    I think, I ran into an undocumented post-upgrade issue/step.
    I used to run 138.2344.17. Now, with 140.1221.2 I was getting:

    with both 1.7 and 1.8 openjdk Java. The solution was to move ~/.clion10 to ~/.clion10.bak . CLion asked me if I want to import settings from ~/.clion10.bak and runs now.

  10. Masson says:

    Thanks a lot! Great IDE!
    My Christmas wish is Android NDK support on Clion!

  11. Sergey Panov says:

    I can see templates for C and C++ header and source files, but I could not find any way to use those templates. Is it a not-yet-implemented feature?

  12. Abhinav Gauniyal says:

    I cannot use clion on 2 OS simultaneously. I have a windows 8 on work and Ubuntu at home and I have always used dropbox to synchronize my projects on both OS’s. But with this CMake requirement , Clion dosen’t lets me use my current configuration.
    The problem lies with separate project paths for my project. Windows would have something like this : C:/User/Dropbox and linux : usr/dropbox.
    Now Cmake dosen’t lets me build the same project on two OS’s and it irritates me like hell.

  13. Abhinav Gauniyal says:

    ^Follow up , Does that mean , if I clone a git project or take one of my friend’s source code ( let’s say download ) , and try to run it , it won’t run? Because the Cmake file won’t allow to build the project?

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      It depends actually on CMake. It’s cross-platfrom build tool so it should be possible to write it in the way it works on every platform.

  14. Vladimir Semenov says:

    Some problems with Qt are still there. Usages inside SIGNAL macro are not recognized
    Filled an issue about it:

  15. Augusto says:

    Is it possible to install it as a plugin for IntelliJ ultimate?

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      No, not yet. We are planning to provide the functionality as a plugin to IntelliJ Idea, but later, at least not earlier than 1.0 released.

      • Doug Warren says:

        That’s really exciting, will AppCode in JetBrains be following for OSX? I’d love to just buy an Ultimate License rather than keep up on AppCode, and IntelliJ, and Ruby Mine, and CLion and…

        • Anastasia Kazakova says:

          AppCode won’t be a part of IntelliJ IDEA because it relates on the Xcode tools. CLion will come as a plugin to IntelliJ IDEA later, not earlier than 1.0 release.

  16. Alex says:

    Great IDE, it was really helpful.
    But unfortunately it’s not working for 32-bit system anymore. :(
    Will be good to migrate to 64-bit system for development and usage, but around me still fully 32-bit world, and need develop for 32-bit systems and on 32-bit system.
    So, the 32-bit is still actual for C/C++ development.
    Anyway, thank you that you show how good IDE should looks like.

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      You can actually develop for 32b on 64b. You just need to use smth like set_target_properties(targetName PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS “-m32” LINK_FLAGS “-m32”) in your CMake files.

  17. kurt says:

    hei, i find if i use “#ifdef #endif”,clion can’t find the function declaration. i use clion in win 8.1.

  18. Mateusz says:

    It is a pity that 32 bit systems are not supported.

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      There are memory limitations on 32b platforms that CLion can’t cope with from time to time unfortunately.

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