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CLion 1.2.2 EAP 143.1015


We’ve recently started the CLion 1.2.2 EAP. And a new week brings a new EAP build. Download it from our confluence page or get a patch update, in case you are using previous EAP build.

Complete release notes are available by the link, while the most notable changes are highlighted below.

CMake and project model
New build allows you to use the latest CMake 3.4 in CLion. This version is not bundled yet, since the work is still in progress. However, an annoying bug with non-recognized include_directories was fixed in this EAP build (CPP-5079).

This build also includes a couple of fixes for the projects with build output directory set to “.” and a problem with project dir, content dir or build output path saved in a platform-dependant way in CLion (and thus causing errors with projects opening on various platforms).

Code generation
A couple of problems with code generation were addressed in this build:

  • Incorrect override/implement for functions with nameless parameters (CPP-4676).
  • Missing constexpr when implementing function (CPP-4922).
  • Substitute name when implementing function with unnamed arg (CPP-4469).

Search everywhere
CLion helps you find anything, be it an item in the source code, user action, or UI element. Invoke search everywhere with Double Shift and start typing what you are looking for. And now it also includes C and C++ project symbols:

Main enhancement here is optimization made for working with STL maps, that provides better performance experience when debugging with GDB backend.

Download the build and give it try! Feel free to share your feedback with us.

Sincerely yours,
The CLion Team

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