Early Access Program

CLion 2016.2 EAP, build 162.426


Last week we started CLion 2016.2 Early Access Program with Doxygen, Complete Statement and other tasty features. Today we are ready to share another build with you – 162.426.5. Download it from here, or get a patch-update in case you are using previous EAP build.

Alphabetical sorting in Structure View

Many of you asked us about alphabetical sorting in Structure View and finally here it is! To open structure view for a file you are currently in just press Alt+7 on Linux/Windows, ⌘7 on OS X. By default, entities there are grouped by:

  • namespaces
  • structures
  • classes
  • constructors/destructors
  • functions
  • typedefs
  • global variables
  • #define directives

The order corresponds to the order in the original file. In case you select Alphabetical sorting, elements in each of the group will be sorted, that makes sense for a long files with lots of entities in it.
No sorting:
With sorting:

Inspection tool window redesign

CLion runs code analysis on the fly and reports potential problems right in the editor. However, you can also run code analysis on the whole project or any selected scope manually (use Code | Inspect Code…). You can also run only one inspection you are especially interested in via Run inspection by name action. The results are presented in a separate window, redesigned in this build to become more readable and thus useful.
For example, now CLion shows code preview immediately when you select any result from the list.

Besides, when an inspection group is selected, you can now not only see the description, but also disable the inspection in-place.


In addition to the VCS changes introduced in the first EAP, this build also includes:

  • Support for ‘Apply somehow’ interactive mode for patch applying.
  • Git/Hg log shows commit details for several selected commits.

That’s it! Get a new build, try it right now and let us know what you think. Full release notes are available by the link.

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