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CLion EAP under your Christmas tree

Hi everyone,

Christmas is coming! And the presents are right here – find a new CLion EAP build under your Christmas tree.

The most valuable changes are:

  • Debugger doesn’t hang on ‘cin >>’ operator any more.
  • When performing Invalidate caches, CMake generated folders are reset now as well (by the way, Help | Show Generated CMake File in… opens the folder that contains all generated files to help investigate problems).
  • Several actions and features were renamed to follow C++ naming convention. For example, Override/Imprelement function (Ctrl+O/Ctrl+I) action, a couple of C/C++ code style settings (Editor | Code Style | C/C++), etc.
  • Incorrect error highlighting of initializer lists with constructors inside when GNU STL is used was fixed (CPP-1619).
  • Parser is not confused any more with several constructors (CPP-1061).
  • Rename refactoring for a C++11 using type alias works without throwing exception now.
  • Function and keywords were accidentally colored with the same orange color in the previous build, the inaccuracy is fixed now.

This build also includes editor performance improvements and a Q_OBJECT problem fix for the Qt users (CPP-964).

The full list of changes can be found in our tracker. Latest build is available on our EAP page.

To start with CLion check the Quick Start Guide on our site and our playlist with product related videos on YouTube.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
JetBrains CLion Team

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