CLion 2016.1.1 bug-fix update is out

Hi everyone,

Today we are glad to announce that CLion 2016.1.1 bug-fix update (build 145.597.10) is available for download. If you are running CLion 2016.1, go ahead and click Check for Updates to install the patch right from the IDE.

A list of fixes and improvements can be found in the release notes. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Regression that leads to a false-positive for Google Test EXPECT_TRUE/FALSE macros (CPP-5986).
  • Problems with the redundant ‘::’ added in some cases when auto-completing (CPP-3087, CPP-2775).
  • CMake 3.5 was bundled into this build.

In case you are using Python plugin in CLion you’ll be glad to know about the fix for Python console – PY-18231. It’s now working properly and there is no need to use the workaround now.

And in case you are interested in the roadmap for CLion 2016.2, please, check our blog post.

Your CLion Team
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