CLion 1.1 roadmap & ACCU 2015

Hi everyone,

Last week’s CLion 1.0 release brought lots of excitement, along with a shower of comments and suggestions. After celebrating this milestone, we processed all of your feedback to lay out a plan of moving forward to make CLion a better C/C++ IDE.

Summer is a good time to take a deep breath, sit back and polish all the smart features we introduced in v1.0. We plan to release CLion 1.1 by the end of summer, focusing on these areas:

  • Code style changes will cover formatter fixes and various bundled coding styles schemes. This is the perfect time to share your favorite one(s). Post them in the comments below!
  • Debugger improvements will include LLDB integration.
  • Continuing to work on CMake support, we will finish most cases for completion and navigation in CMake files. We’ll also going to fix slightly unexpected behavior where header files aren’t listed in CMakeLists.txt and not included into the project.
  • Autoimport will evolve to hopefully become your indispensable assistant.
  • Last but not least, we’ll continue testing CLion on huge projects to fix freezes and improve the performance.

CLion 1.1 will also include lots of bug-fixing. Your votes for issues in our tracker can help set the right priorities.

Things can change but we’ll try to follow this plan.

We know you are waiting for integration with other build systems, Google Test and more additional tools. They will definitely come to CLion, though not in v1.1. We do appreciate your patience. Stay tuned and follow our updates!

ACCU 2015

In case you’ll be in Bristol this week, don’t miss the fantastic ACCU 2015 conference. Do stop by our booth or simply catch someone from the team in the venue to chat, share ideas, ask for demos, and learn a trick or two from our CLion and ReSharper C++ team members. See you there!

Develop with pleasure!
The CLion Team

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