Infographic: C/C++ Facts We Learned Before Going Ahead with CLion

Hi all,

Since the first CLion announcement and public preview build, we’ve received many questions about technologies and toolchains selected to be the first in CLion (CMake, GCC, and GDB). We’ve also had a couple of interesting discussions about the C and C++ market on various conferences and here in our blog.

JetBrains has a fantastic Research team that runs some exciting market research studies. They investigate typical user profiles, technologies, pricing, and other crucial aspects of product development.

Before going ahead with CLion, we had asked our Research team for insight into the C/C++ market. We wanted to know things like Who are C and C++ developers? What areas do they work in? What tools do they use? and so forth. After a lot of hard work, the Research team gave us the answers we were looking for, and a pack of interesting facts to boot.

From a practical point of view, this research was instrumental in setting our first roadmap. It confirmed our decision to start with the CMake+GCC/Clang+GDB toolchain, and to add LLDB as soon as possible after the 1.0 release.

Take a look at the infographic that sums up the results of our research:


Your questions are welcome in the comments below!

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