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CLion 1.2.2 EAP is Out

It’s been some time since we released CLion 1.2, and you are probably still evaluating the new features we’ve rolled out in it. However today we are glad to announce the start of Early Access Program for CLion 1.2.2.

From the C++ side this build includes quite a lot of fixes and enhancements for debugger and language support:


  • A problem with set value leading to a timeout because of the invalid MI response in GDB.
  • Performance improvement for GDB when working with huge C arrays and STL collections.

Language support

  • Spellchecker not working in literals is now fixed.
  • We’ve also fixed a couple of regressions and false positives happened in code inspections.
  • In parameter info (Ctrl+P on Linux/Windows, Cmd+P on OS X) CLion now shows default params and their values:
  • The actual type name is now listed in quick documentation popup for type aliases.

Google Test support
With the start of Google Test support in CLion 1.2 we now proceed with several fixes and improvements. The most valuable for now is a correct inheritance from the template configuration when creating test configurations.

This EAP build includes a couple of fixes for the IDE freezes on large code bases.

In case you still experience some problems with CLion performance, please, first check the memory usage. For this, switch on the memory indicator in Preferences/Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | Show memory indicator.

If you notice that nearly all the memory is used, increasing it may help to resolve the problems. If no, please, report a problem to you tracker, attaching thread dumps and a CPU snapshot.

There is also a bunch of fixes coming from the IntelliJ platform. See complete release notes.

Download CLion 1.2.2 EAP, build 143.869.7, give it a try and report issues to our tracker or share your feedback in comments. Stay tuned and don’t miss further updates!

Please notice that there will be no patches from CLion 1.2.1 until version 1.2.2 gets stable. This ensures that you will always have a chance to install a stable version along with EAP. Also, since this is a EAP for a minor 1.2.2 release, to run it you need an active license, alternatively use the usual 30-day free evaluation.

Yours as always,
The CLion Team

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