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CLion 1.5 EAP: build 144.3357


Thanks for all your interesting thoughts and comments on our previous EAP build, that included Python support plugin and attach to local process functionality. And today we are happy to announce the availability of the new CLion 1.5 EAP, build 144.3357. It’s available for download from our confluence page, or use a patch update from the previous EAP build.

Read some highlights of this EAP build below.


CMake changes in this update include:

  • CMake 3.4.2 is bundled.
  • In case you exit the IDE during the project reloading, CMake process started by CLion will be killed.


A long list of exceptions thrown while using GDB in CLion were fixed, and thus we encourage you to try the build and check if it now works better for you.


Checkout with Rebase git action appeared in this build and could be helpful in case you want to rebase a feature branch on master. Previously you had to perform ‘checkout feature’ and then ‘rebase master’. New action is available in the branch menu:

A couple of bugs and usability problems in Git integration were also addressed in this EAP.

Bundled JRE on Linux

Linux users will be glad to learn that CLion now includes a customized JRE version bundled into the package. As well as our OS X version, Linux version includes font rendering fixes done by the JetBrains team. In case you meet any issues, please, submit them to our tracker.

That’s it! Find detailed release notes by the link.

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