CLion 1.1 released: Improved C++ parser, LLDB on OS X, and code style settings

After the 1.0 release excitement, joy and celebrations, we’ve spent the summer polishing the current feature set and introducing a couple of useful additions. Today we are happy to roll out CLion 1.1, the new version of our cross-platform IDE for C and C++! Download it and try right now! If you have a CLion license, your subscription is still valid and you can get this version absolutely free.


We know you have great expectations of CLion, confirmed by tons of feature requests in our tracker, and we try our best to meet them. With v1.1, we searched for a good balance between stabilization, performance improvements and new features. Here’s how it finally looks:

  • Improved C++ parser: After collecting your feedback on v1.0, we performed a massive overhaul of the C++ parser. There are many tricky cases in modern C++ when, despite identical syntax, code constructs differ semantically depending on the context. So now, CLion 1.1 understands your code more accurately.

    For example, compare this confusion in binary and template arguments in CLion 1.0:
    And in CLion 1.1:
    The parser overhaul also brings performance improvements.
  • The default debugger on OS X is now LLDB, bundled into the distribution package. GDB is still an option you can select (either the bundled or custom one).
  • Code style settings: CLion 1.1 introduces many new settings that help you stay compliant with your preferred code style guidelines, from indents for class members and visibility keywords to settings for preprocessor directives. Besides C and C++ specific code style settings, the new version also brings you code style settings for CMake:
  • Popular code style schemes: In case you prefer a well-known code style like Google, Qt, GNU, Stroustrup, or a braces-only style (Allman, Whitesmiths or K&R), apply them to your own configuration with CLion 1.1 in Editor | Code Style | C/C++ settings.
  • File extensions: .hpp or .hxx? .cpp or .cxx? Whichever you prefer, you can now configure source and header files extensions and use them while creating C++ class, C/C++ source or header files. Reorder the list of possible combinations to have your favorite one on top and to use it as the default.

For a more detailed overview, please visit the What’s new in CLion 1.1 page on our website, view our demo below and download CLion for your operating system.

Develop with pleasure!
The CLion Team

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