A Sea Lion Comes to Every License Holder

Hi everyone,

CLion 2016.1 was released just a couple of weeks ago. It received a warm welcome, however some users were quite disappointed that the sea lion animal disappeared from the splash screen.

Seriously considering this request, we concluded that looking at the splash screen picture for 5 to 10 seconds while the IDE is loading doesn’t bring much joy to our customers. We do believe that a live creature is much better than just a picture of it.

Starting on Monday, when buying a CLion subscription you also get a marine mammal to take care of for the length of your IDE subscription. You can choose between:

  • sea lions
  • elephant seals
  • seals
  • dolphins
  • otters

Your animals will need food and some will require medicine. Alternatively, you can come and spend some time playing with your friend, feeding them, cleaning their place or helping with the medical treatment in case of necessity. The IDE will remind you about the animal under your protection each time on start via the personal splash screen:

The animals are living all around the world in the special marine mammal centres and across various national parks. We’ll be providing the exact location and animal story to you as well as the opportunity to visit the animal. Get picture and short video updates on a regular basis in your IDE to see how your new friend is doing.

Business customers will also get a chance to organize short tours to the place where the animals are living for their friends and partners.

Have a great day,
Your CLion Team

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